Rock painting can be a simple but fulfilling activity for children. Many kid-friendly ideas for DIY painted rock designs are simple enough to execute, but still eye-catching. Here are several creative design ideas you can work on with the little ones!

1.     Simple Rock Cactus

Create cacti in pots using green paint, painting pens, and oval rocks! Paint the entire rock with green before drawing black lines with painting pen. You can use white painting pen to draw tiny “thorns” on the black lines. Then, arrange the cactus rocks in small pots.

Take advantage of the materials around your house to increase the creativity of your child, you can turn this flat stone with medium size into a cactus that is painted with a dominant green color to resemble this plant as much as possible. Furthermore, as an illustration of thorn accents, you can use white paint and then paint it on the outer surface as neatly as possible for a more perfect DIY decoration result. Natural DIY rocks cactus from clumsycrafter.

You can try this stone that is transformed into an eco-friendly DIY kid to increase the creativity of your children in your home. The first thing you can do is wash the stone clean and wipe it with a dry cloth, then paint it green and white to resemble a cactus. The last step, you can plant it in a small clay pot containing white gravel as a very suitable planting medium and can be obtained at a price that is not too expensive. DIY rock cactus in clay pot from clumsycrafter.

2.     Simple Ladybugs

Ladybugs are fun DIY painted rock designs to create with children. Their basic designs are round, so they are quite easy to make. Just paint the rocks with red (or any bright colors) before drawing a large black circle on one of the rock’s edges. Add a pair of googly eyes using two black-and-white circles. Create small black dots on the brightly colored parts.

Pour your child’s creative ideas for home decoration using adorable little stones. The flattened little stone, painted to resemble ladybugs, is very eye-catching and certainly doesn’t cost a fortune. Using a red base paint and a black dot pattern on the back, don’t forget to add the eyes to make the ladybugs’ stone look real. Small painted rock ladybugs from easypeasyandfun.

Not only enough with one ladybugs, you can also use several ladybugs to make it more attractive and lively. Also try to use a variety of sizes so that it makes the display less boring. Place it on the lawn and arrange it irregularly to make it look different and of course it will be a unique sight that you can do with your children to fill the empty time. Rock ladybugs on the green grass from diyncrafts.

Your garden will look great if you DIY rock ladybugs with the main color red. Splash some black paint on some of the ladybugs’ bodies such as the eyes and back. After everything is finished painting, then you can place it on the plant or on top of your succulent to complete the final look with the creativity of your children at home. DIY rock ladybugs with a red main color from homebnc.

3.     Bees

Bees also have simple patterns for rock painting. Just paint yellow and black stripes around the rock (use craft tapes if necessary). Add a pair of tiny wings with white paint on top. Draw a pair of eyes on the head. You can pair the bees with the ladybugs to create a pot arrangement.

Not only ladybugs, but you can also paint stones that resemble bees. DIY painted bee stones require several paint color combinations, such as yellow, black, and white as part of the wings. After painting this stone, you can dry it out in the hot sun so that it will dry more quickly when it will be placed in your garden area as an on-budget decoration. DIY painted bee rock from easypeasyandfun.

4.     Heart Painted Rocks

Drawing a heart in the middle of the rock can be a thrilling activity for children. After getting a nice heart shape (a little asymmetrical is fine), you can encourage them to further decorate the heart. Adding easy décor like small white dots, stripes, color drops, or a simple flower is a great way to spice up the simple design.

A flat stone will be DIY kid friendly that you can find around your house easily. Before painting, you should wash this stone first so that it is cleaner and safer for your child. After that, you can give instructions to your child to paint the heart red while the writing around it is black. The two color combinations are very contrasting and certainly attract attention. Red heart painted rock from diyinspirational.

Another option for painting rocks is to paint all surfaces with light pink, and paint the heart and the writing in white, the combination of these two pastel colors is the right choice that you can instruct your child with easily. After everything is done, you can put this rock painting in the garden area that people often visit as a creative and of course cheap, additional view and accent. Pastel color heart painted rock from diyinspirational.

5.     Rainbow Rocks

There are many ways you can create rainbows on rocks. Drawing simple, colorful lines with some wonky clouds and sun can be a start. You can also take the more freestyle approach and create messy rainbow colors on the rocks or use stencils. Your children will surely appreciate the result!

Choose several sizes of stone as accents to paint the rainbow with a bright blend of colors. Several stones of different sizes provide aesthetic value to your garden decoration, you can also form this rainbow in various shapes such as hot air balloons and hearts. This DIY idea will increase your child’s creativity even more. DIY rainbow rock with different shapes and sizes from diyinspirational.

Not only using paint, you can also paint stones that resemble a rainbow with some bright colored markers such as pink, orange, yellow and green. After that, look for three other stones to write the word FUN under it as an additional accent that your child can try for a more attractive appearance and certainly not monotonous. The combination of bright colors in the rainbow rock from colormadehappy.

DIY painted rock designs are available in kid-friendly options. Try these ideas for a fun weekend project with the little ones.