The living room is undoubtedly the most-trafficked interior in our living space. That’s one of the reasons why most interior designers and homeowners pay more attention to this room. If you’re planning to remodel your existing living room, several living room ideas for 2021 are worth checking beforehand.

More Modern Living Rooms

The living room trend is going to be sleeker, more stylish, and contemporary. Modular interiors and cordless fixtures are some of the examples. Functionality, thus comfort will be underlying factors as well.

When it comes to living room decor, modern is the word to come up with when it comes to defining a particular style. L-shaped gray sofa complete with fleece blanket and pillows to help you get the job done. This wood cut coffee table is the perfect focal point and will be the focal point of this modern living room. So convenience will be an underlying factor too. L-shaped gray sofa and wood cut coffee table from thespruce.

Furnishings and d├ęcor in beautiful colors, including a striking focal point around the hot pink fireplace, redefine the meaning of modern decor in this contemporary space. Keeping the walls white while spreading bright shades around the room doesn’t detract but compliments the room’s lovely fireplace. The light blue sofa, red sofa, and gold coffee table make the perfect focal point of the room. This green potted plant gives a fresh impression to the room. Hot pink fireplace from thespruce.

Classic and neutral color schemes also work in a modern living room without sacrificing a luxurious look. Notice how the decorative chairs and pillows are accented with navy pop and soft gray furniture in this chic modern space with a transitional vibe. Using all-white colors and large windows will create a spacious and bright living room design. Don’t forget to add a rug under the seat so that your feet feel warm. Modern and transitional living room from thespruce.

Comfortable Living Rooms

Instead of an open floor concept, the trend will be more about an individualized space. An interior will have its different color palettes, distinct texture and pattern mix, and statement. It’s more about the pursuit of emotional comfort, for taking a break and relaxation.

Traditional living rooms emphasize comfort and intimacy. Vintage brown leather club chairs, soft sofas and armchairs, Oriental rugs, soft and warm lighting, built-in shelves for books and onamen, and antique gilded mirror over a central fireplace create the homey cozy living room you want. Pair it with a beige color to add a cozy touch to your living room and it will unwind after a long day of work. Traditional living rooms from thespruce.

This cozy London living room is the perfect oasis of brown walls, chic soft sofas, mismatched table lamps and a trio of horse-themed oil paintings. The pink pillow is the perfect retro pair for brown walls and a pale rug to keep your toes warm. The shades of brown here convey a warm impression and create a calm atmosphere. Cozy London living room from thespruce.

Back-to-Nature Living Rooms

The living room ideas 2021 will embrace back-to-basic or even go-green causes and movements. This trend promotes the use of natural or organic materials and also textures. Furniture pieces and furnishings in rattan, hemp, jute, or cane are having their comebacks.

You need to try the 2021 living room idea with a return to nature because it will bring an interesting vibe. Using a rattan chair and a coffee table made of wood and glass, this gives the perfect look for you to try. Don’t forget to add potted greenery and place it on the table to add a fresh touch to the room. Pair it with wallpaper with natural nuances that will bring a natural touch into the room. Rattan chair and Wooden coffee table from housebeautiful.

Bolder Maximalist Living Rooms

Maximalism is getting its way through as a response to the previous and existing neutral minimalist living rooms. It’s a shift from mass-market interior design products to more personalized and detailed ones. Also, bolder colors and patterns are reviving.

Maximizing the living room with dark colors is the right look for you to try in this room. This dark green wall color and leather sofa are perfect focal points for you to try. Plus this patterned and mustard yellow tile makes for a stunning display. This modern-style pendant lamp provides the right lighting in your living room so that it creates a room decoration that is just right for you to try. Dark green wall color and leather sofa from mydomaine.

Customized Living Rooms

More homeowners have been pursuing customized furniture pieces and other decorative pieces, regarding their shapes, colors, and patterns. They lead to more unique pieces that will instantly create an exceptional look to the entire space.

The abundance of furniture with patterns on the rugs and pillows will give the living room a stylish look and attract the attention of many people. The use of neutral colors in the nuances of the room will bring the impression of a warm room. Don’t forget to add some large windows so that sunlight can enter the house and will give the room a bright light. Patterned rugs and pillows from hgtv.

Biophilic Living Rooms

This design connects us with earth or nature and offers some benefits to the environment, health, and economy. One of the examples is having a living or a bio montage wall.

The accent wall of the living room with the addition of greenery will make your walls more stylish and will create fresh air into the room. Combining it with the lighting next to these greenery will create the perfect illumination and will be an interesting focal point. You can also combine it with concrete walls to create a natural impression of the room. Pair it with a white sofa which is equipped with a wooden coffee table, wooden floors and a wooden cabinet table. Plant in the living room walls from digsdigs.

Earth-Toned Living Rooms

Warm and natural colors are taking over the cool tones. The year 2021 will full of, among others, chocolate brown, olive green, yellow ochre, or wine shades.

Get rid of the idea that dark walls make a room dark and dull. Using brown combined with white will create a warm and cozy impression in the room. You can pair it with white furniture and a white plate palette for the perfect wall decor. Some of the greenery above this fireplace makes for a fresh indoor decoration and brings a natural feeling into the room. Chocolate brown with white nuance from southernliving.

You can combine these living room ideas 2021 trends with other existing interior design styles that you favor.