A backyard can be converted into the most relaxed and soothing place in the home. However, it happens only if you know how to arrange the area. For example, you can try investing in a pool feature to bring a sense of freshness into the backyard. What’s more, it will also be a good, long-term asset for your home. So, here we’ve collected for you five in-ground pool design ideas that can inject a luxurious impression into your backyard.

1.     Choose an In-Ground Pool with a Natural View

Manage the view of the outdoor surroundings to help you highlight your in-ground pool design. For example, you can create a lovely garden with pergola features around the pool area as an accent.

This indoor pool surrounded by trees and green grass gives a cooler appearance and atmosphere, with this green view you can swim and enjoy the garden freely. Besides that, the towering trees also make the area around the pool shadier during the day, try to relax your body during the weekend in this pool. In-ground pool surrounded by trees and green grass from countryliving.

There is nothing wrong with planting flowers on the edge of the in-ground pool as a beautiful sight when these flowers begin to bloom. Plant only one type of flower to make it look more elegant. Not only flowers, but green grass and shady trees are also complementary accents to present a natural and cool view during the day. Decoration in-ground pool with the edge of the blooming flower from countryliving.

2.     Get Extra Features to Highlight the Pool Design

Stand out your pool charm by giving it some extra features. For instance, you can pull its luxury, royal feeling by setting a wonderful fountain or a small bridge that can take you back to the scene of a castle moat.

Complete the appearance of your in-ground pool with a wooden bridge that is right above the fountain. This small wooden bridge does not cost too much money, so it is perfect for those of you who want to decorate a pool on a budget. Wood is also more environmentally friendly and can easily blend with nature, form this bridge slightly curved so that it is not too monotonous and boring. Small wooden bridge on a budget from decoist.

The wooden bridge that is applied over the in-ground pool complements the appearance so that it is not too plain and boring. Add a portable fountain on the side of this pool to present a splash of water that can relax your mind while relaxing on the outdoor furniture around the pool. With this, you will feel at home for a long time outside the room on weekends. Wooden bridge equipped with a portable fountain from decoist.

3.     Add Gazebo to Provide a Comfy Spot to Unwind Around the Pool

Jazz up your pool landscape by building a swim-up gazebo. It looks very classic (of course!) and also offers an understated elegance to the pool design.

Do you need a place to take shelter around the pool? If so, then a minimalist gazebo is the right decoration idea and you can build it by the pool. Complete this gazebo with a bold color daybed and curtain as a relaxing area after swimming activities, the benefit of the white curtain is to protect you from the hot sun during the day. Minimalist gazebo with a curtain from homestratosphere.

This small gazebo, which is facing the pool, is an area for shelter when the outdoor weather is getting hot. This gazebo is equipped with a thatched roof and a privacy curtain that will protect your skin from the direct sun. Wash this curtain when it starts to get dirty so that it is kept clean. Small gazebo with thatched roof and privacy curtains from homestratosphere.

4.     An In-Ground Pool Designed with Timber and Stone

The use of stone and timber can present a luxurious finish to your pool design concept. Also, another essential thing to note is both can add a more natural experience to your pool treatment.

You can easily create the combination of stone with timber in an in-ground pool decoration, making this timber material a deck decoration that is used as a relaxing area after swimming. While you can apply the red brick material at the edge of the pool to make it seem more solid and natural, the combination of these two materials will blend well and perfectly. Timber decks and poolside red bricks from diynetwork.

This stone fountain which has a high enough size becomes a natural and cost-effective accent to decorate your pool, besides that this fountain produces a splash of water that provides a more relaxed outdoor illustration. This timber fence with dark brown color will be more perfect when equipped with several hanging pots. The palm trees around this pool present a refreshing tropical feel. Stone fountain with timber fences from mydesiredhome.

5.     Choose a Beautiful Pool Tile Accents

Sometimes, you don’t need much effort in designing the pool. A single upgrade—if you can plan it in the right way—can actually produce more leverage. For instance, just pick decorative tiles to improve your pool finish.

Choose a tile mosaic as the base surface of the in-ground pool for a more unique appearance and of course color. This mosaic tile never goes out of style because it has a modern style that is always in demand by many people. Use a mosaic tile with just one style for a more perfect in-ground pool decoration result. Mosaic tile in-ground pool from nextluxury.

If you want a different look at the in-ground pool decoration, then you can use the herringbone tile with a fresh green color. There is no need to combine other tile patterns in this in-ground pool so as not to cause chaos. The surrounding greenery is a natural view that you can enjoy while swimming in this pool. Herringbone tile with fresh green color from nextluxury.

Got inspired by the ideas above? Well, many people fancy in-ground pool design because it feels more integrated with the backyard area. Moreover, its design can draw a luxurious feeling easily to the yard.