Floor vase décor has been a trending home interior decoration in these few decades. You will find floor vases of different shapes, sizes, styles, and materials in the market. Easily you could pick one or a few to spice up your indoor spaces. You can even place them nicely on your outdoor patio.

Nevertheless, there are a few things you will best avoid when installing floor vase décor at your home.

1. A short vase & a tall flower is simply wrong

Imagine putting a tall flower on a short floor vase décor. No matter how good or unique your vase is, it simply won’t work—out for the poor flower, but more so for your interior comfort.

The placement of the floor vase in the living room is a sweet sight for guests or yourself. When you choose a long flower stalk, the vase you wear must also adjust. This long, sleek white ceramic vase makes a great match, a vase that is too short will make the flower stalks fall towards the floor. Tall white ceramic flower vase from littlepieceofme.

Arrange the layout of the floor vase placement so that it is not touched and causes it to break easily. You can put it in the corner of the room near the glass window, don’t forget to use a vase that matches the height and length of the green plant stalks you have. You can fill this sleek vase with water or soil as a suitable growing medium. Tall and sleek floor vase at the corner of the room from littlepieceofme.

2. Do not overload your floor vase

An overly-loaded floor vase décor is not only an interior mishap. If you put too many flower stalks in the vase, the flowers won’t grow healthily. If you use pebbles or shells, or with any other appropriate-looking content, filling it up to the brim implies poor taste in design.

The thing that must be considered when using floor glass vases is the layout and filling of this vase. You can fill this glass vase according to its capacity so that it doesn’t roll over because of objections to flower stalks. In this vase, you can also add river stone accents and wooden sticks to complement it. Glass flower vase floor with stone accents and wooden sticks from shelterness.

Floor vases made of clear glass are the most favorite choice because they give a simple and elegant impression. Paint part of the vase blue to illustrate the water. Include three stalks of greenery as a refreshing accent to the space around it. These leaves add a sweet look, place this vase close to the glass window to get enough sunlight. Glass floor vase painted in blue from shelterness.

Another option for floor vase ideas is gold colored ceramic materials. You can put some flower branches in this vase as a beautiful and elegant bedroom decoration decoration. This flower branch has a light texture which reduces the occurrence of the floor vase rolling over and breaking. You can choose the type of vase according to your taste. Ceramic floor vase with several flower branches from shelterness.

3. Matching colors do not look great most of the times

If the color of the flowers, pebbles, or whatever content you pick matches the vase, the combination will least likely look great. Instead, choose to complement or even contrast colors. For example, dark vases with white-colored flowers, white vases with green-colored bamboo shoots, or transparent crystals with red roses.

If you use a floor vase with a textured gray color, then you can apply a white orchid flower with green leaves in it. Between the vase and the petals, it has a beautiful color contrast so that it becomes a focal point in a fresh room. Put this vase near the entrance. Gray floor vase with white orchids from shelterness.

Beautify your entryways decor with a green ceramic flower vase with a glossy surface. You can pair it with yellow flowers for a sweet, contrasting finish. The combination of green and yellow will work well in an elegant floor vase. Water this flower regularly to keep it fresh when applied indoors. Green ceramic floor vase combined with yellow flowers from shelterness.

Choose and wear several pots of the same shape but different sizes to decorate your modern living room decor. When you have a ceramic vase with a dominant white color, then you can choose a plant that has a dominant green color. You can put it next to the sofa that you usually use to be a beautiful sight. Several white ceramic pots with green plants from shelterness.

4. Do not display too many varieties

No matter how much you love floor vase décor, you should avoid putting plenty of varieties of them at a single spot. A single variety of different sizes yet matching designs is the best option to showcase your flair. However, even if you happen to already have varieties, place those of similar designs. You can also tone them together and keep those of contrasting or different looks for other spots in your house.

If you want to feel fresh in the room, then you can decorate the floor with some ornamental plants. With vases that are the same shape and size, you can line them up for a neater look. Complete the look of this vase with a wall decoration and adequate lighting. This yellow light gives off a warm impression. Floor vases of the same size and shape from littlepieceofme.

Matte black round pots give a beautiful bold color to this wooden living room, choose this vase of the same type. You can combine it with white flowers that have light stems, some of this wooden furniture gives a natural and warm impression. Provide regular maintenance with enough water and fertilizer to grow lush flowers. Matte black round pot of the same type from littlepieceofme.

Lastly, though, when you already decide on the floor vase décor you would like to install and how and where you want to set them up, never forget to clean them regularly. Dusty or rusty vases, or even worse foul-smelling vase content, would be rather unpleasant to enjoy.