Show yourself some love and hang beautiful mini photo collections where it’s best visible to other people. Despite keeping it in a closed album, you can display a series of interesting portraits, particularly in a living room, which can showcase your memories in cute works of art. 

The very reason why people hang their photo collections is to complement the room’s decoration, which is achievable by combining interesting ways of hanging and the design scheme. If you have the intention to take out your Pinterest mode to live, here are some cute ways to display mini photo collections in your living room.

Vertical mini frames

Buy the frames from the local thrift shop or make it yourself using hard paper. Create different interesting shapes before gluing your photo, and then connect each other using magnets or strings. It’s a vintage vibe in addition to your living room.

This unique way of displaying art and photos not only gives your space a relaxed and bohemian feel, but is also very versatile. Use any combination of laces and clips to complement the décor and voilà your home has a piece that stands out created. You can place this photo collage on the living room wall to make the room look perfect. String photo collage from theeverygirl.

A square photo print set with a few straps and small wooden stumps was used to create this lovely look. You can add to your photo collection by clipping it on a string for an attractive living room decor. You can add pieces of wood for the perfect room look. With this idea you’ll have a vintage vibe next to your living room. Square photo print from fixthephoto.

Create photo collages that light up the room. Fasten the party light strings in a pattern that runs down the wall or board. Creating seasonal patterns is an easy way to decorate the holidays, and changing the shape of the lights afterward is very simple. For a final touch, hang the photo on the twinkle of the lamp with clothespins or hooks. With this idea, you will have an interesting living room look and become a focal point. Photo collages with spring from shutterfly.

Hanging webs

It’s super fun to have your room decorated with mini photo collections hung upside down with a form of webs, connecting one photo with another. If you want to make it more aesthetically pleasing, try to print the portraits in black-and-white for a modern touch.

The idea of decorating the living room by adding hanging webs will make for a striking look. You can add a mini photo collection that is hung upside down in a net shape to create an attractive home appearance. This decoration is very fun because its unique design will steal the attention of many people when entering your living room. Hanging webs photo collage from fixthephoto.

One of the most unique and creative ways to present your photos is to recreate this geometric string collage in your hallway or living room. Using the straps that are attached, you can place several mini photo collections with wooden clips for maximum results. These ideas will make for the perfect room decor and will make a focal point in your living room. Hanging web-collage from diys.

A massive photo collages

Your photos may be minis, but the display can be huge. Create a big photo collage, framed in a beautiful, solid wood frame. It’s a great way to make a statement but requires a large space to fill.

In this way, you will get an easy tutorial to make a beautiful photo collage for your living room decor. All you need is a solid wood frame to get started. Using a solid wood frame and filled with several photos will also display a unique and interesting room decoration for you to try. Adding straps and clips for hanging photos is a brilliant idea for a stylish home decor. Solid wood frame from sunlitspaces.

Grab a few cables to create an industrial-style mood board filled with your favorite photos. It’s the perfect way to dress up this attractive living room. Using a solid wood frame is a brilliant idea because the unique design will also create a stunning appearance of the room and make your home look more stylish. Placing it on one wall provides an attractive focal point for the room. Industrial-style wooden solid frame from diys.

Photo magnet

It’s a common decoration found in the kitchen, but you can also take it to the living room area. Instead of sticking the photo on a fridge, purchase a magnetic bulletin board before you put custom photo magnets on the surface. The magnetic mini photo collections are fun and cute for decoration.

This is a common decoration in kitchens, but you can also bring it into the living room area. Attaching the photo to the wall using magnets will make for a simple and useful decoration. This will make the room an attractive focal point and will grab the attention of every guest. Laying on the sofa will make your living room more perfect. Photo magnet from bobvila.

One frame for all

If you don’t have space, create a collage of your mini photo collections using a single frame, which can fit dozens of small-printed photos. Arrange the position so you can have cute shapes like a heart or animal, or else. It’s an additional decorative piece in a modern house.

Be Kind & Smile Often shows us how to create super simple and versatile artwork for home decorating. Take some of your favorite family photos, clothespins, wire or thread and blank frames to get started. Placing it on one of the living room walls will present a stylish room appearance and will be the focal point of the room. It is an additional decorative piece in a modern home. White frame one all photo from diys.

This is one of the fastest and easiest photo display ideas for the home. Just buy a large frame and print the snapshot small for impressive results. With decorations like this will make your home look different and will steal the attention of every guest who comes to the house. Placing it on a console table and equipped with a table lamp will present the perfect room decoration. White frame from fixthephoto.

Displaying mini photo collections in your living room is one great way to appreciate your pictures. Remember not to hang the photos where it gets direct sunlight that can cause the colors of the photo to fade quicker.