In addition to your bedroom, the living room is probably the next in line that crosses your mind when you look for a place to just cocoon yourself from the world. It is that soft couch, that piles of pillows, and that fireplace that emanates warmth.

This article will show you some living room inspirations to make your living room even warmer and more inviting. Get ready to invent a spot for sanctuary in your home.

The Rustic Charm

Rustic design is nature-inspired. It tries to emphasize on natural beauty, thus radiating unpretentious friendly atmosphere. In order to get the rustic vibe, it is not necessary to go full rustic. The utilization of nature texture or earthy colors will do as interior design exists to provide an element of surprise.

Tips: Choose and place some furniture with aged natural materials. The effect is amazing. With this, you don’t have to spend a lot to buy all rustic furniture and repaint your walls and floors just to get the rustic vibe.

A rustic living room equipped with an old wooden coffee table is one of the furniture that you can try. Another natural interior that you can apply in this room is a wooden chair with a soft and soft tufted sofa upholstery. Throw a few cushions on top of this chair to add warmth and comfort when used. You can use the blank wall above the fireplace to hang some unique accents such as classic plates. Old wooden coffee table from onekindesign.

In addition to choosing natural furniture, you can also use teak roofs which are sturdier and not easily porous. A weathered wooden table behind the sofa makes an instant rustic touch. A stone fireplace is the right combination and you can imitate it, stone is also one of the natural and environmentally friendly materials. Teak roof combined with a stone fireplace from onekindesign.

Rattan wooden chairs combined with a wooden table with a leather surface are suitable for a simple rustic living room interior and provide a warmer atmosphere. Here you can also coat the floor with faux fur rugs which have a smooth and soft surface. Other warm accents you can get are pillows and wool blankets. Rattan wooden chairs combined with a wooden table with a leather surface from onekindesign.

Roofs, walls and furniture made of natural wood are the focal points in rustic living room decorations. There’s nothing wrong with using a suede sofa in gray as a comfortable sitting area. A stone fireplace with a reindeer headdress accentuates the simple rustic style of this living room. Choose a bold color carpet to give it a brighter color. Roofs, walls and furniture with natural wood from onekindesign.

Book Corner

The next living room inspiration involves books. We know that reading a book helps you relax. Allowing a spot in the living room where you can have direct access to your books is without a doubt a delightful idea

Tips: No need for a large and sophisticated bookcase, a simple floor-to-ceiling bookshelf with a cute wall mounted wooden rack to access the book on top is a tasteful library concept to be incorporated in your living room.

Take advantage of the wall in the corner of the rustic living room as a corner book with vertical wooden shelves to the roof. Throw pillows as an accent to a more comfortable room, the fireplace red bricks give the room a warmer atmosphere. Place a few decorative items and large paintings on the mantle as an instant decoration to beautify the room. Vertical bookshelf in the corner of the rustic living room from onekindesign.

Old wooden bookshelves with a larger size are suitable to be placed in a rustic living room decor to accompany your relaxing days at home. You can put all the collection books on this shelf to make it easier to find them. Put your favorite books on the top shelf, and books that are rarely read on the bottom shelf. Flower vases are suitable to be placed in any style of living room, choose flowers in bright colors like yellow. Large old wooden bookshelf from onekindesign.

You can apply a small reading nook in a rustic living room as a complement. In this living room you can relax while reading your favorite book. Glass windows support your reading room to keep it bright and shining. Use several different patterned fabrics to give the room a more energetic look. Small reading nook applied in the rustic from living room from onekindesign.

Creamy Textures

Cream is the easiest way to get that warm and welcoming feeling. The choice of cream and ivory-colored living room furniture is guaranteed to make your living room look and feel so cozy in an instant.

Tips:  Add a bit element of nature such as wood accents for pops of texture.

You can use a creamy sofa as a complement to your rustic decoration, choose a sofa with a large size to accommodate more family and friends. Enter some wood and stone materials at the same time. Mantle and wooden roof are natural accents, stone fireplaces are also heating items. Creamy sofa with a large size from homedit.

The ivory sofa, which is equipped with wood accents, is the perfect match for a rustic décor. You can use wood material on coffee tables and wall hangings. Adding a ceramic flower vase on the table makes the room look brighter and more beautiful. A wooden cabinet repainted white can be an additional storage idea that can spruce up your living room to its fullest. Ivory sofa with table and wooden wall decorations from homedit.

The rustic living room with large and spacious glass windows makes the room look brighter and more open. Choose the L shape ivory sofa as a comfortable seat. Add pillows and blankets as accents that add warmth. The classic chandelier is the main lighting that you can use. L shape sofa ivory from homedit.

Those are some living room inspirations that you can try and experiment with. Be daring to find your living room style.