Natural materials like wood or bamboo can be used for creating an awesome craft. This week, you can choose one of these crafts from bamboo to upgrade your room decoration. Since bamboo is cheap and easy to find, you will not lose your money either time for it. Hold these DIY project ideas with bamboo to inspire you;

Beautiful Vase From Bamboo

For the summer season, you can update your room by applying the different items. Like this unique DIY bamboo vase. You can use bamboo materials to make a unique vase. All you have to do is collecting bamboo sticks then use them to cover the vase. Wrap it with raffia or you may use ribbon as well.

The bamboo hues from pale blonde to orange brown on display here will make for the perfect decoration of the room. The rich and lively nuances will warm the corners of your room when you display some of your favorite grains, feathers or flowers in this unique and simple floor vase. It’s an easy way to bring much-needed color and texture into a small space. Bambbo vases floor from homebnc.

Bamboo crafts for flower vases will provide a unique decoration for your home. This you can add to give a subtle texture and a warm and calm tone in your home. You can make it yourself by stringing it in a tube and tied using a rope that will present a unique room decoration for you to try. Add some blooming flowers that will give a natural impression to your room. DIY Bamboo crafts from homesthetics.

Bamboo For Storage

To make your home more organized, you can use a bamboo for making a storage idea. In this case, you can use this material to make a rack, ladder, or another storage idea. Besides being able to make your home look neat, the bamboo material will create an aesthetic and natural look.

If you don’t have a dedicated place for magazines and letters, you can add this cute bamboo craft shelf that can get the job done. They are just the right size to fit your needs without taking up too much space in your home. With the top of the tray, you have the ideal place to put your reading glasses and TV remote. Placed next to a chaise longue, you’ll enjoy the convenience of your everyday living room needs in one easy-to-find place. Bamboo magazine rack from homebnc.

Add some storage solutions to your space in style with this beautiful blonde bamboo wall shelf. Three tiers provide ample storage space and the separate space you need to make organization easy. This wall shelf not only maximizes your home’s wall space, but also adds an element of style to its unique design. You can add some unique ornaments for stunning wall decoration ideas. Bamboo wall shelf from homebnc.

Bamboo Sunburst Mirror

If you want to upgrade your room with mirror for summer decor, this bamboo sunburst mirror may look interested. The way is simple and anyone can do it easily. Just cut bamboo stick and glue it around the mirror.

This bamboo sunbrust mirror design will add texture to your master bedroom. So that it will produce a stunning room decoration for you to try. Placed on top of the headboard this mirror will make the perfect focal point of the room. You can make your own for an inexpensive budget bedroom decorating idea. Bamboo sunbrust mirror from designsponge.

DIY Bamboo Pot

Spruce up your room at summer by using unique craft. Like this idea of DIY bamboo pot for indoor green plant. Take some bamboo skewers for your pot accent. Then, it will upgrade your pot beautifully.

The bamboo texture comes in a large flower pot that will bring a natural feel to this bedroom master. You can also add bamboo curtains which will give a classic look to the room. A fresh coat of white paint accompanied by an all-white blanket makes the earthy wood feel really stand out in this design. You can also add some green plants for a stunning room decoration idea. Bamboo poted from homebnc.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

If you love to hear natural sounds, these bamboo wind chimes will give it to you. When the wind blows, the bamboo will give you nice sound like music. Find bamboo sticks and cut them. Then, find a place where you can get more wind.

The unique d├ęcor of this house is complemented by bamboo wind chimes that will give a good sound like music. You can make your own by cutting bamboo and stringing them into wind chimes that will give your home a natural touch. Place it on the wall of the terrace of the house will give a dazzling look. You can pair it with a few other greenery for an attractive room decoration. Bamboo wind chimes from diytomake.

Wreath From Bamboo

Look for some bamboo sticks on your garden then glue them on the wall or door. This wreath looks awesome for spring or summer. However, you may create this for any season to look rustic but inviting front door decor.

You can also make bamboo sticks as a wreath to complement your party. Making it yourself by forming a rounded bamboo and painted in blue and adding it with some blooming flowers will make the room a perfect decoration. You can hang it on your garden tree to make an attractive garden focal point and will steal the attention of many people. Bamboo wreath from prettymyparty.

Boho Bamboo Pendant Light

This is a cool idea to have a pendant light with bamboo sticks. See the colorful tassels that look as simple style but cheerful accessories for lampshade. However, this bamboo pendant light will appear more sophisticated as outdoor lighting.

The coastal rattan pendant lights in this home decor have an interesting seaside vibe for you to try. With decorations like this your home is incomplete without the right lighting, and this rattan chandelier delivers. This is the perfect feature to support a relaxed atmosphere indoors, even in the city center. Combined with some wooden furniture and rattan baskets, it will also give a stunning appearance to the room for you to try. Coastal bamboo pendant lights from home-designing.

Bamboo Skewer Placemats

You can create this awesome placemats from died wood or bamboo. Paint with any colors you like for better appearance. With this way, you can save more money, because bamboo or died wood is cheap.

This unique DIY table mat and painted in Tosca color will give the dining table an attractive appearance and steal the attention of many people. You can make your own so you can save more money, because bamboo or deadwood is cheaper. Complete with cutlery set and yellow flowers in a blue vase, this adds an attractive look to your outdoor dining table decor. DIY bamboo skewer placemats from homedesignlover.

Upgrading a room decor doesn’t mean you should spend much budget. With the DIY project using bamboo, you can make your home looks beautiful and aesthetic.