Your outdoor area should be an extension of your living space, where entertaining guests and gathering are done most in this area. Now, if you have the area arranged, it’s time to put out some outdoor fireplace that’s useful for not only providing a heating feature during the chilly nights but also serve as a decorative statement. 

With the number of options available out there, here are some elegant outdoor fireplace designs for you to choose from.

Traditional fire pit

A traditional fire pit comes in different shapes and sizes, made with a variety of materials. You can have a DIY project or choose the prefab one with rustic to sophisticated designs, suitable for your decoration. Take a campfire to another level by choosing a ready-to-build design, offering a more elegant look.

A sofa and chair combination made in a similar style gives a traditional outdoor firepit idea by offering your guests flexible seating. Choosing a stone firepit and vintage chair will create a rustic look that will grab the attention of a large crowd. Increase the atmosphere of the campfire by choosing a ready-to-build design that offers a more elegant look. Stone firepit and vintage chair from homebnc.

The brick patio design and curved benches act as a natural extension of the round, center-mounted fireplace. Using this type of traditional firepit gives a room a stylish look and will grab the attention of many. The high back of the bench not only allows guests to sit more comfortably. The bright solid colors on the cushions of various sizes go well with the bright striped patterns on the seat cushions. Brick fire pit and colorful chusions fom homebnc.

The circular pattern on the patio layout draws your attention to the firepit in the center. Using flat stones will match the multiple stones used throughout the garden. The most pleasing of this terrace is the swing hung on the arched pergola. This way you will spend time with your family while enjoying a cup of coffee. To make it more pleasing, greenery vines overhead and will provide both shade and beauty. Round rock firepit from homebnc.

Modern fire bowl

It makes a great standpoint in a large backyard. The portable option makes it easier for mobility in case you want to change the arrangement set, which also marks a lightweight alternative to a fire pit. Traditional fuel type of fire bowl is wood, but natural gas and propane are also available.

We love this sleek concrete fire pit. Surrounded with seating for all of your family and friends, this is the perfect decoration for those who love minimalism. There’s a dash of zen, Asian inspiration here too that will decorate an interesting room for you to try. The traditional type of fire bowl for fuel is natural gas so it makes for a warm and inviting garden decor. Bowl concrete fire pit fom trendir.

Perfect decor for any size backyard, stone bowl fire pits are functional and versatile. It’s a great focus for entertaining or relaxing with the family. You can put this fireplace in the corner of your garden so that it will create a warm and inviting garden. Using coal fuel will keep this fireplace looking modern. Combined with green grass will also create a fresh and natural garden. Stone bowl fire pits from trendir.

Applying a simple cobblestone fire pit can do its job while making your modern backyard decor look unique. With a few chairs, it makes for a relaxing place. With this contemporary design, it will create an interesting garden for you to try. Combined with the concrete floor and some greenery will give a natural and fresh impression to this room. Cobblestone fire pit from trendir.

Fire tables

Another portable option for your heating outside is the fire table. This specially designed outdoor fireplace makes a great distinction in any outdoor decoration. The fire table is aimed to provide both function and style, which you can use as a serving surface during the day when the fire is not lit. The table has a hole in the middle as the focal point for the heating purpose, containing gas and (very rarely) wood for burning. 

This table fireplace design will create the perfect room decor that will give your garden a warm and cozy feel. Using the material from this marble coffee table will look attractive with its contemporary style. A long bench with soft cushions will give you a stunning look for you to try. You can add some green plants for a fresh and natural garden impression. Marble table fireplace from trendir.

Choosing a concrete table firepit that surrounds this bench will create a cleaner overall style that fits a minimalist vision. The gray seating offsets the neutral texture too. You can add some green plants for a fresh and natural impression into your garden. Some of these lounge chairs equipped with large umbrellas and wooden tables will make for comfortable garden decoration. Concrete table firepit from trendir.

Traditional campfire

Have a fun gathering with your kids and friends by installing a traditional campfire as your outdoor fireplace. It’s a natural, rustic option and is low maintenance for any household. Pick up some large-sized rocks and make a ring-like formation with a small hole in the middle. Gather some chairs or roll out a tent to ultimately enjoy the outdoor living experience.

Choosing a traditional campfire will make your children feel happy while in the backyard garden. Using this wood fuel will create a warm garden. Add some wooden benches surrounding this campfire so that it will make a comfortable garden to spend time with your family in this park. With this idea you will have the perfect focal point of the garden. Wooden traditional campfire from homestratosphere.

You can have fun with the kids in this park by adding an interesting traditional campfire. With this idea it will have a rustic and low maintenance feel for any household. Gather a few tree cuttings to make a comfortable seat so that it will become a unique garden and will spend time with the family in the backyard garden. Traditional campfire from homestratosphere.

Most outdoor fireplace designs use wood fuel, but you can also get other alternatives like charcoal, natural gas, propane, gel, and bioethanol. Choose one that’s most comfortable with you.