A dated decor makes your living room feel so boring and far from a cozy look? Well, that situation should become a big problem when the holiday celebration comes and then you need to welcome many guests at home. So, to help you solve that problem, we have compiled these amazing DIY glass ornament ideas to upgrade your living room decor.

1.     DIY Photo Transfer Glass Ornament

Personalize your living room decoration by transferring your sweet photos into this kind of DIY glass ornament. To make this ornament, you will need some round glass containers, metallic ribbon, glitter, some cute beads, and photos. Next, you can make this glass ornament as a wall garland or put it on the Christmas tree.

Decorate your living room as sweetly as possible, try using this DIY glass ornament. Show your romantic black and white photo with your partner on this DIY glass ornament so that the atmosphere in the living room is warmer. Make this DIY glass ornament the center of attention by hanging it on a Christmas tree that looks cheerful and lively. DIY photo B / W glass ornament from clutterbug.

Hang the DIY gold glass ornaments that are equipped with this family photo on a Christmas tree that you have. That way your living room will be more festive and fun with the sparkling glass ornaments. The gold color in the glass ornaments represents luxury, maturity, and warmth, so that guests who visit will be amazed at your creativity in decorating the room. DIY photo inside gold glass ornament from clutterbug.

2.     DIY Glass Ornament Filled with Candy

Aside from its function as a holiday decoration, this glass ornament can also be presented as an adorable keepsake for your little guests. They must be so in love with this kind of cute gift. Thus, let’s prepare some coated round candies, used light bulbs/glass discs, and colorful ribbon to make this ornament.

In addition to decorating the room, you can also use this DIY glass ornament as a place to store practical candy. The cute shape will attract the attention of your guests or relatives visiting the house. With brightly colored candy filling, it will always bring an impression of joy and happiness to the children. DIY glass ornament with colorful candy from foxhollowcottage.

An interesting and unique memory will always have its own joy that will always be remembered. Provide some DIY glass ornaments that already contain candy to gift someone special and look unique. Decorate DIY glass ornaments with bold red polka dots ribbons, not only here, you can also write the name according to the person who will be given this candy glass ornament. Write using a permanent black marker. DIY glass ornament candy with decorative ribbon polka dot from 30minutecrafts.

3.     DIY Pearl-Filled Glass Ornament

The next idea is to make a homemade glass ornament that contains pearl beads. It is adorable, of course, and will be a great embellishment option to enhance your living room look.

Put some pearls in the DIY glass ornament as a perfect accent for your Christmas tree, choose pearls with different colors and sizes as a more eye-catching impression. Put this Christmas tree in the living room decoration as a beautiful view and emphasize the Christmas living room decoration this year. Leaf accents add a fresher and soothing impression. Use glass ornament pearls of different colors and sizes from refunkmyjunk.

This DIY glass pearl ornament is a complementary and complementary decoration for your Christmas tree decoration. Hang this glass pearl ornament using a silver ribbon string tied to a branch of the Christmas tree, try to tie it firmly so it doesn’t fall to the floor and cause the glass ornament to break. This time you can use one pearl color with a shiny gold splash. Hang a glass pearl ornament on a Christmas tree from theidearoom.

4.     DIY Hanging Glass Terrarium

Do you intend to give a sense of green to the atmosphere of your living room? A hanging glass terrarium would be a good ornament to create, then. So, try putting some mini water plants inside the glass disc/used light bulb. Additionally, for those seeking a more low-maintenance option, simply put some evergreen branches into this mini terrarium ornament.

This glass ornament surrounded by various types of succulents adds a positive feeling that eliminates boredom and boredom. The succulents in this terrarium will enliven the decor of your room and cool the atmosphere around it. You can hang it in any area that people often visit as a sight that never goes out of style. DIY glass terrarium with succulent plants from

DIY glass terrarium will look more attractive when equipped with this long enough red and white ribbon. You can apply this ribbon on the top of the terrarium glass as a perfect accent and make it look more cheerful. Use black soil as a plant grower accent in lush glass terrarium. DIY glass terrarium with red and white ribbon accents from balconygardenweb.

5.     DIY Hand Lettered Glass Ornament

For those loving hand lettering art, why not flaunt your skill into your glass ornament? For the success of that mission, then prepare materials such as a glass ornament globe, golden-colored permanent marker, and some cute ribbons.

The DIY glass ornament appearance will appear more colorful when you repaint the outside with your favorite colors such as pink and purple, then you can write down any words related to Christmas decorations. Use gold in the text to make it look clearer and more detailed, then hang it on the Christmas tree as an easy complement to try. Repaint DIY glass ornament from oneprojectcloser.

Don’t let your DIY glass ornament design be plain white and boring, write down the word MERRY in gold with an ornament marker so it won’t be easily lost when touched. The splash of silver on the top of the glass ornament adds a luxurious color that is not excessive. DIY glass ornament with gold lettering from amylattacreations.

Get started with these amazing do-it-yourself glass ornament ideas so that your living room looks more appealing in the next holiday celebration.