To get beautiful living room decor, there are several aspects that must be considered. Not only the furniture or the color scheme but also the ceiling. Though the ceiling is a little part of a house, it plays an important role. When you change the color or design of your ceiling, it will dramatically improve the living room design. So, pay attention more to your ceiling.  Here are some ceiling decoration ideas that may inspire you;

Wood-Beamed Ceilings

Combining bricks wall with wood-beamed ceiling gives more textural interest towards your room. White will be matched to any color you have, included the brick color. Take this wonderful ceiling decoration to improve your family room appearance.

The combination of ceiling wooden beams with red brick walls in the living room decoration will blend perfectly without destroying the color tone of the room. In addition, the combination of these two materials is also very suitable for presenting an industrial vibe that seems simpler and on budget, allowing the color of the ceiling wooden beams to be more natural as a more attractive appearance and less expensive. Combination of ceiling wooden beams with red brick walls from decoist.

The wood beams ceiling that spans the living room decor gives a natural vibe that is very eco-friendly. Here you can try to use one part of the wall with red brick material which will be more suitable when combined in one room, give a light spotlight on this industrial wall so that its appearance looks clearer at night. Red brick material is also the best choice on a budget. Natural scheme wood beams ceiling from decoist.

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceiling comes with its traditional style for a big or small houses. Though this is a country look ceiling, but you can apply this style for your modern house design as well. Feel free to choose the color, but white looks better.

This coffered ceiling with a neutral color is a suitable decoration choice to be applied in a room with any style, including modern style. The combination of white with gray provides a perfect and beautiful color when combined with the surrounding interior with a matching color. Don’t forget to add hanging fan lights as the main lighting that you can use as well as possible. Neutral color coffered ceiling from hgtv.

Ceiling with Lighting

If you love the funky decor, this ceiling style maybe looks interesting to you. With its simple lighting, this ceiling comes with its own character. The geometric lines bring the room look cool and charming.

Plain ceilings with pastel colors will look more colorful when equipped with a rainbow sputnik lamp that is hung right above the velvet chair in your living room decor. This Sputnik chandelier will be the main lighting that you can use as well as possible at night, during the day you can take advantage of the sunlight that enters through the glass window so that it saves more on expenses when paying for electricity. Pastel ceiling with rainbow sputnik lights from housebeautiful.

Crown Molding

This ceiling style will be fit any room style you have. It will relax your mind by seeing the design which is cozy and calm. You are pleased to choose other colors for painting this living room ceiling, but the bright color will make it fresh.

Crown molding that is applied to the walls and ceiling is very suitable to be tried in decorating the living room for a classier and certainly more different appearance. This crown molding ceiling has a straight line pattern that extends in the middle so it is very suitable when combined with a modern chandelier that has a matching color. Crown molding ceiling and walls from hgtv.

Add Beams

Adding beams do not only function to pretty up the ceiling, but also help it to be stronger.  Here, beams also play role as the vocal interest of this ceiling design. The existence chandelier make the beams has more function.

To complete the decoration of the modern farmhouse living room, you can use beams ceiling with a darker color because this color will be easier to combine with any colored ceiling, including white. This beam ceiling will be more sturdy and durable when used for a long time so it is highly recommended for the construction of your current home. Beams ceiling with dark color from decoist.

Brown Plain Ceiling

Applying a bit of brown to the plain ceiling will dramatically change the look. This bright color gives a charming look to the simple ceiling. The use of natural color furniture brings harmony to your living room.

Apply earth tone to one of the rooms in your home, for example in the living room decoration. Brown color is one of the best choices that you can try to make the room feel warmer and certainly not flashy and excessive. You can try this color on the ceiling area with a splash of white on the elongated wooden list design. Match the interior color of the living room with your ceiling to make it appear more leverage. Earth tone ceiling from homestratosphere.

White Paneled Ceiling

If you have farmhouse style, this white paneled ceiling will make it cozy and rustic. This style also can be applied to modern houses as well to create a balanced look. Your living room will be looked larger than its actual size.

Match and harmonize the color of the paneled ceiling with the feel of the living room to maximize the appearance of an elegant and classier room. White is one of the favorite colors that you can apply easily and of course makes the room look cleaner and more spacious. It doesn’t end here, the white room feel is also easier to combine with other interiors that surround it, including black chairs and striped rugs. Paneled ceiling with white walls from housebeautiful.

High Ceiling with T-Bar Beams

A high ceiling will reduce hot weather in your room. The role of T-bar beams is to keep them strong. You can paint them white color in order to avoid messily. T-bar beams can be used to hang lamps and or chandeliers. Surely your living room will be more look classic but inviting.

An easy way to display the living room decor to make it look wider and grander is to apply neutral colors and high ceilings with T-bar beams that are repainted in a darker color. This round chandelier with yellow lighting gives a warm impression that you can easily match. To make it look more shiny when exposed to light, you can polish it again. High re-polish T-bar beams ceiling from nextluxury.

Patterned Ceiling

Upgrade the beauty of your living room by applying a patterned ceiling! You can paint it or apply wallpaper as you like. It comes in various patterns. By applying this ceiling it can enhance the elegance of your living room decor. This is one way to get a luxurious thing.

Do you want a different look in your living room decor? If so, then you can try a patterned ceiling that has a mix of neutral colors such as light green and white. Choose a pattern that makes the room look more luxurious and modern so that it doesn’t go out of fashion so it doesn’t require re-renovation that will make you repeatedly spend money on construction costs. Pink sofa is the perfect combination that you can mix together in one room. Patterned ceiling with a combination of pastel colors from housebeautiful.

When you paying attention to the ceiling design of your living room, absolutely it can make a huge impact on the whole interior design of your room. Besides being able to create a dramatic look, the interesting ceiling design can boost the beautiful look of the living room. Hopefully, those ideas above will inspire you.