The kitchen is the center of the house and also the center of activity in many homes. And we all want to have a beautiful and functional kitchen of our own. But have you ever feel boring with your old kitchen especially if it’s outdated? If the answer is yes, it is time to remodel your kitchen.

There are several reasons why people want to remodel their kitchens. It can be to increase the value to market their property, for the sake of energy saving, or even for lifestyle. But whichever your reason is, remodeling your kitchen is a must. And the next problem is, remodeling the kitchen costs you a lot of money. But worry not, check out these kitchens remodel ideas to save your budget below.

Change the Color Scheme

The first step that you can do to remodel your kitchen is changing the color scheme. Change the paint color in your kitchen with a bright color. The dull look of the kitchen will affect your mood. In this case, you can use white color. Applying a white color will create a bright and airy nuance. The kitchen will look bright, wider, cleaner, and comfortable at the same time.

It’s not enough to just repaint the walls, you can also repaint the same color on the ceiling evenly. You can turn your old kitchen into an all-white kitchen that will make the room look more spacious and clean. Especially if you add a translucent glass roof that can provide more lighting into your kitchen. All white kitchen remodel from hgtv.

To harmonize with the wooden kitchen theme, you can use neutral colors for the walls. White is again the right choice because white is a neutral color that you can combine with other colors. There’s nothing wrong with including wood accents on the floor and some furniture as a perfect combination that can be combined in one room well. White paint kitchen remodels with wood accents from hgtv.

Refresh the Cabinet

Instead of replacing the cabinet, refreshing it is a good way to save your cost. There are many ways that you can do to refresh your kitchen cabinet. You can change the paint, change the door, and renew the hardware. Even though this is a simple way but can bring a different look, change the nuance, and make your “old” kitchen looks new at that time.

Another way to get a new atmosphere in your old kitchen is to redecorate an existing wooden kitchen cabinet. You can give a polishing finish to make it look shiny when exposed to sunlight or lights that are turned on at night. This re-polish is intended to make your vintage wood cabinet look new and clean again, try it easily without spending a lot of money. Kitchen cabinet re-polish from countryliving.

Repaint the old cabinets in your kitchen using black. In addition to making the cabinet look new, repainting it using black will make the room look like a masculine style vibe. Black is also a neutral color that can be combined with any color in your kitchen, including the black and white plaid pattern that is applied to the window curtains and stool cushions that surround your kitchen island. Black matte kitchen cabinet from countryliving.

Change the look of an old kitchen to be fresh again by repainting the wooden cabinet. You can use white for cabinet painting ideas in your kitchen. The white color applied to the cabinet will make your kitchen brighter and cleaner. Especially if you use several large windows that will enter sunlight into the kitchen and be reflected throughout the room by your white cabinet. White paint wooden kitchen cabinet from countryliving.

Use Tile Stencils

If you think that your kitchen tiles are outdated this is the right time to remodel your kitchen. Replacing the tiles might spend much of your budget. To solve this problem, use tile stencils can be the answer. Tile stencils are easy to find online and it only takes a little prep to get ready to use. This also comes in various patterns that can be adjusted according to your taste. You can apply it to your backsplash for the new focal point.

Not always related to repainting your kitchen, you can also add a tile backsplash to your kitchen. This is a clever idea that you can try to make your kitchen look fresh and eye-catching. Use tiles with 3D patterns to give a different feel to your old kitchen. Try it with white which looks cleaner and shiny. 3D tile backsplash from hgtv.

In addition to using tiles with embossed motifs, you can also use tiles with unique motifs. Unique fish scale motif tiles can create a new focal point in your kitchen. The unique green tiles used for the backsplash will give your kitchen a cool impression. In addition, green is also a bold color in this room. Bold color tile fish scales from hgtv.

To give maximum results to your all-white kitchen, you can also use white backsplash tiles with elegant motifs that can blend in perfectly when combined with the other surrounding interiors. The white color will make your kitchen get maximum lighting and of course, it will look more spacious. Elegant tile backsplash from hgtv.

Update Kitchen Lighting

One of the easiest and affordable ways to remodel your kitchen is changing the lighting. You can use pendant lighting kits. It is quite cheap and you can have a new lighting solution in a few minutes. You can change your recessed lamps to become simple but beautiful pendant lighting.

Add some chandeliers to your kitchen to get a new look with a brighter and more impressive room. Using a pendant lamp is a smart choice, its unique shape will certainly make it the center of attention of everyone who is active in your kitchen. Use three pendant lights to produce maximum lighting. Hanging pendant light from hgtv.

Finally, give a touch of nature to your kitchen by using natural lighting. For example, by using a hanging rattan wicker lampshade, don’t hesitate to install one or two lights in your kitchen. By installing more than one lamp, the resulting lighting will be more optimal and perfect. You can also give a pattern to this lampshade for a more different look. Wicker rattan lampshade from hgtv.

When you think cooking in your old kitchen is starting to feel boring then remodeling it is the right key. Don’t worry about the cost, those kitchens remodel ideas above are budget-friendly.