Want to avoid the typical teen room décor? Try the gender-neutral styles. Eschewing the common “pink for girls, blue for boys” rule, gender-neutral styles accommodate everyone and can easily be reorganized for different children. Take your inspiration from some of these cool ideas.

1.     Cool Pastels

Combine cool colors with pastel tones to create a room every teen can feel home at. Light blue, green, or gray is a great background color, such as for the walls. They calm the mind and can be paired with various bolder shades.

Using gray wall colors to decorate a teen gender bedroom gives a warm and calm impression to this room. You can combine it with large rugs throughout the room to create a warm impression on your feet. Some of this wood furniture also complements the appearance of your home so that you will make your room more attractive. This pattern accent on the ceiling provides a stunning appearance. Gray wall colos from hgtv.

This calm nuance with pastel brown colors creates the perfect room decoration so that it will make you feel at home for a long time in this room. Using a patterned wallpaper on the wall will create an eye-catching accent in a teen gender bedroom. The wooden floor, which is equipped with a large soft fur carpet, will create a warm impression on your feet. Several framed wall decorations make your room look more stylish. Brown nuance gender teen bedroom from hgtv.

2.     Bold Geometric Patterns

Instead of traditionally feminine or masculine patterns, play it safe by choosing geometric patterns. Many gender-neutral teen room décor ideas use patterns like tartans, checks, bold lines, or herringbones. They can blend easily with various styles, or you can turn them into the centerpieces of the room.

Setting a large striped pattern in this teen gender bedroom creates an attractive room decoration for you to try. Applying this pattern to the carpet and wallpaper of this black and white color scheme gives your room a stylish look. Some black and white furniture and matching color ornaments will create a stylish room. This wooden sofa which is equipped with soft cushions and blankets makes for a stylish room. Striped rug from hgtv.

The monochrome color scheme in this large black and white striped bedroom is complemented by a turquoise wrought iron daybed and lime green pillows for the perfect indoor décor for you to try. Using a window covering with a light white curtain will create privacy in your teenager’s bedroom. The cover under the daybed gives a warm impression to the room. Large black and white striped from hgtv.

3.     Contemporary Lamps

Traditional chandeliers or futuristic lamps are often deemed “feminine” and “masculine”. You can take a different route by choosing contemporary lamps. Round pendant lamp or vintage bulb, for example, adds a beautiful charm to any bedrooms regardless of the owners’ genders.

This contemporary style chandelier will create the perfect modern space that provides a drastic light right above the headbord. Combined with the nuances of white and green on one of the walls and blankets, this creates a room that has the perfect contrast. The large Jenelda on one wall also creates the illusion of a spacious and bright room, so it’s worth trying. Round contemporary chandelier from loveproperty.

Decorating a teen gender bedroom that is equipped with contemporary lights makes the room look more attractive and will attract the attention of many people. Adding additional lighting in the form of ceiling lights will make your room brighter. You can complement the décor with patterned wallpaper and wooden floors for a stunning room look. This colorful rug gives a warm and colorful impression to this bedroom decor. Contemporary lights room from home-designing.

4.     Neutral-Colored Wall Art

Wall arts in neutral colors, such as black or gray, will improve a bedroom without giving many hints about gender expectations. Let the teen chooses the wall arts he or she wants. It can be a map, animal, abstract art, geometric pattern, or motivational quote.

This wood animal head wall art creates a stunning indoor decoration and is the perfect focal point. You can put it on the headboard and it will make your room more stylish. With a black and white color scheme and a splash of yellow on the pillows and bedside tables, it will make the room look more attractive and will steal people’s attention. Wooden animal head from hgtv.

The white color scheme for this teenage bedroom, complete with a folder on one of the walls of various colors, will create the perfect room decor and will grab the attention of many people. The use of orange on one of the walls that match the orange sofa will also provide the perfect contrast, creating an attractive look for you to try. Adding a storage rack under the bed will also make it easier for you to store various items with ease. Colorful map on the wall from decoist.

5.     Hobby Corner

Having a special “hobby corner” in the bedroom will draw the attention to visual gender expectations. Let the teen gets creative with his or her interests in this corner. For example, they can arrange musical instruments, artworks, digital illustrations, sports equipment and favorite team colors, or travel-related trinkets based on their activities.

Having a boy who likes music can complement his bedroom decor. Adding a few musical instruments in the corner and a few skateboards positioned against the wall will create a stylish space and will grab the attention of a large crowd. The white and blue color scheme provides the perfect contrast for the perfect décor. Wooden floors and patterned black and white rugs make the room warm and inviting. Hobby corner boy teen from homedesignlover.

Album covers and artist posters complete the look and feel of this eclectic and cozy loft. At first glance, it even looks like some musicians are struggling here alive as we see in movies and sitcoms. Adding your child’s hobby to this corner of the room will create the perfect decoration that will steal the show. Several musical instruments were added to decorate the bedroom of your teenage gender. Album covers and artist posters on bedroom from homedesignlover.

A gender-neutral teen room décor creates a more flexible and inclusive personal space for the young ones. Incorporate these ideas with the teen’s own interests to create a personal safe haven at home.