Besides the choice and arrangement of plants and decorations, a garden pathway is also one of the elements that make a garden looks magnificent. Not only will it accentuate the beauty of the garden, but it also functions to allow people to traverse through the garden easily. The walkaway also prevents the plants from being accidentally trampled.

When it comes to design, it will have endless possibilities. You can custom made your pathway corresponding to your likings. However, keep in mind to check the climate, function, and style which should suit your garden. Below are some ideas you should check out as references.

Gravel Pathway

A gravel pathway is the most basic design that even you can do by yourself. Usually, this design uses gravel, woodchips, or decomposed granite as its materials. This budget garden pathway can be complemented with stone edging to retain the materials from leaking.  This design is suitable for most climates since the pebbles and gravels can move fluidly. In addition, a gravel path’s shape can be easily modified. You can have a bendy or straight pathway as you like.

Gravel is the easiest and cheapest landscaping material for pathways ideas in your garden. Metal edges provide a good definition of tough and sturdy support, but they also keep the gravel pathways in place. The combination of gravel and metal makes for a strong pathway blend in any weather. Combination of gravel with metal pathways from shelterness.

You can choose two different colors for gravel pathways decoration ideas to give a different and unique look to your garden. Choose gray stones for the idea of the edges of the pathways to make them sturdier to keep the gravel from splattering elsewhere. You can make these gravel pathways in a turning style according to the area of your garden. Two colors bendy gravel pathways from shelterness.

The advantages of gravel pathways are DIY garden paths that are great for beginners, besides that the gravel material is also more environmentally friendly and maintains naturalness. Silver gravel pathways are very easy to build and have the lowest prices. Make the greenery and flowers in bloom a more beautiful and soothing edge. Silver gravel pathways from shelterness.

The red brick borders of the gray gravel pathways add color which enhances this garden path to a more eye-catching look. Gray gravel pathways are a beautiful landscape material. It is very easy to put it on the ground, and most importantly this garden path makes your garden decoration more stylish. Gray gravel pathways with red brick borders from shelterness.

Stone Pathway

If you love jigsaw puzzle, you might prefer a stone path for your garden. This design emphasizes the naturalness in the garden. There are many variations of stone in this pathway. Make sure you chose those that suit the climate and your garden since it will be important to prevent the stones from cracking. In addition, make sure that all the stone’s tops are even so that it can be walked on easily.

Natural stone is the perfect material for creating winding paths in your forest garden decoration. You can try this DIY landscape in your garden, black stepping stones make your garden path stronger, stronger and more durable. Make organic mulch for a beautiful ground cover between stepping stones. Stepping stones pathways from onekindesign.

You can make a garden path with the main ingredient of stones. For a more modern result, use a mosaic pattern that will make the stone path more neatly arranged. Usually this mosaic stone path is also often used as foot therapy in the morning or afternoon. Mosaic stone garden paths from onekindesign.

Select and use stones of several sizes and shapes to make a beautiful garden path. The stone that forms this leaf is the focal point because it has a larger size. Several different colors also make this rock garden path even more colorful. You can try it in your garden right now, because the stone path is timeless. Leaf-shaped stone path from balconygardenweb.

Paver Pathway

Paver pathway is one of the most durable walkways you can ask for. Even though the blocks are mostly symmetrical in shape, you can always modify the arrangements to create a unique pattern in your garden. If you decide to do it by yourself, please note that this will take you some time and huge energies to finish. However, when it is done, you will know that it is worth it.

Besides looking tidier, pavers garden pathways will also appear more modern and contemporary. Usually this path is used in cottage style gardens. You can choose from several types of pavers in different shapes for a more beautiful and eye-catching style. Pay attention to the pattern of paver pathways in order to get the final result that matches your expectations. The surrounding greenery complements and complements this garden path. Path paver garden with various forms from balconygardenweb.

There’s nothing wrong with using two different types of materials for your garden path ideas. The combination of thick pavers and white gravel is a perfect match. Thic stepping pavers are more attractive when equipped with white gravel between the sides of the pavers that are still empty. Make greenery as the edge of a beautiful and fresh garden path, trim these greenery when they have penetrated your garden path so as not to interfere with our journey to the garden. Isn’t this garden path idea easy to try. Combination of paver garden paths with white gravel from balconygardenweb.

Take advantage of organic mulch to fill in any gaps in your square paver garden path. Both of these garden path materials are very easy to find and have a price that is not too expensive. Besides that, organic mulch can also fertilize the surrounding green plants. You can try this garden path in your backyard garden to create beauty and functionality. Combination of square paver pathways with organic mulch from onekindesign.

Those are the garden pathway ideas that you can implement in your garden!