Whether it’s inground or above ground, a pond will add an interesting feature to your garden decoration ideas, providing such a calm and peaceful environment in your very own property. Not only does a pond is a great friend of wildlife, but it also increases your property’s value, and with the many varieties of pond style, you can go with many garden essentials to decorate.

Here are some beautiful garden decoration ideas with ponds you can create in the backyard.

Shallow and reflecting pond

Having a shallow pond is particularly safe if you live with kids. This type of pond is common in modern households, claiming its function to make the outdoors appear more sophisticated. Add decorative rocks in different shapes and sizes to create a depth illusion.

When decorating your garden becomes a children’s play area, there is nothing wrong with adding a fish pond with a shallow depth and of course it will be safer for your children’s play area. This fish pond is made of stone with various sizes surrounded by various kinds of green plants so that it looks more natural and environmentally friendly, besides that this pool idea is perfect for garden decorations that are on a budget. Shallow rock fish pond from backyardboss.

When you have a garden decoration with a limited size, there is nothing wrong with adding a rectangle fish pond with a depth that is still safe when children play in this pool area. The sound of water splashing coming from this mini waterfall makes the garden atmosphere more relaxed and of course spoils your ears while relaxing. This side of the pool is made of white paving stone which has a rougher surface texture so it is not easily slippery when splashed by water. Fish pond with paving stone sides from backyardboss.

Take advantage of the unused garden area to become a safe shallow pool decoration when the children swim or play water in this area. The pool is surrounded by grass, greenery, and lavender flowers in bloom. This water accent pleases your children and is safer because it is still in an area that you can monitor at any time. Use materials around your houses such as stones and gravel to save more money. Stone pond with green plants from backyardboss.

2-tier pond with water fountain

This pond works best to work in small garden decoration ideas, where you can build a 2-tier rectangular pond, bordered with wood or stones. Surround the pond with potted plants and small perennials, angelic statues, and pebbles.

To create a soothing natural feel, you can make a square-level pool. The sound of water coming from the upper pool to the lower pool will give you peace, so you can momentarily unwind at the edge of the pool. Complete with some green plants on the edge of the pond using a pot to make it easier to care for. You can also use some unique clay sculptures as decorations. Square level pool with decorative statues from empressofdirt.

Pond for small backyard

When building an entire, large above-the-ground pond is not an option, you can go for a small pond, circular-shaped, that mimics a collection of puddle drops. Give more charming details with a stone border.

If you have a backyard that is not large, but want to have a pool so that the yard looks beautiful. You can make a small tiered pond with a similar decoration to nature. Use natural stone on the edge of the pool as a barrier as well as an ornament that must be presented to create a natural impression. Add a small, taller pool to create a mini waterfall in your small pond in your backyard. Small pool level with stone border from balconygardenweb.

It doesn’t always require a large area, a pool can also be applied to your small backyard. Try to make a few small holes that are used for the pond, the small holes that are filled with water and form a puddle are quite eye-catching. By adding natural stones that are placed around the round pool, it will certainly enhance the shape of the puddle pool that you make in your backyard. Round pool with natural stone accents from balconygardenweb.

Garden container pond

It is another great alternative for beautiful garden decoration ideas with a small pond. There are plenty of container shapes available in your local store, and you can easily fill it with water and a recirculating pond pump.

You can also make a pool from an aluminum tub that doesn’t take up a lot of space and reuse items that are no longer used to be more useful. You can put it next to the house, complement it with water plants and rocks to make it look more natural. Using an aluminum tub is the right choice because of its simple shape and makes it easy for you to maintain, for example changing water. Aluminum container ponds from balconygardenweb.

You can also use two wine barrels to make a simple pond in your garden decoration. These two wine barrels function to keep the water circulating so that it is always clear, you can connect the two ponds using pipes and pumps. You can fill one tub with moss and stones that act as filters so that the second pool which only contains water and a few aquatic plants is always clear. Wine barrel ponds from balconygardenweb.

Sitting area nearby

Create a cozy sitting area outdoors where you can entertain guests while having sight of a peaceful pond with a water fountain. You can fill the space with potted plants, trees, and decorative rocks to embrace a more natural feeling.

To enjoy a fish pond in your garden, putting some plastic chairs by the pool is the right idea that you can try. You can also use this chair as a sunbathing area when the sunlight appears. The beauty of this fish pond will be maximized when equipped with a mini waterfall made of flat stones arranged vertically and neatly. Plastic chairs by the fishpond from nextluxury.

You can also make a place to just unwind after a day of activities or chatting with family or relatives on the pool deck. Make a large pool equipped with a flat bridge above it as access to the seat you want. The bridge that is above the pond makes the pool look divided into several parts. Fill the pond with various aquatic plants and koi fish. You can also make a tub beside the pool as a place for filtering as well as to create an artificial waterfall which is perfect for relaxation. Outdoor furniture on the deck ponds from nextluxury.

If you decide to include a pond in your beautiful garden decoration ideas, don’t forget to put some of the water essentials, including water lily, a small fountain, and perhaps fish. Some ornamentals like oversized planters or statues can also improve the overall sight.