If you’re someone who pays close attention to details, a range of misplaced electrical outlets can be immensely irritating. Fortunately, more and more people have stepped into their comfort zone and decided to decorate their sockets creatively. Nowadays, you can cover the displeasing electrical outlets with various stickers, covers, and wall decorations.

Are you wondering what kind of decoration that you can install on your electrical outlets? Here are five of the unique ornaments to start.

1.     Mustache Sticker

Are you feeling like adding a funny and adorable element into your interior? This mustache sticker for your electrical outlets could be the answer. Once you install it, your sockets will look like a pair of silly, surprised men on the wall.

Bring a different atmosphere to your home with a unique and simple decoration, for example by attaching a black mustache sticker to electrical outlets. Electrical outlets that have three holes, you can adjust the layout and attach the mustache stickers so that it resembles a human face in general, by sticking a mustache sticker between the eyes and mouth is the right layout and position that you can try. DIY a power outlet with a black mustache sticker from hongkiat.

Like the thing above, the electrical outlets which have three holes, you can decorate with a mustache sticker, not only the mustache you can also put a mustache sticker complete with a hat so that it resembles a farmer uncle. You can apply this to a farmhouse home decor that wants a different and unexpected look. Colorful mustache stickers to decorate electrical outlets from hongkiat.

2.   Bandage Electrical Outlets Cover

People with children in their houses would know how scary it is to distance them from the nearest electrical sockets. Luckily, this bandage-shaped cover would do the job just fine. The bandage will prevent your children from sticking their fingers or tongue inside and endangering themselves.

If you have small children in your house, you can protect them from electrical hazards at electrical outlets that are within your child’s reach, an easy way to overcome this is to use bandage electrical outlets cover. In addition to the safety of your child when playing, this can also make your house look cute and attractive. The creative atmosphere will come instantly. Safety bandage electrical outlets cover from hongkiat.

If you have electrical outlets with multiple function holes you can use only one of them. You can try marking the unused lectical outlet sticks by using the bandage electrical outlets cover. You can use a bandage cover with a slightly large size so that it can be attached so that it resembles a face wearing a hat. Large bandage electrical outlets cover from designbump.

3.   Wooden Electrical Outlets Cover

Yet another adorable addition to your electrical sockets, this wooden cover creates the impression of a door that leads straight to Wonderland. Sadly, you won’t be able to go anywhere, because beneath the door are secured electrical outlets and not Mad Hatter.

You can also use other unique covers, using your imagination, make wooden covers for electrical outlets in your home to avoid your children from the dangers of electric shock. When using this electrical outlet, you can open it according to the size of the cable that will be installed. Don’t forget to close it again when it’s finished using it. Reclaimed wood electrical outlets cover from hongkiat.

4.     Power Supply Sticker

Who can resist this adorable electrical outlet sticker? Showing a hamster who cycles to fuel electric supply, your socket would erupt laughs from guests. Say goodbye to boring electrical outlets in the house!

Not only using black stickers to decorate the electrical outlet area, you can also use blue stickers for a more contrasting look with your white painted walls. The combination of blue and white gives the impression of a brighter room and of course it is never boring to see. You can try it in your home decor right now. DIY decoration Blue stickers electrical outlets from hongkiat.

If you like animals, then you can choose hamster stickers to decorate the electrical outlet decorations for a different and certainly more unique look. Hamster is currently the right and best choice because it can be illustrated simultaneously with the bicycle it is riding. This hamster sticker gives the impression as if you are chasing what you are aiming for. Hamster stickers for the wall area of electric outlets from hongkiat.

5.   LED Light for Electrical Outlets

If you want your electrical outlets to look more eye-catching while still looking classy, consider installing this LED light. You can also utilize the lamp as an emergency aid during a power outage!

Choose and use an electrical outlet that is equipped with a built in LED light to help you during a power cut at night. When the blackout arrives, you can turn on this LED light according to your needs, usually there are three white lights that are bright enough to illuminate the area around them. Built in three LED lights on the power outlet from simplemost.

Do you need emergency lighting during a power cut? If so, choose a few electrical outlets that are equipped with white LED lights with the installation right at the bottom. The more you use electrical outlets in your home, the more lighting you can get when the atmosphere in the house is dark, these lights will highlight the path to the room brightly. Functional electrical outlets from simplemost.

There is nothing wrong with using this electrical outlet in the kitchen or bathroom area as emergency lighting that you can use whenever needed. This functional outlet is a different home decor item and presents the impression of a high-tech room. The spotlight of this LED light is enough to illuminate the decor of the room around it. High tech electrical outlets from simplemost.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your key, drive to the nearest craft store, and start redecorating your sockets!