Japanese are known for their healthy lifestyle and minimalist living space. The latter is much reflected in how the Japanese organization hacks, whether it’s inside or outside the house. Following the steps of Marie Kondo with her Konmari method, more and more people have begun to realize the importance of “less is more”, and this proves to be an effective method if you’re living in a small house or apartment with limited storage.

Whether you’re trying to stop your hoarding habit or simply want to be more organized, here are five inspirational Japanese organization hacks to save you from future headaches.

1.     Install a Purse Closet

If you’re someone who loves to collect purses and bags, you clearly won’t want them to stray everywhere and get lost. Simply install a tension bar in your closet and neatly hang the purses there.

Put all the bags you have in the purse closet to make it look tidier and more organized, this closet is an open storage idea, making it easier for you to choose the bag that will be used appropriately. This purse closet is also equipped with a built in divider that you can use to organize all your bags according to your favorites and favorites. Purse closet with a built in divider from home-storage-solutions-101.

Arrange all of your bags in a purse closet for a more organized and less scattered room appearance. Glass dividers are the right choice that can be combined with a wooden purse cabinet in white. The more shelves you have, the more open storage you can use. White is one of the favorite paint choices because it has a neutral color. Wooden purse closet with divider glass from shelterness.

Enter some transparent plastic shelves for the idea of storing bags in the purse closet according to the size to put the bag neatly and orderly without tipping over when one of the bags is taken and used. This shelf idea will maximize the space in the closet as well as possible and be more useful, you can try this idea easily without the need for professional personnel. Transparent plastic bag rack in purse closet from shelterness.

2.     Shoe Storage

Have an unused corner in your house or apartment? Create DIY, 5-minutes shoe storage by installing tension bars and organize your shoes between the space. If you want extra safety, nail the tension into the wall.

Take advantage of the corner area for storing shoes and sandals that you have vertically, install tension bars made of iron to make them stronger and sturdier to accommodate large amounts of shoes. With this idea, your corner space will function well and be worth it. You can try this organizer idea easily and of course on a budget. Iron tension bars shoe storage from wrappedinrust.

Standing tension bars rack installed in the corner of this room does not take up much floor area so as to maximize the entire area in your home decor. Choose this shoe rack with sturdy material and neutral colors like white. Don’t just use one shelf, you can use several racks so that you can do large amounts of shoe storage. You can buy these shelves at home supply stores for a modest price. Standing tension bars shoe rack from organized-home.

3.     Label Your Food

There’s nothing as annoying as finding a stale bread or spoilt egg in your refrigerator. By putting your food in individual spaces and labelling it with its expiration date, you’ll have an easier time tracking what you eat.

Use a plastic container to store some of your meals in the refrigerator so that they can be organized more neatly and can include a larger amount of other food. Don’t forget to put a black label on the outer surface as a reminder of the expiration date of this food. This label is very easy for you to apply to a plastic container, because you only need to stick it using glue which will glue the paper to this storage container firmly. Plastic food containers with expired labels from

Make labels as reminders of expiration dates of some foods that are in the refrigerator. You can use this label easily because you just stick it on the outer surface of the food packaging. Arrange these plastic foods vertically so that more space in the refrigerator is used so as to maximize the refrigerator space to be more useful. Label as a reminder of the expiration date from oflifeandlisa.

To prevent expired food from being consumed, you can add the expiration date label on the outer surface of the drink or food that you put in the refrigerator. Choose writing that won’t fade easily when exposed to water so that the expiration date is clearly visible. The expiration date label on the outer surface of food and beverages from oflifeandlisa.

4.     Magazine Organizer for Clothes

Who would’ve thought that a magazine holder could be a great way to organize your clothes? Not only that, but this Japanese organization hacks also lets you have extra spaces you can put other apparels in.

Magazine organizers can be used as an additional medium for laying and storing some of your denim pants horizontally. Put this magazine organizer in the closet to organize clothes to be more focused and of course really help you in your search in a shorter time. Insert more than one magazine organizer for a different look. Magazine organizer for denim pants from oflifeandlisa.

If you have a closet with several storage drawers, then put the magazine organizer in this drawer to store and fold all the sweaters you have. Why is it put here? Because the sweater has a thick material that will take up the open closet space. Apart from being more room-friendly, magazine organizers also don’t spend a lot of money to buy them. You can try it right now. Magazine organizer for sweater from oflifeandlisa.

Once you’ve applied it to your house, you’ll realize that small space holds so much potential if only you know how to organize it. These Japanese organization hacks will help you lead a more organized and minimalistic life. Just as Marie Kondo said in her show, if it doesn’t spark joy, then you must throw it out!