If you love traveling to learn more about the history and culture in another part of the world, a certain country may strike you most that you may want to create the experience within your own home. These inspirational ethnic decorations may help you recreate the look and feel as if you were in that country.

1.     Indian-inspired ethnic decorations

An Indian-inspired interior is generally characterized by striking bold colors, with which almost all color combinations perfectly match. However, for the interior dominated by plain and neutral colors, you may throw in bold-colored décors, such as sari prints for pillowcases, quilts, and curtains. Alternatively, you may have sari prints on your wallpaper.

Additionally, figurines of Hindu gods, elephants, and cows are displayed in place of floor vases, wall arts, or other decorative ornaments.

To emphasize the Indian-inspired living room decor, you can include wooden Jhula as one of the furniture suitable for this Indian theme. In addition, in this room the tone can also include several motifs of different colors, for example on the rug, pillowcases and high curtains. Some of these fabrics make the room look more colorful, don’t forget to add Indian style paintings to your blank walls as beautiful decorations. Several colors and different fabric motifs from livspace.

One of the unique and creative decorations of this Indian bedroom is this stunning hand painted flower wallpaper. Other motifs and colors you can apply to your bed and bed, this low wooden bed is a hallmark of the Indian style. This Kashmiri bold color rug is the focal point of a room that looks beautiful and elegant. This ceramic vase in blue and white is a decoration for a fresh floor area and makes the room cooler. Hand painted flower wall wallpapers from livspace.

This Indian-inspired entryways features several sculptures and dolls on a wooden table that appear to have been re-polished for a shinier look. These Raja-rani dolls are decorated with a strong Indian accent. This wall mounted mirror with a coat of magenta paint gives off an amazing vibe, but it also helps the room feel more spacious and open. Ornamental Raja-rani dolls with mirrors with a coat of magenta paint from livspace.

2.     African-inspired ethnic decorations

An African-inspired room usually showcases decorative ornaments and furniture that remind you of the ingenuity and rawness of the tribal life in the vast savannah of Africa. It is usually characterized by warm, desert colors of light and dark brown, red and orange, or black, white, and beige. Besides, an African-styled interior applies furniture and decor made of wicker or woven rattan, animal skin, and other au naturel materials, such as wood or bamboo.

African prints on pillows, quilts, and wall arts, as well as wall décor or replicas of savannah animals, bones, hunting and cooking tools are also typical.

Occasionally, you will also find imageries or craft works of African idolatries in such a home.

African home decor has never been separated from animal skins and animal head wall hangings as well. Start decorating this room with a spear that hangs just above your fireplace, the fencing becomes an accent that warms up the space around it. This zebra leather carpet is the bold color in the room because it has a different motif from the others. The right interior for this African room idea is classic and vintage furniture. African room decor with zebra animal skin rugs from digsdigs.

Use natural interiors like wicker rattan beds repainted in dark colors. You can decorate this brick wall with a deer head that is quite large, some of the antique ornaments placed on this small table are sweet and beautiful vintage accents. Throw a knitted blanket over the mattress to make your winter warm and comfortable to use all day long. Wicker rattan bed with deer head wall decoration from digsdigs.

If you have an unused piece of wood, then you can assemble it and make it a DIY table lamp that looks simple and natural. In this African-style room, you can use a wooden bench equipped with beautiful and vintage African patterned cushions. Place a standing mirror as an accent that expands your room, the deer head made of wood becomes a wall decoration that emphasizes the African room decor. Deer head wall decoration that made of wood from digsdigs.

Cover your floor with a zebra animal skin rug to emphasize an African living room décor. This African painting has a larger size so that it is enough to perfectly decorate the room. The combination of the room with black and white presents a monochromatic feel that is elegant and not easily boring. Place some classic ornaments on the coffee table for a strong African accent. Zebra leather rugs from digsdigs.

3.     Middle-eastern-inspired ethnic decorations

Middle eastern cultures are signified by their portrayal of Arabic calligraphies and geometric patterns in Islamic arts not only as home décor but also in the floor, ceiling, and fixture designs. Typically, the middle eastern homes are infamous for their ethnic, hand-woven carpets, and throw pillows. Floor seatings—on the carpets—are common, even though some homes or rooms also install comfortable sofa, ottomans, and coffee table.

Additionally, bronze lanterns, cups, and teapots may also decorate the shelves, side console table, or for tall lanterns, some strategic corners or sofa ends.

The dining table set on this carpet is one of the hallmarks of the Middle-eastern inspired ethnic style, you can choose this carpet with a dominant warm brown color. When you are using several large paintings you can use the spotlight for a clearer view. Green plants are a decoration that refreshes the room to the maximum. Dining table set on a brown carpet from lushome.

An easy way to display bold colors in a Middle-eastern style living room is to use a warm and soft blue wallpaper. For this room lighting idea, you can hang some silver Moroccan lamps. Cover your iron chair with soft cushions as a warm and comfortable seat all day long. The advantage of using iron furniture is that it is sturdier and not easily porous. Bold color wallpaper with hanging Moroccan lamps from lushome.

You can use pillowcases with Middle-eastern ethnic inspired motifs on your living room sofa. Usually this Middle-eastern style uses warm and bold colors like black, red, yellow, brown and pink. The motifs and colors of these pillowcases make the room look more cheerful and passionate. You can try it in your living room decoration right now. Patterned pillowcases Middle-eastern inspired ethnic from lushome.

With hundreds or thousands of ethnicities and cultures worldwide, there is actually no limit to your choice of ethnic decorations. You can go with Javanese, Balinese, European, Red Indians, Baltic, or Scandinavian with your interior design. Feel free to explore.