Among the many kinds, string art is a popular decoration even world-class artists make an exhibition of it. If you want to add this unique touch of embellishment to your house, the art is available in many shapes and colors, and it’s super easy to make. DIY personal string art is creative, attractive, an attention grabber, and it will look lovely on your wall. To help you begin the project, here are some useful tips to make your personal string art at home.

Choose a simple pattern

If it’s your first time working on the task, it’s best to choose a simple shape. Draw inspiration from your favorite Pinterest display; a larger design with less complicated lines are perfect. Shapes like heart, anchor, a house, or your name initial can be a great starter. If you desire a more complicated design, it’s best to print the shape and have it cut for drafting.

Simple DIY home decor you can use a rope to get started. You can make it yourself with initial letters on a wooden plank and you can start with uncomplicated lines so that it will create an interesting home decor for you to try. Choosing the letter “M” for a unique look that will steal the attention of many people. Hanging it on the wall of the house provides a unique room decoration for you to try. DIY string art from bhg.

This quirky home decor uses string art for an interesting room display idea for you to try. Making it yourself in the form of a house will make your room more stylish and will steal people’s attention when entering your home. Menggauntnya on the walls of the house will provide an attractive room decoration. The use of eclamated wood planks will make a rustic impression. DIY string with wooden pallets from thesprucecrafts.

Using ropes, nails and reclaimed wood planks will make a unique room decor for you to try. You can get inspiration from the Pinterest view so that it will make your work easier. Choosing a larger design with uncomplicated outlines makes a great decoration to start with. Shapes with initials letters for a unique look for you to try. Installing it on the wall of the house will give the room a stunning appearance. DIY string art in ‘E” name initial from diyprojectsforteens.

Choosing an anchor shape whose design is not too complicated will make it easier for you to decorate a stylish room so that it will steal the attention of many people. Using blue thread, nails and wooden planks painted in blue will also provide the perfect contrast and will make for interesting room decor. You can make it yourself for a stylish room display idea. DIY anchor string art from diyprojectsforteens.,

Secure the design

Once you set an eye for design, make a copy of it; use one as your guide when placing the string and the other taped into the board. After that, hammer the nails to make clear stripes for your DIY personal string art. When a vivid shape is secured, remove the printed paper design and start to see the outline with the nails.

To steal the attention of every guest who comes, you have to do DIY rope ideas like this one. Choosing a heart shape by placing the glued string on the board will create clear lines for your personal string art. Using white yarn and wood painted in red will create the perfect context and create an attractive room decor for you to try. DIY string art in Heart shape from diyprojectsforteens.

Start outlining

Pick your desired string color to start the project. Bundle the string to the nails as you choose the starting point by outlining the perimeter. Useful tips when outlining the design is to tie it tightly when you reach the corner and continue to follow the direction. The corner tie needs to be wrapped a couple more times to maintain the solidness.

Choosing your real outline will create a beautiful string ornament decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Attaching it to reclaimed wood planks and nails in the shape of a leaf creates a stunning room appearance and will beautify your room. You can make it as neat as possible for a unique and attractive appearance. String ornament decoration from diyprojectsforteens.

This clear outline provides a unique design for you to try so that it will create an interesting string ornament decoration to look at. Choosing an initial letter design and using this white string color will contrast with the quirky reclaimed wood planks. From the corner it needs to be wrapped several times to keep it firm. You can make it yourself, in addition to honing creativity, it will also provide a low-budget room decoration. Clear outline DIY string art from diyprojectsforteens.

DIY rope with thickened outlines will make this string ornament look more attractive and will grab the attention of many people. Choosing to use the form of a vase, you can place it on a piece of wood so that it will create the perfect rustic ornament. Adding fake blooms will also give you an interesting look to try. DIY rope with thickened outlines from diyprojectsforteens.

Fill the shape

Once the outline is finished and you can see a vivid shape of your desired design, it’s time to fill in the empty shape with strings. This step can be done by wrapping from nail to nail, tie it tightly by crisscrossing the strings, be it with the same or different color threads. 

Giving the clear shape of the design you want will create an attractive room decor for you to try. Using colorful threads and you can form words will create an upward space and steal the attention of many people. You can place it on a blue framed wood plank for the perfect contrast. Hanging on the wall of the house will give a unique appearance. Colorful text with string art from diyprojectsforteens.

Giving color to the wall decoration of the house will create a unique room appearance for you to try so that it will steal the attention of your guests. Starting from DIY the string in the form of words and wrapping it from nail to nail, tying it tightly in a way that crosses each other will create an attractive room decoration. using wood planks for backdrop ideas will give a unique and interesting design. DIY colorful string art from diyprojectsforteens.

If you follow these basic tips, you can create a DIY personal string art without a hassle. Choose a frame to display your string art—or not. If not, you need to pick a clean-looking, decorative board in the first place and hang it on the wall for stunning decoration.