We often see the characteristics of flooring in farmhouse design as simple, humble, and easy to decorate, particularly in classic American houses. Many of them also use hardwood all over the room to highlight the touch of nature, but there are many ways of showcasing the feeling other than using hardwood. Below is the list of beautiful flooring ideas that match well with your farmhouse living room design.

Wide planks hardwood flooring

It’s the most traditional option, embracing the durable and robust hardwood material while serving your farmhouse living room design a pleasing sight. Wide planks offer a quicker installation process and provide a visual expansion that will make your living room appear more spacious.

To bring a farmhouse atmosphere, start by choosing a floor, especially in the living room, try using wood accents for your living room floor. Glossy hardwood plank flooring can be an option that you should try, because besides being very supportive of the farmhouse atmosphere it is also easy to install and maintain. Wood accents are also neutral and can be combined with any furniture in the surroundings. Glazed hardwood plank flooring from digsdigs.

The floor with wide wooden planks can also be covered with vintage rugs in your living room as a leg warmer as well as for decorating a farmhouse living room. A wide wooden plank floor with a soft surface makes it easy for you to maintain your daily life. The choice of the color of this wide wooden board is also important, choose a dark brown color to get a rustic impression in your living room. Wide wooden plank floors from digsdigs.

The use of wide hardwood planks as floors in your farmhouse living room will look more harmonious when combined with the all-white environment. A wide hardwood plank floor in a dark color will be neutralized by a light white. White walls will make the room look wider because it can reflect light throughout the room, especially if you add a wide glass window for the entry of natural light from the sun into the room. Dark color hardwood plank flooring width from digsdigs.

Affordable laminate flooring

Laminate flooring, particularly reclaimed one, makes a more affordable option if you can’t go for hardwood. The reclaimed laminate flooring goes perfectly in farmhouse living room design, creating a century-old vibe. Choosing the whitewashed laminate flooring can make the room look vintage.

One way to make your living room look rustic and unique is to use reclaimed wood floors laminated with white paint. That way you will present the atmosphere of the past to your living room farmhouse. Wooden floors laminated with white paint will make the living room look wider and cleaner. Don’t forget to hang some artistic paintings with gold frames as classic focal points without being overwhelming. Reclaimed wood floors painted white from digsdigs.

You can also use laminate wood floors in a modern farmhouse living room. With a beautiful blend it can present a vintage atmosphere that is not timeless. The wooden floor with white laminate certainly has a very strong vintage element and is complemented by simple modern furniture which is a harmonious combination. Room shades in white never fail to decorate a room. Vintage laminate wood flooring from digsdigs.

The theme of the farmhouse living room decoration will indeed not be out of date, especially if you decorate it in totality to make it even more perfect. For example, using white laminated wood floors and equipped with other vintage furniture. You can also try a vintage motif sofa with a small pillow on top of it facing a long wooden table to support your farmhouse theme to the fullest. White laminate wood flooring from digsdigs.

Clean-looking vinyl flooring

Another great alternative to hardwood is vinyl flooring, a budget-friendly and comes in many varieties. Country vinyl with plank patterns gives you a traditional farmhouse vibe and makes an unusual appearance of natural wood, stone, or tile. The benefits of having vinyl flooring in your farmhouse living room design are that it’s highly durable, versatile, easy to clean and waterproof.

Maximize the decor of your farmhouse living room with wooden vinyl floors that have a soft surface texture and of course look shiny when exposed to light reflections from your glass windows or lamps. The farmhouse style usually uses warm colors and earth tones so you can try this wood floor with dark brown color, complete it with a beige linen sofa and reclaimed wood dresser which is equipped with several wicker baskets as a container for ornament or your small items that are easily lost. Wooden vinyl with earth tone colors from homebnc.

A farmhouse-style living room decoration never uses striking colors as an interior idea, you can start from a reclaimed wood vinyl floor followed by neutral colored sofas and wicker pots as a container for your green plants. A mix of these interiors will work well in a room with the right layout and certainly doesn’t take up much of your floor area. Put the sign board on the sofa as a warm welcome for the guests who come to the house. Reclaimed wood vinyl flooring from homebnc.

Farmhouse tile flooring

It’s a unique option in farmhouse decor but provides a high aesthetic in your living room. Choose tile flooring with a Damask pattern for a more modern appearance. There are plenty of tile options like porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone, and you can adjust with the room design. Tiles in slate patterns and terracotta make an excellent choice to introduce rustic looks.

White stone tiles are one of the floor surface ideas that are suitable for farmhouse style decoration, white stone tiles are also very easy to maintain and do not cost a lot of money when making them. You can do this floor maintenance simply by sweeping and mopping it using a soft and soft cloth so that the stone floor is not easily scratched. Stone tiles are easier to find in building stores around your house. White stone tiles from realhomes.

If you want to be more rustic and natural in a farmhouse living room decoration, then you should use natural stone tiles in dark gray color. These tiles have a natural impression and are of course very environmentally friendly. Cover your natural stone tile with a faux fur carpet for a warmer, softer foot. You can try it now easily and of course on a budget. Natural stone tiles in dark gray from realhomes.

You can’t go overboard when building flooring for your farmhouse living room design. The key is to keep it as simple as possible and try to bring more nature, be it the material or color inside the room.