With tons of furniture ideas out there, it can get a bit confusing to choose and pick what you need, especially if you want it for a long time! What we can recommend is futuristic pieces instead because the future is here. Take a look at these 5 ideas:

The Caboche Lamps

Instead of hanging a standard chandelier, why not go for the Caboche lamps? With a neatly arranged bejeweled look, these lamps give instant luxury and opulence to your home. You can install it in the hallway or dining room.

Make your dining room look more luxurious and sparkling by using a Caboche pendant lamp. This lamp looks like a sparkling crystal, hang it right above the dining table to help illuminate at night. By using this chili lamp, the atmosphere of your meal will be more romantic because it has a dim light that is produced from this chili lamp. Glass walls are a very useful source of sunlight for the dining room during the day. Crystal lamp Caboche from retaildesignblog.

Not only can you be installed by hanging, but you can also apply this Caboche lamp to the floor of your home. Add a stand under the lamp so that the light is slightly higher than the floor so that it can radiate light throughout the room perfectly. Don’t just stick to one chili lamp, you can also use several Caboche lamps of various sizes to make them brighter and of course look luxurious without being over. The light produced by this lamp is white, so it is perfect for use at night. Floor lamp Caboche from retaildesignblog.

Besides being able to be installed for interior, the Caboche lamps also suitable to be installed for outdoor. You can install this lamp on your patio or on the seating area next to the pool. Combine it with the glass table, the reflection of the light through the glass table will create elegance to the entire. The white light produces from this lamp creates a clear and slight impression. Outdoor Caboche lamp from retaildesignblog.

The Ladia Swing-Sofa

With a playful appeal complementing its futuristic design, the Ladia Swing-Sofa is not your regular lounge chair. Some people can even mistake it for modern sculpture. With this, it’s time for you to rest your legs in style!

Another futuristic piece of furniture that you need to know is the Ladia swing-sofa. This is the latest invention for this type of sofa. This type of sofa allows you to rest your legs comfortably when sitting on this sofa. This unusual but very modern shape will give a new look to the interior of your home. Especially, the white and sleek design of this sofa will bring a new nuance to your home. Moreover, the extraordinary capability of this sofa is can light up. You can light it up too when you want to create an amazing effect in a dark room. Ladia swing-sofa from contemporist.

The Millipede Bar Chair

As expected by its name, the millipede insects are indeed the inspiration in creating the sleek Millipede bar chairs. Following their body structure and many legs, the chair is super comfortable besides serving an aesthetic look.

If you want to use a modern decor style, there’s nothing wrong with trying to use millipede bar chairs. Its luxurious and contemporary appearance makes it popular with many people today. Use neutral colors on millipede bar chairs, for example a combination of black and white which will bring out the feel of a monochromatic room, besides that this color combination is also easier to match with furniture of any color around it. Black and white millipede bar chairs from yankodesign.

You can also use pastel colors in your home interior such as Tosca green to create a room that is colorful and not dull or boring. Using millipede bar chairs is the right choice because you can apply the color to your liking. Also its sleek appearance is perfect for furniture in a modern minimalist home so that it looks more perfect. Modern minimalist millipede bar chairs from yankodesign.

The Superego Acerbis Sideboard

Perhaps it’s time to bring your side cabinet to the next level with the Superego Acerbis sideboard, thanks to its chic appeal and immaculate space-saving ability. With a shiny finishing and compact size, this sideboard clearly defines futuristic very well.

If you want to apply a modern theme in your home, then you can try using the Superego Acerbis sideboard which has a shiny and smooth surface, of course. With a choice of various colors and a stylist shape, it is very suitable for the modern theme of your room. Maroon red can be an option that you have to try, a striking color and can be the center of attention for everyone there. Red maroon sleek Superego Acerbis sideboard from thepinnaclelist.

If you don’t want a striking color on your Superego Acerbis sideboard, then gray is a neutral color so it can be combined with any color in the room. The slim shape certainly won’t take up much space, this furniture can be used as closed storage. Take advantage of the top of this sideboard to place a table lamp and some ceramic ornaments that will be a nice finishing touch. Masculine Superego Acerbis sideboard from thepinnaclelist.

The Holy Tristan Coffee Table

Consider having a coffee table that’s a mix between futuristic and industrial like the Holy Tristan coffee table here. This edgy piece can glow when you switch it on, and its tripod legs are an intriguing design like nothing else.

Do you need unique furniture to fill your home decor? If so, then the Holy Tristan coffee table is the right answer that you can try in decorating your living room. This table has a round top surface which is equipped with a bright green light, besides that the metal legs which consist of three parts will be more sturdy and strong to accommodate everything that will be placed on this table. Built-in lamp Holy Tristan coffee table from retaildesignblog.

The table, which is equipped with built in lamps and a beautiful texture on the top surface, is one of the hallmarks of the Holy Tristan coffee table lamp. Usually the lights that are produced have a shiny green color. You can put this table in any area, including indoors or outdoors, because it has a more flexible impression. Flexible Holy Tristan coffee table from retaildesignblog.

We hope one of the futuristic furniture pieces above suits your style and preference!