Your kid’s bed is a place where they will spend a lot of time sleeping every night. That is why you need to choose the best bedding for them. Since what the child might be attracted to and what attracts your own aesthetic might be at odds, choosing a kid’s bedding set might be difficult at first. So how can you balance what your child wants and your personal taste? Worry not, we’re here to help you. To decrease a bit of your frustration, check out these incredible kids bedding sets and decor ideas for the cozy kids’ bedroom below to inspire you.

Lighter Fabrics

When choosing bedding sets for your kids, there are several factors that you need to consider. Since kid’s skin is sensitive, choose a lighter fabric for them and make sure that the bedding is comfortable for them. Also, think about safety before purchasing; select materials which meet fire and safety standards in order to make sure maximum comfort and safety for your kids.

Some of the fabrics that are applied to this child’s bed are made of cotton so they are lighter and have a smoother and softer surface. You can start with pillowcases, blankets, and bedding. Use different colors to distinguish their functions and uses, you can try this cotton bedding set idea easily without spending a lot of money. Cotton kids bedding set from apartmenttherapy.

Cotton material is always the choice and recommendation for kid’s bedding set ideas because it has a fabric material that has good sweat absorption so it is comfortable to use all day long. For the idea of pillowcases and bedding, you can use different patterns to make it look more beautiful and attract attention. Install a small floating rack to install some comics and children’s magazines that are very popular and favorite among children. Kids bedding set with good absorption from apartmenttherapy.

Kids bedding set with comfortable and light fabric will make it easier for you to wash it, cotton is one of the best choices you can try. This material also has a pretty good advantage, namely the color does not fade after washing so it still looks new and not shabby. Repaint this wooden bed with a bright and bold color like light yellow. Cotton bedding set with bold color bedding from apartmenttherapy.

Appealing Colors

Bedding for kids is available in so many varieties of appealing colors and designs, that’s why choosing one of them can be a bit frustrating for you. To solve this problem you can choose pastel color for the girls and bold or neutral color for the boys. Color such as gray, blue, light blue can be your option to choose the bedding set.

The cloth canopy with a gold color in this children’s bedroom decoration is equipped with a strong light that provides dramatic and romantic lighting. You can stack some warm and thick cloth at the bottom of the canopy as an area to lay down your child’s body. The shiny and bold color makes the child’s bedroom decoration more superior and colorful. Gold splash kid’s bedding set from apartmenttherapy.

Is your child a boy? If so, then you can try a light blue bedding set which is equipped with several animal statues that are neatly arranged. It’s not enough here, you can also decorate the walls by sticking some stars and clouds that look like outer space at night. Light blue bedding set from apartmenttherapy.

This combination of pink and white fabrics is a combination of a bedding set that gives a feminine vibe so it’s perfect for your daughter. You can add a painting that resembles a headboard to decorate the plain walls of a boring bedroom. Don’t forget to add some other supporting interiors such as dolls and frame paintings that are quite large. Combination of pink and white bedding set from apartmenttherapy.

The last color choice for kid’s bedding set ideas that you can try is white. White is the best choice that makes it easier for you when combining it with other colored furniture. Some paintings and wall hangings make a beautiful complement and will be a unique and different sight, you can try it easily without spending a lot of money. White bedding set kids from apartmenttherapy.

Interesting Patterns

The one thing shouldn’t forget when choosing the bedding for your kid is according to your kid’s theme preferences. The theme of animal, space, legos, heroes, football or geometric pattern is suitable for boys. For your girls, you can choose princes, flowers, polka dot, gingham, or chevron that has pastel colors. Those themes will attract your kid’s attention and also makes them more comfortable.

Some of the polka dot patterns that are applied to this kid’s bedding set have several bright and eye-catching color combinations. Use different colors for each function of your bedding set. The polka dot pattern is usually used for decorating girls’ bedrooms, you can install a plywood headboard with a unique and cute triangle shape. Polka dot kids bedding set from apartmenttherapy.

The next kid’s bedding idea is for your son, install and use bedding set with a pine tree pattern that has a mix of black and white. On top of this bed, you can also add some choice and favorite dolls that your child likes to make it more comfortable and feel at home to linger in his room. Use glass windows as good air ventilation and of course always provide fresher air when this window is opened. Pine tree pattern kids bedding set from apartmenttherapy.

This combination of small star patterns and several other accents can blend perfectly in the design of the kid’s bedding set for your boy. This pattern is an option that you can try, then use a polka dot rug with a larger rounded accent to add a different texture to the room and attract more attention. Little star pattern kids bedding set from apartmenttherapy.

Providing kid’s bedroom decor through the bedding sets is the simple way to decorate their private room. Besides considering those ideas above better for you also to pay attention to the other decor. You can go for installing wallpaper and place some decorative items that match with the bedding sets.