The dining room is not only about the table, chair, or beautiful flowers on the artistic vases. There’s also a thing that won’t only has functional value or simply artistic value but covers both of them. That thing is a lamp. Lighting has a considerable effect on the perception of the interior and effective to create a bigger room look when you use the right lighting. You may use the lamp installed right on the roof. But having a hanging lamp above your dining room table will be perfect. There are several hanging lamps that you can choose for your dining room. It has some different materials, models, and budgets. Take a look at some dining room lamp ideas based on the style.

Rustic Style

For those of you who have a lack the budget, you can try to use a hemp string pendant, bamboo orb pendant lamp, folder paper lamp, or rattan pendant lamp. This kind of hanging lamp is inexpensive but definitely aesthetic. Besides that, it will give a rustic ambiance to your dining room. Even though it is a very cheap material but it can bring a statement into your dining area.

To perfect the decoration of the farmhouse dining room, then you can use a hanging bamboo pendant lamp as the main lighting that you can turn on when the room starts to feel dark. Hang this lamp right above the dining table to make it more optimal when providing lighting as needed, this lamp also uses natural materials so that it matches the surrounding furniture. Hanging bamboo pendant lamp from home-designing.

If you need lighting in a minimalist dining room, then you can try using hanging huge rattan lampshades to make it look more contrasting with your current dining room style. Choose this rattan lamp with a brighter color to make it easier to combine with other interiors of any color including red and black dining chairs. Some of the walls with wood log patterns are a beautiful sight and are never boring. Hanging huge rattan lampshades from home-designing.

Align the lamp material with the dining chair you are currently using to combine color and material tones to make it work better. This rattan pendant lamp has a larger size so that it provides brighter and more evenly distributed lighting throughout the room. This rattan dining chair is equipped with iron legs which are more sturdy in use for a long time so you don’t have to do repeated furniture renovations. Rattan pendant lamp from home-designing.

Contemporary Style

If you want to bring a contemporary vibe into your eating space, then installing a stainless steel pendant lamp or luxurious chandelier is a good idea. The sputnik lamp also suitable to strengthen the contemporary style. This is one of the hanging lamp that come in sleek design but looks sophisticated. So, this is suitable for those of you who like a modernity in your home. For those of you who don’t have a problem with the budget, you can purchase it, then let’s enhance your dining room decor.

Match the color of the lights with the feel of your dining room so that they can work more optimally to decorate the room according to what is expected. Choose and use these hanging pearl chandeliers with a luxurious touch as the main lighting which is equipped with a matching colored table lamp as additional lighting that you can use simultaneously when needed. Install patterned wallpaper in neutral colors as a sweet finishing touch. Hanging pearl chandeliers from thespruce.

So that the feel of your white dining room is more colorful, then you can use a gold-colored contemporary chandelier with a unique shape and different from the others. You can also put blooming flowers in pink to make it look more contrast with your current chandelier. The dining table covered with glass becomes a more comfortable surface and is easier to clean when it starts to get dirty. Contemporary gold chandelier from thespruce.

Install and hang a glass bubble lamp in the contemporary dining room decoration as lighting that you can use at night, then you can use a larger number of transparent glass windows for lighting that can be used during the day, sunlight will enter the room freely without intermediaries so it is highly recommended that the curtains be opened during the day. Glass bubble lamp from thespruce.

The dining room doesn’t feel complete without lighting on the dining table, now you can try hanging sputnik chandeliers in gold which seem more attractive and luxurious. This lamp is also very suitable when combined with a wooden dining table and dining chairs made of synthetic leather. Install a large painting to decorate your plain green wall to make it look more artistic. Hanging sputnik chandeliers from thespruce.

Industrial Style

If you are looking for a unique way to bring some class into your home and to add a more elegant touch to it, then I would highly recommend that you think about incorporating some industrial lamp ideas for dining room. Whether you are trying to create a more rustic look or you want something with a little more personality, these type of lamps are something you definitely need to get in on. This lamp comes with a steel or metal materials. With the black color or dull look, this hanging lamp will bring stylish look to your dining room.

This hanging lantern lamp that has a metal frame has an industrial design that is suitable for decorating your current dining room. Just make sure this lamp can illuminate your entire dining room to the maximum, hang this lantern lamp more than one for a brighter room decoration at night. You can try it at a low cost and on budget. Hanging lantern lamp with metal frame from housebeautiful.

Because industrial pendant lamps have a steel base material, these lamps are more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time. This pendant lamp has a larger size so that it provides a brighter light at night. This red dining chair becomes a bold color that makes the atmosphere in the dining room more colorful and vibrant. Steel industrial pendant lamp from housebeautiful.

There is no need to color your metal industrial pendant lamp to make it appear more shiny when exposed to sunlight that enters through this large glass window. You can hang it right above the wooden dining table as the main lighting that brings a vintage atmosphere without being overwhelming. The greenery centerpiece is a fresh sight that you can enjoy while eating the food that has been provided. Industrial metal pendant lights from decoist.

Installing a hanging lamp is not only for a light source but also it can be used as an ornament to bring a statement to your eating space. Choosing carefully the lighting according to your dining room style will make the decoration more interesting and inviting. Follow those hanging lamp ideas above and see they can totally transform your dining room.