Living room is an essential part of the house, which allows a gathering of people. Given that functionality, the living room is supposed to be a comfortable and cozy place to be in.

Moreover, it is also an area of the house which can be enjoyed fully by not only members of the family but also the guests. If you wish to awe or impress your guess without disregarding the convenience aspect, the following living room designs are worth trying.

Indoor Plants

Including plants in the living room is a good idea. Not only does it make your living more inviting and luxurious, but it also adds life and color into a space and bring you closer to nature.

Tips: For maximum convenience and aesthetic sense, try placing the greenery behind a large piece of furniture such as a sofa. It gives sheer visual attraction and at the same time practical for it does not impede movement.

Greenery is always an indoor decorative item that refreshes the room to the maximum. When you have a small living room then put some greenery behind the sofa to be the right layout, these plants do not interfere with the space for movement so you remain free of expression. Choose a type of plant that is strong in all weather so that it continues to grow well. For example palm trees, rubber trees and snake plants. Layout of greenery behind the sofa from hgtv.

Another option for a green plant layout besides behind the sofa is to place it next to the sofa with a large ceramic pot. You can apply a rubber tree with more leaves as a focal point that beautifies your living room maximally. No need to worry if these plants interfere with your activities while in this room, because these green plants are in an area where people are not passing by. Rubber plant with a ceramic pot next to the sofa from hgtv.

For large green plants, you can put them behind the sofa, then you can place small green plants on the mantle as decorative items that live and give a fresh and natural feel. If you choose indoor plants in your living room decor, instead of using a wall with large glass windows to let sunlight into the room freely. Large plants behind the sofa and small plants on the mantle from hgtv.

There’s nothing wrong with using a little floor space to put two pots filled with fresh green plants. You can apply a small pot on the coffee table as a pretty decoration. Use a pot that matches the interior of the room for a nice and elegant color scheme. Perform routine maintenance for fertile plant growth. Green plants with white pots from hgtv.

Rug It

When you paint your walls in a neutral color, this opens up the world of color. To spruce up and make your living room more alive, a rug can make a difference. A rug is not only to be placed on the floor for comfort but also put on a wall for pleasant decorative purpose.

Tips: Choose a rug that is made up of soft material and beautiful color that matches your interior design style. The following patterns, such as bold-geometric patterns and that of bohemian-chic vibe will surely set your living room apart.

Hang Moroccan rugs with driftwood for a strong rustic feel. This rug has colorful patterns and colors, making it suitable for plain living room wall decor ideas. Another pattern that you can get in this room is a floor rug with a dominant dark blue color. The combination of these two patterns makes the living room decoration more lively. Moroccan rugs as wall decoration from apartmenttherapy.

Make a bohemian living room decor statement by hanging a large tapestry patterned rug on your plain white wall. You can get other patterns on some pillowcases, don’t forget to use a small table filled with carvings as the right and suitable furniture. In this living room, you can also add green plants as an environmentally friendly natural decoration. A large tapestry patterned tapestry as a plain white wall decoration from apartmenttherapy.

For a neater appearance, you can use Velcro as a good adhesive. You can choose a long rug size for a more beautiful vertical decoration. This carpet has a bright color so it is perfect when hanging on a white wall. Wall scones lamps add an instant classic feel. Rug wall decoration with Velcro adhesive from chairish.

Playful Coffee Table

Another important piece to be incorporated in your living room designs is a coffee table. A coffee table brings all the pieces of furniture together, and it makes the room feel complete. It is only functional, but it also adds contrast and texture to complement the composition of your space.

Tips: Be playful and creative with your coffee table. You can choose different material and shapes.

The wooden coffee table with a triangle shape gives a different feel and style to your living room décor. This coffee table adds a modern and minimalist impression without being overwhelming. Combine it with a sofa and several different colored chairs, with this furniture you can relax and chat with your family or friends who come. Wooden coffee table with a triangle shape from elledecor.

There is nothing wrong with using natural furniture in your classic living room decor to add a natural impression to the room. A stone coffee table with a glossy, modern finish makes for a distinct interior item and becomes a beautiful focal point. You can place this rock table on a large, colorful patterned polka dot carpet. Stone coffee table with a modern and shiny finish from elledecor.

Enter some furniture with a unique shape and different from the others to give a different look to your living room decor. The coffee table in the shape of the number eight is modern and minimalist furniture that you can try, don’t forget to use melamine wood for a more shiny look when exposed to sunlight. The white color of the furniture gives a clean and open impression. Melamine wood coffee table with a figure eight from elledecor.

Those are some ideas for your unique living room designs. Try them out and see the difference they make to your living room.