What could be better than welcoming a new season with a set of seasonal-appropriate ornaments? Now that spring is coming near; it’s time to carry out spring cleaning and house makeover. The following are five floral spring decor projects that you can do in the cocoon of your home: all without breaking your back nor bank.

Whether it’s for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or patio, discover your perfect spring decor and get ready to work.

1.     Floral Wallpaper

Putting on wallpaper is an easy and simple way to transform a dull wall into an Instagrammable spot. One charming example is this stick-and-peel wallpaper. With a subtle floral accent and pastel background, relish in the warmth and serene feeling that washes the winter away from your house.

To get a dining room decoration with a spring decoration, you can add a yellow flower wallpaper with a pastel blue background for a fresh room design. Paired with this classic dining table set will create stunning dining room decor. With this decoration, you will enjoy the warmth and serenity that winter sweeps away from your home. Yellow flower wallpaper from thespruce.

Home decor with a spring theme will make an interesting room for you to try. Using this pastel floral patterned wallpaper will bring a fresh decor to your room and will grab the attention of many people. Paired with wooden floors and completed with patterned carpets and several other furnishings will make a comfortable room decor look stylish. Pastel floral patterned wallpaper from digsdigs.

A colorful floral print wallpaper in the living room and this matching fuchsia crochet blanket will add warmth and serenity that sweeps winter away from your home. With this white background, it will perfectly bring out the wallpaper. Adding a large window in the corner of this room will let sunlight into the room and will create a bright and airy impression. Colorful floral print wallpaper from digsdigs.

Watercolor pink flower wallpaper is an ideal choice for a little princess room so it will bring out a fresh spring. With subtle floral accents and a pastel background, this will make your room decor more stylish and will steal the attention of many people. Pair it with wooden floors and carpets to add extra warmth to this room. Pink flower wallpaper from digsdigs.

2.     Butterfly Bouquet as a Centerpiece

What’s a spring decor without a bouquet of flowers? Straying away from the basic arrangement, be prepared to swoon your guests with a lavish centerpiece decorated with cheerful metallic butterflies.

This spring decoration using flower bouquets in a vase and complete with butterfly ornaments will present an attractive table decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Using a flower vase from the mason jar and painted in blue, will make an attractive appearance for you to try. sumptuous centerpiece adorned with cheerful metallic butterflies. Flower bouquets with butterflies from countryliving.

3.     Flower and Fairy Lights Mason Jar

Are you planning a garden party? Collect all the freshly-picked flowers and fairy lights, and arrange them in crystal-clear mason jars. Afterwards, you can either hang it in the patio or put it on the table as a pretty centerpiece.

Wall sconces are an interesting way to brighten up a gloomy corner or fill in an awkward space on a wall. This is a very versatile rustic wall decor idea. Using a mason jar and in string and flower lamp fillings as well as simple pieces of wood planks make the sping decor more attractive. White fairy lights, subtle ivory hydrangeas, and thread adorn the chandelier and you can attach it to your patio wall for the perfect lighting idea. Mason jar with string lamp and flower from homebnc.

This Mason jar, which is equipped with string lights, makes your spring terrace decoration more dramatic and will steal the attention of many people. You can make it yourself by adding blooming flowers and wooden planks to hang the mason jar on your patio wall. Add jute rope for a more interesting decor. Place it in a corner of the patio for dramatic enrichment. Flower and fairy lights mason jar from craftsbyamanda.

4.     Quilt Tablecloth

Your dinner won’t be complete without a quilted tablecloth to perfect the spring decor. Coming in pastel shades and charming floral patterns, be sure to coordinate the silverware so that the colors match each other.

Using this flower pattern tablecloth will give your dining room a more festive decor and will bring a fresh impression to the room. Coming in pastel shades and charming floral patterns, this will make your room decor more stylish and will steal the show. Adding a bunch of flowers blooming in the center of the table will also complement the decoration. Flower pattern tablecloth from countryliving.

5.     Floral Throw Pillows

After a long, hearty garden party, it’s time to gather and spend the evening together. Adding this floral throw pillows will complement the spring decor without coming off as too much.

Add some charm and extra seating to your front porch this spring with patterned flower cushions and an inviting daybed. Choosing this flower pattern will present a fresh and charming room decoration. With deep and sturdy cushioning, you’ll enjoy many evenings spent in the comfort of this charming and cozy front porch corner. Patterned flower cushions from homebnc.

Added to this floral patterned pillow will create a fresh and charming patio look. Paired with a vintage pale teal hand-painted color, this patio bench is full of character as it is a function of beauty. While it’s sturdy enough to sit on, it’s also a great place to kill time as spring comes. You can also add some colorful potted blooms for an idea of a natural touch to your garden. Blue pillow with floral pattern from homebnc.

There is a range of options when you want to create an inviting spring decor. Whether it’s through floral wallpapers or classic tableware, find the perfect color palette, style, and your house will be a spring haven in no time.