There is something unique with grey. Some say the colors are perfect for all kitchens, but not everyone likes them. It all depends on how they complement the other colors.

If you put an all-grey kitchen, of course, it will look dull and depressing. However, if you focus on one aspect of the kitchen—like using grey kitchen cabinets, it can complement other colors from the rest of the kitchen perfectly. Here are more reasons:

Invisible Dirt

One of the reasons why people are using grey kitchen cabinet is because it does not show dirt as to how white does. If there is a stain on white, the stain will stand out. Whereas in grey, it can be more forgiving.

Using gray kitchen cabinets is a brilliant idea for you to try in this classic style kitchen. This decoration will not show the dirt that stuck on the cabinet so it will leave a clean and tidy room decor. Don’t forget to add a trellis patterned backsplash to complement your kitchen decor. Some greenery and large windows will add a natural feel and fresh air to the room. Gray kitchen cabinets from elledecor.

This contemporary open kitchen uses light gray cabinets as it will reduce stains on your cabinets. Combined with nunasa white and some gray furniture it also provides the perfect contrast. This unique pendant lamp above the kitchen island will provide a dramatic lighting and will focus on the food as you eat it. Equipped with marble backsplash will also make your kitchen look elegant. Open kitchen with light gray cabinets from elledecor.

Using these metallic gray cabinets will create the perfect kitchen décor. This decoration will camouflage white stains, giving the room a clean and tidy appearance. This cabinet will become a focal point when combined with white nuances and wooden floors. Complementing the decor with a marble kitchen island and wooden chairs will give the room a cozy feel. Metallic gray cabinets from elledecor.

Don’t forget to use this elegant gray cabinet to complement your kitchen décor. Apart from that you can also camouflage stains as this gray cabinet can be forgiving. This cabinet will also be the perfect focal point of the room and will make your kitchen decor even more attractive. You can pair it with white tones to give it a spacious and airy look. Wooden gray cabinet from elledecor.


Moreover, grey color offers versatility because it has many shades that you can choose. Like bluish grey, for example, it gives that cool tones and complements dark or light-colored floor tiles.

Another example is French grey that pairs nicely with warm colors. There are other shades you can try, depending on the color of other surfaces in your kitchen.

This French kitchen design is equipped with a gray cabinet that will give the room a warm and cozy impression. This decoration is perfect for a warm color scheme. This black and white patterned floor will complement your kitchen decor. Don’t forget to add a small marble bar and some vintage stole chairs to add an elegant feel to the space. French kitchen with gray cabinet from elledecor.

Using a bluish gray cabinet will create a cool impression in this open kitchen decor. You can pair it with white tones complemented by a patterned backsplash for a stunning look. Don’t forget to add natural lighting to the large windows and ceiling lighting to provide the right lighting for this kitchen. This black countertop will provide the perfect contrast to your kitchen decor. Bluish gray cabinet from thespruce.

This light gray cabinet is complemented by gold handles. Combined with a French kitchen style, it will make the room decor more attractive. Wooden floors and large windows on one wall will also give a warm impression and fresh air to the room. The large kitchen island with marble material will also make the appearance even more stunning. Light gray cabinet on French kitchen from bhg.

Neutral Timeless Color

Grey tends to be timeless because they look great with different countertops like marble and solid surface ones. Grey color also pairs nicely with butcher block countertops.

Before this trend, you may have seen grey in most Scandinavian kitchens that has a cutting-edge design. It offers a huge contrast to the kitchen, creating a cohesive and engaging ambiance.

One common reason why home-owners try to avoid grey is due to the color’s association with dullness and boredom. However, there is something about grey that works perfectly with kitchens, depending on how you mix and match the color of your kitchen’s furniture.

Dark gray cabinets combined with marble countertops create the perfect contrast to this open kitchen. Complete the look with a white nun and wooden floors that will give the room a warm and airy feel. Large window lighting can also give a room a natural feel. This chandelier will provide the perfect kitchen decor. Dark gray cabinets with marble countertops from nextluxury.

This French-style kitchen uses dark gray cabinets and combines it with a marble counter to create the perfect contrast. Dark wood floors will also give this kitchen a warm impression. This crystal chandelier do over the kitchen island will provide the perfect lighting. White nunasa will also give a roomy impression to your room. French-style kitchen with dark gray cabinets fom nextluxury.

Using gray for the light gray cabinets and walls will give this Scandinavian kitchen the perfect decor. Combined with a wooden counter top will also give it an elegant look. Don’t forget to use wooden floors which will give your kitchen a warm feel. Potted greenery is added to give your kitchen a natural feel. Adding a work table next to this kitchen set will provide a multifunctional kitchen and make your kitchen more attractive. Gray tones scandinavian kitchen from home-designing.

Using grey kitchen cabinets as a big part of your kitchen’s design can create amazing styles. Therefore, if you plan on remodeling your kitchen, consider the color grey.