Do you have any plans this weekend? Why don’t you try to do simple projects for upgrading your kitchen space? It doesn’t have to remodel it in the new design. Create one or more crafts also will improve its looks. Check out these ideas;

Copper Pipe Towel Holder

If you need a space for towel at kitchen, try this super easy DIY project. Hang a copper pipe under your cabinet or any places that easy to reach.  No need additional counter space. Then, your kitchen looks more organized.

To make the rolls of tissue in the kitchen tidier and more organized, then you can hang a cooper pipe towel holder as a great storage idea. This pipe will make it easier for you to use or put down the tissue so that it doesn’t cause chaos, usually this storage is placed under a cabinet which has a large enough room. You can try it right now in your current kitchen decor. Cooper pipe tissue holder from squirrellyminds.

Take advantage of the lower area of the cabinet in the corner of the room to hang a cooper pipe tissue holder that has a golden color. This storage tool is the right idea to hang your tissue rolls as best as possible and are easier to pick up when needed in a short time. The material used is also very strong and not easily porous so it is highly recommended for you. Cooper pipe towel holder under cabinet from homedit.

DIY Chop Board

No need to buy chop board at store any more. Simply, you can create it in simple tutorials. What you need to have is only basic carpentry skill and plain wood as the material. Even, a DIY newbie can do this project for less than an hour.

To save more expenses for cookware ideas, then you can make your own DIY chop board with the main ingredient of teak wood which has been polished so that it looks more shiny. This chop board is equipped with a serving board so that it looks more functional and unique. Here you are quite creative as much as possible for the perfect final result. DIY chop board with serving board from littleloveliesbyallison.

Kitchen decorating ideas that are equipped with complex cooking utensils will make it easier for you to cook using the equipment you need. For example, the procurement of 3D chop boards which have a more unique appearance so that they become different cooking utensils, with this chop board, you can more easily cut all the vegetables that are going to be cooked. 3D chop board from .littleloveliesbyallison

Kitchen Storage Cart DIY

Kitchen storage cart will help you to save more fragile or other utensils. Build kitchen storage may need more time. However, it will save any items till you need them someday.

If you need portable storage in your kitchen decor, then DIY wooden carts are a smart idea that you can try. Repaint this kitchen cart with a pretty pastel green color that doesn’t get boring easily. This storage cart is equipped with wheel legs that make it easier for you to move it to any area you want. It’s not enough here, this storage idea is also equipped with a side hanger for napkins and a pull-out drawer as closed storage. DIY wooden cart for kitchen storage from diynetwork.

DIY Wood Salt Shakers

This weekend, you can spend your free time to create a functional item like DIY wood salt shakers. This tiny item can be used for pepper shakers as well.

You can make a DIY salt shaker with wood, which has a smoother surface. It is equipped with three small holes at the top for easy removal of salt or pepper. Have it the same size, you don’t need to repaint it for a more natural look. DIY softwood salt shaker from themerrythought.

DIY Pantry Storage Jars

Old Mason Jars are something that you can use for creating new crafts. Like this idea of creating pantry storage. Clean the Mason jars and give each of them labels to ease you find what you need someday.

Instead of storing all your food stock supplies with plastic, you can move them to a glass jar that is equipped with a label that matches the contents inside. Choose a jar with a transparent glass material to make it easier for you to find the targeted spices or dry food with a fairly effective time. Glass jar storage with label from countryliving.

Kitchen Rug

Make your own kitchen rug will improve your kitchen decoration. You may choose any shapes you like such as round, rectangular, or other unique shape. Make sure you have the fabric or other materials needed.

Cover your kitchen wood floor with a small rectangle pliers carpet made of woven cloth that is no longer used. This carpet provides a warm base for feet and provides a smoother surface, you can buy it at a price that is not too expensive. DIY woven fabric rug from bobvila.

Cup Stand Tree

Create a cup stand tree is not hard. Use wood or bamboo as the basic material.  Arrange it vertically to ease you organize the cups next to your coffee machine. Then, see how clean and tidy your coffee station is.

You can easily get unique and antique items to decorate your kitchen to the maximum, this cup stand tree made of wood will look more natural and stronger. Place it on the countertop to make it easier for you when you drink with this hanging cup. DIY Wooden cup stand from homedit.

DIY Cork Placemats

Cork placements may look as small things that less recognized. However, it helps you to protect your table of kitchen countertop from dirty. Create this also will neither take money nor time.

Cover your kitchen countertop with DIY cork placemats that have different patterns and colors, this is a tool to protect the white countertop from getting dirty easily. Place your coffee cup, spoon, and dinner fork on top of the cork placemats for a more colorful and neat appearance. Colorful DIY cork placemats from lollyjane.

Completing the kitchen decor with DIY or craft project are more pleasant. Besides can save your budget, you can also try a new thing and hone your creativity.