Having a garden does require extra attention to care for it, especially if your garden is actively used as an additional space to welcome guests and relax. The aesthetic element then becomes the focus besides the condition of the plants themselves.

The right garden decoration can make it more artistic. Design your garden to make it look more exquisite and comfortable with the recommendations we present below. Make your garden a source of inspiration for anyone who sees it!

1. Adjust Furniture Type with Space

Don’t put a lot of furniture in the garden because it will give a crowded and uncomfortable impression. Choose folding furniture for limited space. If you have a lot of space, you can make lounge spots and even fire pits.

Polish and repaint this folding outdoor folding furniture with different colors to create a pleasant and cheerful garden atmosphere. Arrange the layout of this outdoor furniture appropriately so as not to limit your space. The wooden pallet furniture surrounding this cement fireplace keeps you warmer when winter arrives. Polish and repaint folding furniture from onekindesign.

Maximize the garden decoration with wooden folding furniture that has an elegant appearance and doesn’t look shabby. This furniture can be moved easily when it is finished using it. The round fireplace in the middle of this folding chair is an additional accent that warms your body at night. Throw colorful pillows on the chair to add to your comfort while in this garden. Folding chairs that surround the fireplace from onekindesign.

2. Make DIY Pot

You can make your own pots from unused furniture. Put your plants and flowers in used drawers that have been repainted or rebuild wooden chairs to create a unique impression.

Reuse damaged or unused chairs as pot ideas on budget that can add uniqueness to your garden decoration. For a cleaner and less shabby look, you can repaint it with a green color that matches the feel of your garden. This chair with iron material is more durable and durable because it has a texture that is not easily porous, place this pot chair close to the pallet wood fence. Metal chairs are recycled into pots from homebnc.

Turn your old drawer into a DIY pot that is cheap and on budget. You can simply repaint it with pink for a more beautiful and elegant garden look. Use these drawers to plant different types of greenery. Don’t forget to take advantage of the top drawers area to put some ceramic pots and crate pallet pots. DIY wooden potted drawers from homebnc.

3. Install Twinkle Light

The selection of the right lighting is essential in garden decoration. Get twinkle lights in the relaxing area of your garden and feel the romantic atmosphere created by the lights with your partner.

Light is the main accent that you should use when having outdoor events at night. The twinkle light hanging from the branch of this tree will be brighter and brighter when combined with the mason jar lantern. This twinkle light gives off a yellow light which can add a dramatic impression and is suitable for a romantic atmosphere with your partner. Twinkle light with yellow light from homebnc.

Twinkle lights wrapped around the tree make for an inexpensive, easy-to-install garden lighting idea. You can use this lighting on several trees around your outdoor furniture. Turn on this twinkle light in the late evening to make it look more beautiful and detailed. Chairs made of wood will be more integrated with nature when placed in your garden, precisely under a tree. Twinkle light wrapped around the tree trunk from homebnc.

4. Supplement Fairy Theme

If you want something that is anti-mainstream, this garden decoration is worth trying. Give a little nuance of magic by adding garden decoration like in the fairyland or gnome world.

You can create a different feel in the garden with a fairy theme by reusing several broken pots in a row. With this broken pot you will be more useful, don’t forget to add green plants, miniature table sets, wooden houses and fairies to emphasize the fairy theme which gives a garden feel as if it is in a fairy tale world. Tiered broken pots will be easier to assemble and you can try them right now. Tiered broken fairy pots from homebnc.

To make a fairy theme, you need stones, gravel and several other miniatures such as houses, tables and arches. Use iron in this miniature to make it more durable so you don’t have to remodel the fairy garden all year round. Add string lights for night lighting ideas. This fairy garden gives your imagination to be in a kingdom. Fairy garden with string light from homebnc.

5. Add a Potting Station

Want to make a workspace in your garden? You can add a special area where seeding and other planting activities are combined with furniture to catch other people’s attention.

You can use this standing station pot for ideas for new plant nurseries that will be transferred to your garden. In addition, this outdoor furniture can also be used as storage for garden tools properly and safely. Use plywood with a light color, then place it in the corner of the room and attach it to the fence. Adding a nameplate to the outer surface of the station pot is a simple yet impressive ornament. Plywood station pot with light color from homebnc.

Bring a rustic and vintage feel to your garden decoration with a station pot that is made of reclaimed pallet wood which has a shabby color. This station pot has multiple shelves and hooks making it perfect for open storage ideas that don’t cost a lot of money. With a station pot, your garden decoration will look tidier, more organized and comfortable. Vintage style station pot from homebnc.

The key to garden decoration is not only creativity but also a strong sense of art. The ability to mix and match colors, choose furniture, and layout settings are important parts of the decorating process. Don’t give up and keep sharpening your taste and creativity!