Anyone who is on the lookout for a simple yet stylish bedroom decor scheme, then farmhouse design is the answer. What’s great is, you can mix a sleek look of contemporary style with beautiful rustic touches in this decor style. Are you excited? Read on to discover some excellent farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas that are far from boring.

Fill the Room with Vintage Elements

Vintage elements are the first essential features of every farmhouse bedroom. That’s why adding antique furniture like vintage bedside chests or old-fashioned vanities is a must. But take notes that there’s still also room to use new furnishings. In fact, you are more than welcome to mix old and new pieces in this design scheme – giving you a great opportunity to create a unique bedroom that is hard to beat.

Vintage chest that is made of wood with material leather is one of the farmhouse bedroom furniture that seems classic, put this chest under the iron bed to serve as a storage idea for what you will save. The faux fur carpet that covers the wood floor becomes warm and soft footwear when you step on it, do regular maintenance so that this carpet looks clean without dust. Vintage chest that made of wood with leather material from

For small storage ideas in the farmhouse bedroom, you can use a wooden chest equipped with iron accents as the key to this furniture and additional ornamental ornaments. These iron accents usually appear a little more rusty to reinforce the vintage impression. You can use an iron bed as furniture that is strong and not easily porous. Vintage wooden chest storage from digsdigs.

Match chest colors with the nuances of a farmhouse bedroom to match the room’s elegant color scheme. White is a neutral color that is often used in farmhouse bedroom decorations. Place this chest furniture under the classic bed to serve as an easy and practical storage idea, use it to store your blankets and pillows. Match the chest color with the feel of a farmhouse bedroom from digsdigs.

To change the atmosphere in the farmhouse bedroom decor, you can move the chest layout into a nightstand furniture idea that functions to put clocks and table lamps. You can also place a transparent glass vase filled with lavender-colored flowers as a pretty and sweet decoration. Vintage chest nightstand from digsdigs.

Introduce Country Character with Barn Wood

The farmhouse bedroom design is never complete without reclaimed barn wood. The good news is, there are a couple of ways you can try to harness this material. Be it to cover ceilings, walls, floors, or even for doors; all can bring a stunning country character that never fails to impress your guests. Otherwise, you may also pick some furnishings made of barn wood, such as armoires, nightstands, and dressers.     

Repaint the new wood ceiling with white to match the elegant and neutral color tone of the bedroom, this new wood material also presents a natural feel that is strong and strong. Decorate your plain wall with a family photo to remember all the memories. Classic chandeliers are a suitable lighting idea and make the room look more classic. Repaint barn wood ceiling from digsdigs.

The reclaimed wood barn on the headboard is more appropriate to use in farmhouse-style bedroom decorations. You can add candle holder lights as lighting that provides a warmer and more ambient atmosphere. No need to use a bedding pattern, just plain white cloth for your bed idea. Reclaimed barn wood headboard from digsdigs.

Enter vintage and natural furniture with the use of a new wood headboard that has a slightly shabby color. This wood headboard barn is one of the furniture that is suitable to be applied in farmhouse decorations. Use several fabrics in bedding with different colors for a more colorful and less boring atmosphere. This wooden ladder that is propped against the wall is a storage idea that saves space for the few blankets you have. Barn wood shabby headboard from digsdigs.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

The farmhouse bedroom backdrop is dominated by neutral or muted colors like cloud white, gray owl, and sea salt – all will help you achieve a clean and simple look. To get attractive effects, add pops of colors and textures using wicker or rattan pieces such as wicker baskets and rattan wall clocks. Then, complement the design with natural elements that offer beautiful hues like exposed wood beams and galvanized steel. 

Neutral colors are a favorite choice for farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas. For example, the combination of gray owl and white, the combination of these two colors will work well and optimally. Don’t forget to add a wicker basket as a pillow and blanket storage idea so it doesn’t look messy. Green plants become a cool decoration and refresh the room as a whole, don’t forget to use small clay pots to decorate the floor area more perfectly. Reclaimed wood dressers make for a suitable storage idea in a farmhouse style. Gray owl color combination with white from homebnc.

This white shiplap wall is the dominant color scheme used in farmhouse bedroom decor, you can add a framed painting as a beautiful artistic wall decoration. This black iron bed will look even more contrasted when combined with white sheets and pillowcases. Use transparent glass windows to let in natural sunlight. White shiplap walls decor from homebnc.

To maximize the farmhouse bedroom decor, you can use white shades with additional wood accents in some of the interiors around it. This original color wooden dresser and bench is a natural furniture idea, a gold table lamp is the main lighting that you can apply in a farmhouse style. Patterned rug in black and white is a beautiful and elegant addition. The classic lamp is suitable lighting. White nuance of a farmhouse bedroom with wood accents from homebnc.

Those are some incredible decorating ideas to help you build a stylish farmhouse bedroom. So, do you want to try this stunning decor style for your next remodel projects?