Farmhouse kitchen sink is a large single basin sink with no cabinets or countertop.  It allows the user to stand directly in front of the basin for more comfortable use. The basin itself is deep, which allows multiple dishwashing activities at once. There are many types of farmhouse kitchen sink based on their materials. Here are some of them:


The reddish-brown metal of copper brings warmth to your kitchen. It also has antimicrobial properties that can naturally kill harmful bacteria. This type of sink is best to be put in a rustic kitchen style.  The sink itself can either have a smooth or hammered texture with a very detailed and beautiful design.

Copper has a natural way of protecting itself from minerals by getting patina. In addition, this material is resistant to corrosion and will never rust which makes it very attractive. You can combine it with a dark wood cabinet to give it a warm shine. Granite countertops will give an elegant impression. Copper farmhouse sink from homedit.

Adding a copper sink in this country kitchen is perfect because it has the perfect contrast and will add a lot of detail to it. Don’t forget to clean a farmhouse sink of copper by rinsing it after use and occasionally using dish soap. The combination of wooden cabinets and wooden floors will bring a warm feeling to the room. Copper sink and wooden cabinet from homedit.

This copper metal sink will bring a rustic feel to your kitchen. Avoid using harsh cleaners and harsh sponges and scrubbing brushes. Other things like lemon, pineapple or mustard can also damage the coating although it will fix naturally within a few days. It has a soft texture that you can combine with a granite counter for the perfect look. Copper metal sink from homedit.

Natural Stones

Natural stones have their own beauty when they are made into a farmhouse kitchen sink. Granite will give you that vibrant black color with a modern touch. Soapstone develops a gorgeous patina that gives you a warm feel. Natural stone farmhouse sinks are often found with hand-carved detailed patterns which gives them their unique and genuine appearance.

This natural stone look has its own beauty by creating a sink in a farmhouse kitchen. Natural stone will give you a bright black color with a modern twist. Pairing with these white cabinets will provide the perfect contrast to this farmhouse kitchen. This antique faucet will make an eye-catching rustic look. Natural stone sink farmhouse decor from homebnc.

Natural stone has its own beauty when it is made into a sink in a farmhouse kitchen. This rustic, natural-looking stone sink will give you an interesting kitchen decor to try. It has this interesting sculpture that you can combine with a wooden counter to give it a warm feeling. This painted wooden cabinet will give a rustic feeling to the room. Natural stone sink from homebnc.

An antique stone sink with vintage fixtures will create a rustic vibe in this farmhouse kitchen. Having a bright black stone decor will provide the perfect contrast with a wooden cabinet. This antique faucet will also make the room look perfect and will provide an interesting decoration for you to try. Combining it with beige tones will give you a warm look. Antique stone sink with vintage fixtures from homebnc.

Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a fresh and contemporary look, stainless steel is your choice. It is traditionally used for drop-in and under-mounted sinks, but now it is used for farmhouse sinks as well. They generally have a modern feel and appearance. Stainless steel complements well with appliances and cooking space that has cool-toned colors metals, which completes the industrial and contemporary kitchen style.

If you are looking for a fresh and contemporary look, stainless steel is your choice. The old farmhouse sink gets a new industrial look with its stainless steel material. The spray nozzle faucet also brings industrial utilities to the kitchen cleaning zone. The wooden table will also have a warm vibe into the room and make it easier for you to clean it. The brown tartan curtains in the cabinet will provide the perfect contrast to the feel of the room. Stainless steel old farmhouse sink from bhg.

Farmhouse sinks go upscale in this renovated country kitchen. Using satinles stell and custom white cabinets gives the kitchen a rustic look, while the glossy stainless-steel appliances and farmhouse sink bring a modern twist. This geometric patterned wallpaper has ample space to decorate your farmhouse kitchen. its deep basin is perfect for cleaning large pans. Farmhouse sinks with stainless-steel materials from bhg.


Fireclay is a type of ceramic molded under extremely high temperatures, coated with porcelain enamel for more durability. Today, it is the most common material used for making a farmhouse sink. It features a glossy-smooth finish, available in shades of gray, blue, and beige. Unlike other sinks that have a deep basin, this fireclay sink has a shallow one.

Decorating a farmhouse kitchen with a fireclay sink will create the perfect look for a subtle finish. Unlike other sinks that have deep tubs, this fire sink has a shallow tub. Combined with a silver faucet, it will give the kitchen a perfect appearance and will give the kitchen an elegant impression. A gray cabinet will also provide the perfect contrast to the room and will make it easier for you to store a few things in the kitchen. Fireclay sink kitchen from homebnc.

Farmhouse sink in the island corner will make a different appearance in this kitchen because it will use white fireclay material. Combined with a granite counter top, it will make you look more elegant. Completing the decor with a storage cabinet will make it easier for you to store things safely and will give your kitchen a neat appearance and avoid clutter. White fireclay sink farmhouse kitchen from homebnc.

Those are farmhouse kitchen sink types based on their materials. Each material has its aesthetic look and feel. You can choose the type of sinks that you want according to your kitchen style. So, which one will you get?