Adding some wooden touch into your home is really worth it especially for you who love something rustic and have a farmhouse style. The element of wood will transfer the warm atmosphere into your home as it has a natural aspect. Besides, it is quite easy to make the DIY project using wooden material that any of you can manage to do to satisfy your desire and imagination on your own home furniture.

There is plenty kind of things that you can try to do the DIY by using wooden material, but the most worthy is the wooden table. Creating a DIY wooden table can be a really rewarding experience and fun. It is a ton less expensive than purchasing a table from the store. Furthermore, it has an artistic value that will awe your guests. If you’re looking for the inspiration to plan a wooden table DIY project, please check out our collection below!

Coffee Table

Using an unusual and inexpensive coffee table, this is one of the main reasons why DIY wooden coffee table ideas are becoming so popular. On the other hand, there are also people who are looking for a unique piece of furniture that is both functional and artistic. In these cases, there are a number of wooden coffee table ideas that you will be able to choose from that you can adjusted according to your taste. So, if you need an aesthetic coffee table that can make your guests amazed to it, the DIY wooden coffee table is the answer.

Wood material is one of the favorite choices for DIY coffee table ideas in decorating your living room, this material has strong resistance so there is no need to renovate furniture in the near future. You can paint one of the outer surfaces of the table white for a cleaner and modern look, this table is equipped with a storage drawer that you can use to put small items that are easy to lose. DIY repaint wooden coffee table from homedit.

Reuse unused wooden crates as DIY furniture ideas for simple living room decorations without spending a lot of money. This wooden crate can be turned into a coffee table idea that is equipped with a storage area underneath, put green plants on the table surface as a refreshing decoration idea. DIY wooden crate coffee table from homedit.

For a more minimalist and clean living room look, you can use a wooden coffee table that has been repainted in white. You can choose a round table shape as a sweeter touch to the room, this table has a smoother surface so it is very comfortable to use for a long time. DIY round wooden coffee table from homedit.

This DIY wooden coffee table with two different materials is one of the furniture choices that are on budget and suitable for living room decoration ideas that are not too luxurious. This table is made of wood for the top surface and metal on the hairpin legs. The metal material on the legs of this table will be stronger to accommodate the items stored on it in greater quantities. DIY coffee table with metal hairpin legs from homedit.

Complete the look of your farmhouse living room with a DIY coffee table made of reclaimed wood, leave this table in its original color for a more natural and not overwhelming look. This coffee table has empty space at the bottom that you can use for built-in storage ideas by adding a wicker wicker basket for more well-organized and neat storage. DIY reclaimed wood coffee table from homedit.

Dining Table

The main idea behind the use of DIY wooden dining table ideas is that it can create a focal point in the room that was going to make a statement of the room. With your skills or you can costume on the handyman, you can create your own favorite dining table for you and your family. This DIY wooden dining table can bring an aesthetic look to your eating space. Besides that this DIY dining table also can bring a rustic vibe in your home.

This modern farmhouse-style dining room will look more leverage when using a DIY wooden dining table repainted in white. Then you can cover all the legs of the furniture in this dining room with colorful patterned rugs that make the room look more colorful and passionate. Adjust the height of the chair that is used with the table to make it more comfortable when used. White wood dining table from bobvila.

This round wooden dining table has a splash of white on the legs so it looks vintage and is suitable for decorating a rustic dining room or farmhouse. Here you can combine it with an iron dining chair that has a matching color. The greenery beside this table is a refreshing decoration of the room and does not require extra care. Vintage style DIY wooden dining table from bobvila.

Decorating the dining room with a simple look and atmosphere will be created easily if you choose the right wooden furniture. Start with the use of a wooden dining table equipped with hairpin metal legs that have a dark color. Choose and use teak wood material for a dining table that is more sturdy and not easily porous or moldy when used for a long time. DIY teak wood dining table from bobvila.

For mutual comfort when eating food on the dining table, you can re-polish this dining table to get a smoother surface and of course get a warm vibe. You can put a vase of green plants on the dining table as a fresh decoration and of course a beautiful sight and not easy to bore your eyes. DIY re-polish wooden dining table from bobvila.

Complete your dining room decor with a DIY wooden dining table equipped with spindle legs that give a vintage feel without being overwhelming. This soft chair with high backrest becomes a comfortable sitting area for use throughout the day, this ethnic patterned rug has a neutral color that fits well with other interiors around it. Wooden dining table with spindle legs from bobvila.

Side Table

Did you know that you can create stunning looking wooden side tables at home? It is actually quite easy to create and the end result will be something that no one else could have imagined. Wooden furniture is now very popular all around the world. The style and elegance of wooden tables and chairs can easily transform a dull room into an attractive one. The wooden side table can be made at home easily by following DIY wooden table ideas. It is very easy to make a table especially if you have all the tools and wood working tools you need. So if you are thinking about doing up your living room or bedroom, why not consider using this DIY wooden side table?

To make it easier for you when storing small items or books in the living room, then you can use a side wooden table with metal hairpin legs that are stronger when used for storage in larger quantities. This side table has a shape that is not too big so it doesn’t take up much of your living room floor area. DIY side table with storage from homedit.

If you want a modern and minimalist living room decor but still want to use a DIY side table then the thing you have to do is repaint it with a clean white color. This side table is equipped with a built in greenery pot that makes its appearance more different and more unique. DIY side table with greenery pot from homedit.

Do you have a living room with a limited area? If so, then you can use a DIY square side table that is equipped with carvings on the outer surface. This table can be used as a place to store bags or other small items such as books and TV remotes. Choose a side table that has a color that matches the feel of your living room. Square side table with artistic carving from homedit.

Reuse the unused broom handle to enhance the look of your DIY side table, this broom handle will become a wooden side table leg that has a hexagon-shaped surface. Use this small table to place a green plant pot that has a size large enough as a decoration idea that perfectly refreshes the entire room. Hexagon shape side table from homedit.

This re-polished piece of wood will become a side table surface that looks natural and shiny when exposed to light or sunlight. You can combine it with metal hairpin legs which have a stronger and stronger texture. The rubber plant on it becomes a bold color decoration that is never boring to look at. DIY side table wood pieces from homedit.

These are some DIY wooden table projects that you can try to complete your home. This is an inexpensive but aesthetic way for home decor.