The simplicity of the Japanese garden is known to be very clean and elegant. Each design has a deep meaning and representation of nature. It follows rules that anyone can bring to their own home. So, what structural designs that you can incorporate into your backyard? Here are some of them.


A small pond with water lily can bring peace. Even a small backyard can have a water element by placing a bamboo water fountain in one of its corners. For the spacious garden, a large pond with a bridge or stone path is an excellent addition.

Completing the look of a Japanese garden with additional water accents will create a small island and will give the illusion of an attractive Japanese garden. You can add a wooden bridge that is easily accessible and placing the statue in a Japanese style gives it a flair that will create the perfect focal point. Add green grass and some greenery to make a beautiful and fresh Japanese garden. Wooden bridge on zen garden from bhg.

A small outdoor fountain is an essential garden decoration for creating beautiful oriental garden designs and backyard landscaping ideas. The bamboo fountain is for those who appreciate the natural elegance of a Japanese garden and its beautiful garden design, made in a simple form. This fountain is a unique and interesting Japanese garden landscape idea. Bamboo fountain on zen garden from lushome.

Architectural Structure

Statues and sculpture is another popular Japanese garden element. The simple pattern gives a focus point as a contrast against the green landscapes. Statues, stone lantern, tall pagoda structure are just some examples.

Creating a beautiful Japanese garden in your home doesn’t take up much space it only requires the use of these elements, no matter how big or small they are. Stone lanterns were added to create an attractive garden. These lanterns provide an attractive garden focal point, making them perfect for you to try. Complete the display with a pond equipped with lotus flowers. Japanese garden with stone lanterns from home-designing.

Adding this tall, sculpted pagoda looks great among miniature trees and other vegetation. Japanese gardens are also popular for their advantages and will give off an attractive appearance. You can add mossy rocks to create a cool and luscious garden. With different leaf colors, the contrast of your garden is more attractive and suitable for you to try. Tall sculptured pagoda on zen garden from backyardboss.

Artistic Plants

Trimming trees is another signature of a Japanese garden. The popular miniature tree or bonsai is not only an elegant display but also a disciplined way of gardening. Homeowners can arrange them in different layers as artistic landscaping.

The art of shaping evergreens is a detail that should add to your garden even if your landscape is not completely influenced by bonsai-style vegetation. The simple style and artistry of this creative technique is a focal point that will amaze your guests throughout the season. Place it on your garden island so that it becomes a special attraction. Artistic greenery zen garden from backyardboss.

Use stones as your foundation to create intricate and detailed designs in your garden. Adding an art tree adds a distinct charm to your Japanese garden. Pea gravel is a great choice for this type of landscaping so that it can be shaped easily with a rake or other garden tool. Art tree zen garden from backyardboss.

Green Lawn

For a Japanese style garden, there is never too much lawn grass. The majority of the backyard area is covered with lawn. As an artistic touch, even the soil is designed into layers with another top of lawn grass.

A beautiful and compact Japanese garden with green lawn suitable for a contemporary home. This grass has an artistic touch with a layered design. You can also add some stones to give your garden a stunning look that’s perfect for you to replicate. You can add a wooden pergola to complete the look of your garden. Some of these stones are characteristic of Japanese gardens. Green lawn and wooden pergola from decoist.

The Japanese garden design with added green grass blends with a western touch and accentuates the Buddha statue at its core. Several art plants and stones add an artistic element to your Japanese garden. Stone paths are added for a stylish and tidy garden. Plants with various leaf colors give the perfect context to your garden. Don’t forget to add a fence to provide privacy to your garden. Green lawn and stone paths from decoist.


This style of landscaping is a huge fan of stones and rocks. Homeowners arrange rocks or stones as a pathway, the outer layer or even the center point of the garden. Various stones are placed artistically among the pebbles or even green grass.

The only thing missing is the water. To design karetaki, stack the rocks, sand and gravel to create a symbolic waterfall. Various stones are placed artistically between the gravel or even green grass. Several plants that are shaped like bonsai take on the hallmarks of this attractive Japanese garden. Stones, sand and gravel in a zen garden from a gardener. You can add a wooden bench to enjoy the fresh air in your Japanese garden. Rocks, sand and gravel on zen garden from gardenista.

In a Zen garden, the shape and placement of the rocks are the main design components. Depending on their size and silhouette, stones can symbolize mountains or as well. Place it in the middle of the garden and let this rock be filled with moss, so it will get an attractive garden appearance. You can use a gravel base to give it a Japanese garden style. Stones with moss on zen garden from gardenista.

If you want a calming backyard to meditate, then try to make a Japanese garden. Your home can be turned into a quiet retreat with a soothing garden. Simple elements define your backyard with grace and natural value.