If you feel like having a couch for your living room is too basic, you might want to consider having a jhula. It is basically the Hindi word for “swing”, usually made by wooden material hanging by ropes or chains. Replacing your regular chair or couch with a jhula in living room will provide a different comfort and bring a unique look to the interior. These ideas below might get you inspired to get one and create a whole new look to your house.

Carved Wooden Jhula

With its authentic design, a carved wooden jhula brings a fresher atmosphere to your house. Having it in a living room is the right decision to create a good impression. You can enjoy your chill and relaxing activity with full of aesthetic in this jhula.

Trying to carve the jhula on the backrest to create a more vintage and classic living room decoration, the next step you have to do is repaint the wooden curved jhula in gold which gives a luxurious impression. Adding foam and pillows is an idea to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable feel for the whole day. Jhula backrest engraving from livspace.

Carved wooden jhula is a smart addition to an Indian living room decor. Teak wood will be stronger and sturdier when used for a long time so it is not easily porous. Use a strong and thick rope to hang it to the ceiling of your living room. Carved teak wood jhula from livspace.

This Indian carving applied to the wooden jhula gives a unique, more natural impression. You can match the foam motifs and colors on the jhula with the sofa to match the tone of your living room perfectly. The combination of black and gold is your favorite and not boring color. Place the wooden jhula in an area that is free of furniture. Match the foam motif on the wooden jhula with the sofa from theculturetrip.

Personal Jhula

A personal jhula means it can only support one person. It is perfect for those of you who live alone in a minimalist space. This jhula does not take that much space, so you still have a spacious living room. Feel the good little swing while casually reading your book.

Add wooden personal jhula to the living room decor as a unique and different furniture idea from the others. Hang this jhula with a strong chain for your safety when using it. This personal jhula is suitable for relaxing in a room that is not exposed to sunlight, you can try this personal jhula in the living room where there are no other furniture nearby. Wooden personal jhula from architecturaldigest.

The provision of a special place in the living room decoration will make you feel more at home every day. Personal jhula is a furniture idea that you must try. This wooden personal jhula really saves space because it doesn’t use the floor area at all, you can hang it on the ceiling with a strong chain rope. Wooden personal jhula with strong chain from mydesiredhome.

Cane Jhula

With the color that similar to wooden material, a cane jhula has a lighter weight, but the strength is as good as the wooden ones. Having this jhula in the living room is an excellent choice to add a more sophisticated look. Moreover, the design is mostly more stylish and environmentally friendlier.

Apply this cane jhula to your living room decor as a substitute for a sofa or chair, this jhula has a light material because it is made of woven rattan which is natural and environmentally friendly. Use a strong rope on both sides of the jhula to make it more sturdy and secure when used for relaxing. Typically used in Indian room decor, the faux fur blanket provides a soft and warm touch. Wicker rattan cane jhula from housebeautiful.

Bubble Swing

A bubble swing is the same as personal jhula, but it has a round shape. It allows you to feel more comfortable as you can rest your back appropriately. This design also gives a romantic feeling to your living room interior.

Having a comfortable relaxing area in your living room when you use it all day long, the rattan bubble swing is the perfect furniture answer that you can try. Throw a few pillows on this swing for a softer surface and for a softer, warmer feel. Surround this bubble swing with greenery as a decoration that refreshes the surrounding space. Rattan bubble swing from ezyshine

Rustic Wooden Jhula

A rustic look never fails to offer a different aesthetic of vintage vibes to anything around it. With wooden material that has a natural earthy tone, a rustic wooden jhula makes everything in your room looks better.

When you want to relax in a calm atmosphere, then adding rustic wooden curved jhula offers coolness that makes you more comfortable and at home. You can repaint it brown for a more modern, shiny look. This curved touch adds an artistic impression to a natural and beautiful room. Rustic wooden curved jhula from makaan.

Throw a blanket with an Indian patterned pillow on a rustic jhula design that you place in your living room decor. This rustic wooden jhula will accompany you all day while reading a book in a relaxed and comfortable manner. Wood accents and chains make a solid combination for a jhula you want. Rustic wooden jhula with blankets with Indian patterned pillows from mydesiredhome.

There’s nothing wrong with repainting the rustic wooden jhula brown for a shinier and cleaner finish. You can hang this jhula close to other interiors that are around it. Make this rustic jhula to spend time indoors. Adding a flower-patterned pillow will make you relax even more comfortably. Re-paint the rustic wooden jhula with a shiny brown color from livspace.

A jhula in the living room is definitely worth to have. The basic and ordinary interior will turn into the most authentically aesthetic one with this item, and you can enjoy your leisure to the fullest.