The family room is the most popular room in the house. It is the perfect place to hang out, watch movies, play games, or even just to relax together. The key to having the best family room is to make it as comfortable as you can. If you want to spruce up your family room, then you have come to the right page.

Let’s start decorating the family room. Create a space that expresses who your family really is. Make it personal by adding photos of your family, artwork, and other objects. Check out these attractive modern family room design ideas below.

Color Scheme

For the attractive look in the family room, playing with a bright and bold color is a good idea. In this case, you can use orange or red color for the color scheme ideas. Play with pattern, more colors, and give a pop of color sounds good as always. It can bring a bold statement to your family room and is not afraid to have fun.

The first thing you can do to decorate your family room to make it look more cheerful and different is to apply red or other cheerful colors to the room. For example, so that the room does not look boring, you can use a small red sofa with throw pillows that have a matching color. You can also try using a carpet with a black and white motif. Red family room color scheme from hgtv.

Bring a pleasant atmosphere into the family room so that your gathering moment becomes more exciting. Use furniture with orange color so that you get a cheerful impression. A bold look with bold colors is an idea that you should try. You can also use blue to muffle the room so it doesn’t look dazzling. Orange color scheme from apartmenttherapy.

Modern Furniture

Don’t forget to think about the furniture for the family room. To bring the modern vibe, placing a comfortable sectional sofa is a good idea. The soft texture of the sofa will bring convenience. Adding some throw pillows can be an option to add a coziness and modern look at the same time.

Bring a modern feel to your living room by using a shiny green sofa. The modern look of the sofa will blend with the vintage decor of your living room. A modern sofa can also be combined with a reclaimed wood coffee table that looks very vintage. Green sofa from apartmenttherapy.

Minimalist family room with simple furniture but enough to accommodate several families. Use a long sofa with faux leather material that looks luxurious and elegant, also combine it with a minimalist and unique coffee table to get an attractive appearance. Faux leather sofa from apartmenttherapy.

Wall Galleries

Don’t let the walls are empty. You can make your family room more attractive by adding some wall galleries. You can hang your family photo, painting collections, artworks, or photos you trip around the world.

To fill the void of space on the walls of the family room, you can use a wall decor. Don’t hesitate to put some wall decor on the walls of the living room, turn the back wall of the main sofa into a gallery of artworks that will be your collection. Choose wall decorations of various sizes and arrange them randomly so that they are not boring. Various sizes of wall galleries from shelterness.

In addition to filling the empty space on the walls of the family room, wall decor can also be used as a focal point for a room. Install some abstract wall art on the back wall of the sofa to make it the center of attention of everyone who is active in the family room. Abstract wall art from shelterness.


The existence of a rug will complete your modern family room decor. If you like a soft and calm nuance, the neutral color of the rug is suitable for you. But if you want a more attractive family room look, the patterned rug is highly recommended. You can choose geometric or striped patterns to present the modern style.

To get a family room with a modern but also fun look, you can simply add a rug under the coffee table. Use a faux fur rug for a luxurious impression and warm the atmosphere when gathering with family. The geometric pattern of the rug will bring an attractive look at the same time. Geometric fur rug from shelterness.

You can also use a rug with a striped motif so it’s not boring. By installing a carpet in the seating area, it will make your conversation warmer and of course more exciting. Using a carpet with a striped motif will not make the room outdated. Striped rug from shelterness.

Create a Play Area

A family room is not only for adults but also for all family members, include kids. And creating a play area for your kids can be your plan list in designing a family room. You can place several toys, small tend, or anything else that can be played of your kids. Place some colorful bean bags or floor pillows for more comfortable and charm. So, you will have an intimate moment and place in your home with your family.

You can be creative by setting up Indian tents in the family room, this is intended so that children can play freely and still be under parental supervision. Besides that, the striped tent is actually will enhance your family room look. It can be more look attractive interesting. Striped tent from hgtv.

Designing a family room with bookshelves, a kid’s toys box, and some comfortable stools are great ways to make your family room the center of activity in your home. All family members can do activities in the place. Good for reading, playing, and even chatting while enjoying coffee and snacks. With the white and blue color scheme, your family room will feel so calming and relaxing. It would be an interesting place and the heart of your home. Bookshelves and a kid’s toys box from hgtv.

These are some ideas to create an attractive modern family room design ideas. They’re not only stylish and polished enough for adults, yet fun and energetic enough to appeal to kids as well.