Gardening can be a relaxing hobby, especially when you can grow plants and flowers with no difficulty. Check out these greenhouse designs for your consideration. From spacious to a DIY greenhouse, there is at least one design that can inspire you. Read more for some ideas to help you channel all your gardening desire.

Modest Design

Layout and organization are the key elements, particularly when you have limited space. Avoid putting too many pots, containers on the small area. Make sure you have enough room to move around. Moreover, you can make use of the vertical area and add shelves to make more room.

Add a hanging wooden shelf to place a few neatly arranged small potted plants. You can provide a distance that is not too far between the pots, do watering and fertilizing regularly and regularly so that they can develop to grow well. Besides that, wooden shelves also add a natural vintage impression to your simple greenhouse decor. Succulent plants, vines you can combine perfectly. Hanging wooden shelf for small potted plants from housebeautiful.

Use a vertical area to hang greenery in your greenhouse decor. Use a strong rope so that the potted plants do not fall and break easily, hang them in an area close to the window to get enough sunlight. The vines will look fresher when hung, no need to put too many pots on the floor area so as not to disturb your room, a good pot layout provides comfort and free space to move. Vertical greenery ideas from housebeautiful.

Bright and Full of Light

You can turn the garage or the warehouse as a greenhouse. You can make more window or add a large skylight for natural sunshine. It is a nice greenhouse design to make use of the room that you already have.

Avoid using electricity in your greenhouse area to save costs, you should use a glass roof so that it is easy to enter sunlight into the room. Sunlight will be more natural and will not have any side effects on the growth of green plants that you have. The wooden table becomes a neat area for placing potted plants, you can use several tables to save more pots. Instead electricity with a glass roof from onekindesign.

Transparent glass roofs and walls make it easier for sunlight to enter the greenhouse so that it provides a bright light effect, besides that sunlight also helps the growth of plants and flowers to be more fertile. You can hang several moss ball pots containing different types of plants to make them look more beautiful and fresh. Transparent glass roofs and walls from onekindesign.

Big and Beautiful

There is so much you can do with a spacious greenhouse. You can divide the area for a different type of plants or make a permanent structure with bricks or natural stones. Beautify the greenhouse with tall trees with an abundance of leaves for extra shades.

If you have a large greenhouse, then make a raised bed made of natural stone which is smoothed with cement. You can make more than one so that the glass rash still looks beautiful and fresh, add a relaxing area by applying some comfortable furniture. Combination of natural stone with cement raised bed from onekindesign.

Add fountain items to your large greenhouse to make the decor more unique and beautiful. You can plant a large pot with several different types of green plants or flowers. The tree in the corner of the room makes the feel of the greenhouse more natural. Corner big tree with fountain items from onekindesign.

Additional Structure

If you have an extra area in the backyard, instead of making a patio, why not adding a greenhouse? You can have it attached to the housing structure. That way, you do not need to walk far from the house to enjoy your hobby.

Take advantage of the pool area as a greenhouse which can add to your mood when you are tired of activities. Here you just need to add various types of greenery in the pool area that is still empty, don’t forget to wear a transparent glass roof and walls to help with natural lighting in this pool. You can try these decorations easily. Pool area with greenhouses from onekindesign.

When you want to have a fresh home area when you use it to relax, then using the backyard as a greenhouse is a smart idea that you can imitate. Here you can also add a floor mattress that you can put on for lying down. Small pots add a neutral color to this room beautifully. Greenhouse in the backyard from onekindesign.

DIY Greenhouse

If gardening can make you happy spending time outdoor, then making your greenhouse from scratch will be fun. You can take used bottles, scraps of wood and other items. Then, build it according to the available space. It can also be a project that the entire family can do together.

Collect the old bottles as the main ingredient for the DIY greenhouse. This greenhouse looks simple and on budget but is very creative. Build this bottle with a curved layout assisted by iron. To maintain tidiness, you can use a standing wire rack as an orderly pot layout. DIY bottle greenhouse from thegardenglove.

Take back your used windows as a mini greenhouse that you can put in your backyard to make it look more beautiful and sweet. You can plant flowers in attractive colors for a lovely color. Making this greenhouse does not cost anything at all so it is very cheap, simple and on budget. Re-use used windows as a DIY greenhouse from thegardenglove.

There are many greenhouse designs that gardening enthusiasts can make in their own home. Take a look at the list above and see if there is one that you can implement yourself. Consider everything from layout, maintenance to budget. Then create a greenhouse that can flex your gardening skill to the maximum.