The concern with having a small house is the inability to personalize the space and make it functional. This is not true. With the right design, not only can a small room look bigger than it really is, but also can look delightfully stylish while serving its purpose well. Below are some small master bedroom designs for a stylish look.

Light Color Palette

For a small bedroom, use light colors on the walls, floor, and your furniture. A room with light colors feels bigger and brighter.

Styling tips: In order to create graphic accents to your bright room, use black. Scatter black around in statement pieces such as pillow with black touches or black and white sketches, but just remember to not overdo with black.

Light color is a color choice that never fails to decorate a room in your home, including master bedroom decor. White is the color of choice that makes the room feel more spacious, clean and bright, try throwing a pattern pillow with a dominant black color to provide a beautiful contrasting color in this room. The faux fur rug makes for warm and comfortable footwear. White master bedroom with black pattern pillows from hgtv.

If you choose white as the dominant color in the master bedroom, then you can use one part of the wall with a dark color. The combination of black and white presents a modern and minimalist monochromatic feel. Herringbone walls give a different and more unique style to the room, combine it with wooden floors as a neutralizer for this room. Combination of white walls with black from hgtv.

There is no way to include black in the white master bedroom decor. You can apply black color to bedding, blankets and leather stools. The high curtain helps the room lighting be brighter. Add a modern fireplace to give the room a warmer feel when the weather is getting cold. White master bedroom decoration with bedding, blankets and black leather stools from hgtv.

Creative Nightstands

If you want to maximize every inch and be very stylish, a wall-mounted solution is the best way to store your night time essentials without using any floor space. A wall mounted nightstand acts as a trick to make the room feel larger and also allow you to put more more storage on the floor space.

Styling tips: Should you have two floating nightstands installed for both sides, choose different styles and shapes to break the symmetry.

To save the floor area more effectively, you can install a minimalist floating nightstand made of white melamine wood. This nightstand is usually used for modern bedroom styles. You can use this section of the nightstand box for your favorite magazine storage ideas so you can get it faster when you want to read it. White melamine wood floating nightstand from digsdigs.

If your master bedroom has limited space, nightstand boxes are furniture ideas that you can try. These nightstand boxes can be used for storage at the same time. You can choose wood as the main material of this nightstand, the wood material will be stronger and more durable for a long time. Paint every corner of the nightstand blue for a more eye-catching color look. Wooden nightstand boxes from digsdigs.

You can choose and use a nightstand that is equipped with a drawer underneath so you can do small storage for a tidier and more organized bedroom look. In addition, you can also use the top surface of the nightstand as an area to put vases and table lamps. Textured wooden is a suitable material that you can try. Textured wooden nightstand equipped with storage drawers from digsdig.

Multifunctional Furniture

The next small master bedroom design is incorporating multifunctional and smart pieces. Look for multiple uses in your furniture pieces such as ottoman. Ottoman can serve as a sitting for a vanity table, hidden storage, and a footrest.

Styling tips: Choose multifunctional furniture that suits your styles with color and texture that complement the room.

Get rid of furniture that is not really needed from this bedroom. From now on you can try multifunctional furniture that frees up your space, wooden nightstands equipped with chairs you can use for a relaxed and elegant coffee table. Re-paint this wooden nightstand for a shinier look so it will make for a cleaner, more modern piece of furniture. A nightstand that can be used for a coffee table from hgtv.

You don’t need to use too much furniture in your master bedroom decor to get a more spacious and free space. Use multifunctional furniture as a smart idea that you can imitate, a leather stool with storage underneath is one of the right room interiors. The leather will also be more durable and won’t tear easily. In addition, this bench presents a classic impression that is not excessive. Leather bench with storage underneath from hgtv.

High Curtains

Furniture that extends up to the ceiling can visually open up the space. Thus, it gives the illusion of a more spacious room.

Styling tips: Choose patterned curtains if your bedroom is relatively plain, but go for plain curtains if your bedroom is boldly patterned. 

The plain high curtain is a neutral choice for an elegant master bedroom. You can take this curtain color from one of your pillowcases to match the color tone of the room. Choose cotton so that it is lighter when washed when it starts to get dirty. Peach is a sweet color and brings a more feminine feel to the room. High curtain cotton plain from hgtv.

Another high curtain option that you can try is the sweet and beautiful plaid pattern. The combination of blue and white in this curtain gives a fresh feel. This curtain plaid is recommended for neutral and plain bedrooms. Hang several frames of paintings as artistic value. Plaid high curtain from hgtv.

What do you think? Small master bedroom designs are not that tricky, are they?