Design mistakes can ruin the final look of your living room layout, even if you have all the budgets in the world. Design experts like Gena Kirk (KB Home) and Lauren White (Ellen W. Interior Concept) revealed small but glaring common mistakes that erode perfection from your interior.

Here are design mistakes you must avoid when creating living room layouts.

1.     Choosing the Wrong Rug Size

A wrongly sized rug can damage the entire look of the living room. Small rug will make the room look unfinished, but the overly big one overwhelms the visual. You must measure the floor and furniture positioning distance to determine the ideal size for the rug.

You must avoid mistakes when decorating your living room layout. Like the picture above, the use of a small rug under the table will make the room look unfinished. With this decoration your living room will look weird because it can ruin the overall appearance of the living room. Combined with all shades of beige and floor tiles, this creates a warm and inviting decor. This fan and pendant lights balance the look of your home. Gray small carpet from homebnc.

Choosing a small runner rug just under the table will make your living room appear unfinished. This is a mistake when decorating a room so it’s best to avoid it. With this patterned rug you can match it with wooden floors and an L-shaped sofa and rattan backrest. The white and slightly greenish tones also complement the décor of the room, giving the room a fresh and cool look. Small runner rug from homebnc.

This boho themed living room is furnished with a large carpet that almost covers the entire room. Choosing a faux fur rug with a geometric pattern makes the room warm and inviting. This type of large rug will overwhelm the visuals so you will need to measure the distance between the floor and the furniture to determine the ideal rug size. Paired with a gray backrest leather sofa, greenery in a wicker pot and a floor lamp will complete the look. Faux fur rug with a geometric pattern from homebnc.

2.     Making All the Furniture Items Too Identical

Choosing too identical furniture items will make your living room look like a showroom. Add a personalized look by picking different accents. For example, if your main sofa set is white, choose an armchair with bold color. Use a vintage ottoman as the footstool instead of a piece identical to your armchair.

Identical furniture will make your living room look like a showroom. Choosing a red sofa, green armchair and ottoman with a blue pattern will give you a different space. Dark tones complemented by a patterned rug will create a warm and inviting space. A paisley patterned curtain and a large painting can add to this wrong living room décor. Red sofa and green armchair from housebeautiful.

To avoid a bold look in this room you have to make sure the color tone is so that it doesn’t look boring. Like in this apartment, a small red sofa fills the entire living room with personality. The leopard print stool and matching pale yellow armchair ensure plenty of seating too. Identical furniture items will make your living room look like a showroom. Leopard print stool and pale yellow armchair from housebeautiful.

3.     Placing All the Furniture Against the Wall

Some people think placing all furniture against the wall will make the room bigger. However, it actually creates an unfinished feel. Placing sofas and armchairs away from the wall will create a bigger space illusion, because people can walk around them. You can also create a more intimate seating arrangement by placing furniture closer to each other.

One large and eye-catching piece of art is all you need to fill a wall in a small space. You can keep things neutral and orderly so that you have a beautiful and inviting room. But with these decorating ideas, your living room will create an unfinished feeling. You can match different textures like fabrics and ceramics of the same neutral color along with contrasting pieces like this base table that add depth while keeping the space flowing. One large sofa from homebnc.

This living room is equipped with a sofa attached to the wall, giving an unfinished impression. Placing chairs close together will also give you a more intimate feel. This room uses a neutral color scheme with light sand tones. A room with floor-to-ceiling curtains creates the illusion of a tall space. Adding texture to rugs is worth trying as it will make your room look warm and inviting. Sofa attached to the wall from homebnc.

Do you like to relax? Consider a corner sofa. Instead of a few chairs and tables, a single corner sofa defines the area while maximizing seating space. Fluffy pillows, rug and simple gold bamboo coffee table add texture. And don’t neglect floor-to-ceiling curtains this is a tried and true strategy for creating light and space in your living room. Also, placing the sofa away from the wall will create the illusion of a spacious room as people can walk around it. Corner sofa from homebnc.

4.     Not Having Enough Functional Surfaces

Minimalist design is all the rage, but do not forget to add enough functional surfaces. Even if you only have a small living room, you should have enough space for cups, a few books, and a table lamp. Having a coffee table and an extra side table are the minimum requirements for an ideal living room.

It has a small living room decor and don’t forget to add quite a functional surface. Having a coffee table and an additional side table is a minimum requirement for an ideal residence. Using this uniquely shaped glass coffee table makes the perfect indoor decoration and will grab your guests’ attention. This sofa side table is complemented by a table lamp with a geometric hood, making for a stunning and inviting décor. Uniquely shaped glass coffee table from elledecor.

Complementing this modern home decor does not forget to add a sufficient functional surface. This large wooden coffee table is an additional decoration for placing lots of large cups and bowls. And don’t forget to add a console table behind the sofa to store your book collection, making it easier for you to pick up books at low reach. Equipped with a table lamp, this white hood is a minimum requirement for an ideal occupancy. Console table behind the sofa from elledecor.

You must also consider the storage shelves in the living room layout. Make the room look balanced by only storing what’s necessary in the shelves, and avoid overhang.