Decorate a room with a chalkboard may look like a trend that anyone should have. It is cheap and easy to do even for a DIY newbie. A chalkboard can be a decorative and functional item for any room, included the kitchen. You can function it to become what you want. If you wondering about this DIY idea, let’s scroll down for more information.

Decorative Framed Chalkboard

Write down your menu plans everyday at this decorative chalkboard. It looks cute with painted fruity picture at the bottom. Moreover, this chalkboard gives you a vintage look but not monotonous. If you are creative enough just try to make a framed chalkboard like this soon.

If you need an area to write down all the kitchen needs that are exhausted, then you can use a chalkboard that is hung on one part of the wall that is still empty. You can choose a rectangular chalkboard to cover more of your writing within a week. Don’t forget to give a wooden frame for a more stylish look. Rectangle chalkboard wooden frame from digsdigs.

This black chalkboard with a white frame looks more minimalist and modern, you can install it right next to the refrigerator to write a list of groceries that are out of stock in the refrigerator. For a more decorative look, you can add some pots containing green plants to hang at the very bottom of the chalkboard so that it looks so fresh and more unique. Modern decorative chalkboard from digsdigs.

Kitchen Chalkboard Clipboard

Add clipboard at the top of chalkboard simply change it as new note board for your kitchen. Just write down your lists of menu anything related to your kitchen activities. This is cool and easy to make by anyone.

To save more expenses, the use of a clipboard whiteboard is the right kitchen note decoration idea that you can try, besides this whiteboard also doesn’t take up much of your kitchen wall area. Write using white chalk so that everything you write here is clearer and not easy to fade. Hang it using a nail on the top clipboard that has a large enough hole. Small chalkboard clipboard from shelterness.

Framed Chalkboard For Notes

Use this large framed chalkboard for any activities like writing your menus, lists to buy, or art. With vintage look, this chalkboard also play role as decorative accent. Further, with little cost anybody can buy it soon.

Use the chalkboard as an area to write down all your meal plans with your family in one day. Not quite up here, you can also describe the fruits on the chalkboard at the bottom so that it looks so attractive and more colorful. Add wood at the bottom of the chalkboard as a sturdy leg and make this chalkboard stand taller. Standing chalkboard notes from shelterness.

The bigger the framed chalkboard you put on the kitchen wall, the more notes you can write using white chalk. This Chalkboard can be used as a notepad or as an artistic decoration of a kitchen room that is painted with any creative ideas you can think of. This wooden framed Chalkboard gives off a rustic and vintage vibe that doesn’t go overboard. Large frame chalkboard from digsdigs.

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard For Kitchen

This is a great and functional accessory for kitchen. This cutting board is added by chalkboard with magnet. So, you can attach your to do lists menu. Furthermore, you can write down any messages with chalk as well.

For a more unique look, you can use a DIY cutting board as an idea to write down all the writings that you think about in the kitchen. This DIY magnetic chalkboard will be more functional when it is equipped with a hook at the bottom as an area to hang existing kitchen napkins so it doesn’t look messy. DIY magnetic chalkboard with hanging hooks from shelterness.

DIY Chalkboard Sign For Kitchen

This cute sign will upgrade your kitchen look just in simple step. With stencil board, you will be able to write down spirit quotation or anything at your kitchen. Be more creative by adding some accents for this kitchen sign.

To welcome your family when you enter the kitchen, you can use a chalkboard sign with a square shape that looks cuter and sweeter. no need to add framed to this chalkboard, let them appear more natural so they are not easily boring. Install and hang this chalkboard sign in an empty backsplash area, or rather in the area near the stove. Square chalkboard sign from shelterness.

Magnetic Tea Chalkboard DIY

You will have fantastic moment using this magnetic tea chalkboard. It is created from metal chalkboard. Then, you need to attach magnet for each tea containers. Simply, write down the names with chalk. It looks modern and inviting.

Magnetic tea chalkboard with this unique shape can be a kitchen spice storage idea or it can also be a beautiful wall decoration idea. Give a beige list on the side of the tea chalkboard for a more elegant look. You can try it as easily as possible without requiring a professional when making it. Unique shape tea chalkboard from shelterness.

DIY Chalkboard Wet Bar

If you are lucky with large cooking space that can be used for indoor bar, this bar idea may look interesting. With chalkboard, you can create a vintage bar with glorious design. Add shelves to keep your wine or others.

The wet bar kitchen area with chalkboard walls is also an unusual idea and you need to try. In addition to being resistant to splashed water, chalkboard is also an area for decorating this area by describing or writing a few sentences according to the theme. Hang open reclaimed wood shelves as a storage idea that saves your floor area so that it looks more effective and efficient. Chalkboard wet bar kitchen ideas from shelterness.

Kitchen Wall Accent From Chalkboard

Create your own wall art by using chalkboard to show up your creativity. Draw any picture or write any message for your family. With this chalkboard you can spruce up your kitchen anytime.

Change the look of your kitchen as cheaply and as good as possible by using a chalkboard wall that is quite wide and large. You can describe all your creativity on this chalkboard with passion. Some memorable photos become additional accents that can perfectly decorate your kitchen area. Use white chalk as a tool to draw or write on. Chalkboard wall decorated with memorable photos from digsdigs.

When you can spruce up your kitchen with a unique thing that is a chalkboard, in that time you have created an interesting cooking space decor. Follow those ideas above and hopefully will inspire you.