Once summer ends and the cool wind of autumn begin to breeze, there’s nothing as satisfying as dipping your toes in a hot tub and relaxing your body and soul. While the luxury might delude you a little bit too much, don’t forget that your hot tub needs a cover to protect it from rain, wind, and the sun. Hot tub cover ideas range depending on your taste, whether you prefer to have a closed design with a wall or simply lets it open.

Confused about where to start? Here are our five best hot tub cover ideas to spur on your creativity.

1.     Hot Tub Cover with Transparent Roof

Whether it’s pouring rain or scorching hot, enjoy the best of your hot tub relaxation under the protection of this hot tub cover idea with a transparent roof. Comfortably nestled in your backyard, make sure to bring one or two snacks while you’re at it.

You can take advantage of this transparent glass roof which is equipped with a wooden pergola around the hot tub as an area to pamper your body. A transparent roof is the right choice that you can use to protect you from excessive sunburn during the day. Pergola makes the hot tub more privacy and of course suitable for decorating your yard which has more space. Pergola hot tub with transparent roof from backyardboss.

If you need a relaxation area in your home, then a hot tub with a roof and transparent glass walls covered with wood is the right choice to relax in order to get rid of fatigue and you can try it. With a transparent glass roof you can see the stars or the moon at night freely, minimalist outdoor furniture is a complement that you can place in the same area to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery. Transparent roof with wooden frames from backyardboss.

2.     Japanese-Style Hot Tub Cover

If you’re a fan of Asian aesthetics and Oriental details, these Japanese-style hot tub cover ideas will pamper you amidst its classical brown walls and wooden roofing. Hanging plants and potted flowers are installed to soften the harsh edges.

You can create hot tub privacy using a Japanese style, surrounded by natural wooden walls. This wooden wall has a perforated surface texture so you can enjoy the outdoor view freely while soaking in the hot tub. Choose teak wood for a more environmentally-friendly appearance and of course, it is not easily porous due to its hard texture. Japanese privacy hot tub from homestratosphere.

The Japanese-style hot tub does not entirely use wood, you can use one of the glass walls so you can still enjoy the beautiful view in the backyard. It’s not enough, the hot tub decoration is also equipped with a small dining table that you can use after soaking and feeling hungry. This decoration idea is quite a relaxing area that is cheap and doesn’t cost a lot of money. The combination of wood and glass Japanese hot tub from homestratosphere.

3.     Romantic Hot Tub Cover

Wondering what to do with your partner this weekend? What about setting up a romantic hot tub date? Perfect! Adorned with string lights and rose petals, these hot tub cover ideas will win against any movie nights or dine out.

You can create a romantic nuance in the hot tub area easily, string lights with white lighting are a romantic accent that you can use simultaneously at any time. Hanging plants and several potted plants that surround the hot tub make you feel at home for a long soak. Usually, a romantic hot tub is in the room, can be used with a partner. String light cover with white lighting from famedecor.

This candle holder that is placed next to the hot tub gives a warm and dramatic feel, you can also use yellow string lights as the main lighting in the hot tub area at night. The combination of these two accents makes the atmosphere even more romantic. This portable hot tub is equipped with a blue LED light which makes the water look fresher. Combination of string light with a candle holder from famedecor.

4.     Hot Tub Cover with a Bar

Forget going to loud bars that suck dry your social battery. Rather, change your definition of hanging out with this hot tub cover idea that incorporates a minibar in it. Bring your friends, booze, and chips, because you’re going to have the time of your life!

The decoration of the hot tub, which is equipped with a small bar, is the perfect mix. When you feel hungry while soaking, you can run to the bar area a short distance away. The hot tub in the backyard is also equipped with a wooden deck and outdoor furniture that can be used as a comfortable relaxing area and of course you can enjoy the outdoor scenery freely. Hot tub decoration with small bar from backyardboss.

Maximize the hot tub decoration by procuring a bar that is equipped with several chairs that have the appropriate height. With this, you can get a hot tub with a bar in one area. Outdoor furniture can be a sunbathing area in the morning before noon if needed. Choose wood for the idea of an outdoor chair to make it more sturdy and of course not easily porous when exposed to sunlight or water. Decor hot tub bar combo from backyardboss.

5.     Enclosed Hot Tub with Glass Doors

Arguably the most luxurious and personalized hot tub cover ideas, the encircling glass doors create extra protection and solitude from the rest of the world. Due to its lofty size, the hot tub cover is perfect for families, small groups of friends, and couples.

Soaking in the hot tub while enjoying the backyard filled with shady trees and green grass feels more pleasant. With this, you can try installing a transparent glass wall that is refined with a teak wood frame that has been polished so that it looks more shiny. This hot tub makes better use of the backyard area. Glass walls with glazed wooden frames from homestratosphere.

Transparent glass walls are highly recommended for hot tub areas so you can enjoy the garden view more freely while you soak. You need to take extra care of this glass wall to keep it looking clean when it is splashed with water, do regular wiping using a glass cleaner which makes it look even shinier. Transparent glass walls from homestratosphere.

While public baths are charming on their own, a private hot tub provides extra solitude and relaxation for those who can afford it. These hot tub cover ideas will help you in maintaining privacy as well as protecting it throughout the seasons.