Elegant headboard ideas add a sophisticated accent to your space. Many people go for a quick hit by picking a headboard already tucked in the bed set. However, you can also do your own experiment to enhance the look. Style your headboard into something unique that’ll match the bedroom design you’ve had. Picking color palettes is also prominent to loom your signature.

Dig deep into these stylish headboard ideas for you to copy.

Signature Patterns and Textures

For plain walls, you can play with patterns and textures in your headboard ideas to exhibit your room’s design luxury. You can either choose a round mandala pattern carved as your headboard or a sophisticated, geometrical one. A huge medallion pattern will also be such an accent for your bed while playing with colors and pattern shapes offers contemporary saturation. Also, earn elegance from the material textures you choose.

This carved wooden headboard is a headboard that brings your bedroom decor to a bohemian style. You can use a semicircular medallion pattern to create a headboard that’s not too big. This headboard provides an artistic accent that catches people’s attention when they see it. Semicircular medallion wooden headboard from housebeautiful.

When you have a bedroom with a large room size, then using a large round headboard mandala is an interior idea that you can imitate. Paint this headboard white to make it easier to combine it with other interiors around it. This headboard makes a great statement that can convey an eye-catching bohemian style. Large round medallion headboard from hgtv.

Velvet Luxury

Velvet headboard has been a favorite pick for many years. It retains luxury and elegance on your comfy bedding. The velvety sparkle gives additional expensive effect to your bedtime experience. Pick your colors in teal, dark blue, emerald, or black for classic masculine sensation. If you’re into the calm tone with a soft touch, opt for white, peach or beige.

Velvet fabric is one of the materials that shows your room decoration to look more luxurious and classy. The velvet tufted headboard with bold colors in this room is a beautiful focal point that you can emulate. Striped bedding and pillowcases provide a patterned motif in this room so that it looks more passionate and less boring. Velvet tufted headboard from home-designing.

Another color that you can try for velvet headboard ideas is dark green that attracts attention. You can combine it with a modern nightstand style which is equipped with a white light table lamp. Painting frames add a beautiful artistic impression not too much, in this room you will feel warmth and comfort all day long. Green velvet headboard with modern style nightstand from home-designing.

One tufted in the center of the headboard gives elegance and luxury that is not excessive in your bedroom décor. Do not forget to use velvet material with a neutral color, namely gray. You can design the angled sides of this headboard with an eye-catching scalloped pattern. This bed and headboard will look shiny when exposed to sunlight or the lights you use. One tufted headboard with gray velvet material from home-designing.

Combine a tufted velvet headboard with a gold metal bed frame for a luxurious and contemporary feel. Usually this headboard is used for minimalist modern bedroom decoration. Perform regular maintenance using a vacuum cleaner to keep it comfortable when in use for resting. Combination of tufted velvet headboard with gold metal bed frame from home-designing.

Wood Mood

Rustic accent for your headboard ideas? Wood! This natural element impeccably allows you to get refreshment. A wooden headboard that’ll be perfect for your design and color palettes can be aesthetic décor for your bedroom. You can install a headboard made of reclaimed wood, or a white-washed one. If you’re into an exceptional shabby chic design, repurpose a pair of antique doors. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Take advantage of weathered wooden doors as a headboard idea to add a shabby chic impression to your bedroom decor. You can use two wooden doors for a larger headboard size. Here you don’t need to repaint it with bright and striking colors to bring out a natural and environmentally friendly rustic feel. Recycle the wooden door as a shabby headboard from hgtv.

Apply natural accents to your bedroom decor to create a modern farmhouse feel that many people like. Teak headboard has incredible durability as it will last in all seasons. Besides that, teak wood is also easy to find around you at a price that is not too expensive. Do not forget to add sufficient lighting through a transparent glass window that can enter natural sunlight that can enter easily and freely, the window here also functions to change the air circulation to make it fresher and healthier. Varnish the headboard for a smoother finish. Teak wood headboard from hgtv.

Bedtime Stories

What’s better than books for bedtime stories? Instead of having existed regular headboard, you can opt for an exciting one: a bookshelf headboard! It effortlessly showcases intelligent creativity and offers ease in reaching favorite adventures before falling asleep. This headboard design is recommended for both adults’ and children’s bedroom.

Headboard cubbies are great and effective storage bins for books. You can group the books according to their theme so that they are easy to find when you are about to read. This headboard looks more creative and is definitely different from other bedroom decorations. The bigger the headboard cubbies you use, the more books you can store in this room. You can use this headboard pattern to the ceiling for a spacious and creative bedroom decor. Cubbies headboard storage from hgtv.

Take advantage of the empty area in your small bedroom decor as a storage area to display a tidier and more organized décor. Don’t leave this headboard empty without use, you can use it as a storage area for books that will accompany your evening more beautifully. Arrange this headboard vertically to save more space. You can try this headboard idea in your bedroom. Headboard with bookshelf storage from hgtv.

Go for a great opportunity for making your amazing headboard ideas happen!