Displaying a chic impression is easy but also tricky. There are some things that you need to consider so that the minimalism presented remains proportional. If you wrongly plan, it might create dullness instead of the lively impression that you desperately seek.

Give a warm atmosphere in a sleek design through several decorating choices. Some of the ideas that we present below can be a guide in decorating your minimalist apartment

1. Use Neutral Color Dominantly

The main principle in a minimalist style is to choose a color scheme that can create a clean and tidy impression. Try to use a color palette as guidance before putting the decorations in your minimalist apartment.

This all-white color becomes a broad and spacious impression in this minimalist living room. Combined with wooden floors and sofas and this white coffee table will make for an attractive appearance. This unique red sofa will be the perfect focal point of the room, making it a meaningful room for you to try. Don’t forget to add potted greenery and place it over the fireplace to give the room a fresh look. All white color scheme from housebeautiful.

The white nuances here will be the base color in the living room and will make the room a spacious and airy decoration. Combined with large windows, it will give a bright impression with sunlight entering the house. Don’t forget to add some light white curtains to give the room an interesting twist. Large rugs throughout this room will create a warm impression into this room. White nuances with large window from housebeautiful.

2. Give character to the wall

Polishing the minimalist style can add a modern impression. Add a focal point to the neutral-colored walls by painting one of its four sides with red chili or green neon.

The white nunasa throughout this room will look boring but will give the impression of being spacious and spacious to the room. You can add a red tint to one of the walls to create an upscale décor and it will become the perfect focal point of the room. You can use a red mattress for the perfect contrast. Wooden floors will also present a warm impression and provide an attractive room decoration for you to try. White and red wall from digsdigs.

This minimalist apartment is dominated by white to create a spacious and spacious room decoration. A touch of red on this kitchen cabinet will also be the perfect focal point of the room. The wooden floor and ceiling lighting will give the perfect light making it an attractive decoration for the room. The red sofa and the red carpet will also be the focal point of the room. Red cabinet on minimalist living room from digsdigs.

3. Experiment with Scandinavian Style

Combining the Scandinavian style with the minimalist concept is a brilliant idea. Give a little natural effect on the interior of your apartment, for example, a wooden chair, and put some houseplants as an accessory on your coffee table.

This minimalist apartment decoration idea in a sakndinavian style will make a stunning appearance in this living room. You can use white shades which are complemented by large windows to create a spacious and bright impression into the room. The wooden floor and geometric patterned runner rugs will bring a warm vibe to the room. Don’t forget to add an L-shaped sofa and a wooden coffee table for an eye-catching look. Scandinavian minimalist apartment from architectureartdesigns.

The touch of this Scandinavian-style wooden lounge chair will make your room more attractive and will create a modern look into your living room. Combined with this patterned sofa will create an attractive focal point for the room. Added carpet throughout the room will bring a warm vibe and give it a calm nuance. The white paint on the walls and large windows will bring out a spacious vibe and a natural feel from the sunshine. Scandinavian-style wooden lounge chair from architectureartdesigns.

4. Playing with Textures

With a limited choice of colors, you can still play with shapes and textures. Choose decorations with a variety of textures; for example, you can always put a handmade rug and hang a rope wall round mirror in the living room.

Using this geometric patterned handmade rug will create a warm room look on your feet. You can also combine it with wooden floors and patterned wallpaper to create an eye-catching children’s playroom decor. This framed wall decor will be the perfect focal point of the room. This small play table set will create an attractive indoor decoration. Geometric patterned handmade rug from hgtv.

You can add texture to this minimalist living room with a touch of dark handcrafted rugs to create a warm impression into this room. You can also use a round mirror attached to the wall to reflect light so it will create a spacious and airy room. Pairing it with white nuances and wooden floors will create an attractive living room impression. Handcrafted rugs and round mirror from onekindesign.

5. Add Floating Storage

Minimalism means we have to limit the items and decorations that we will use to save space. Use floating storage as a solution for neatness in your minimalist apartment.

This floating shelf behind the sofa provides the perfect decoration of the room and will be the focal point of the room. You can keep your collection of books and ornaments neatly so that you will make the room look less messy. this idea will give space on this minimalist living room floor. Floating shelf behind the sofa from decoist.

You can add an open shelf on one wall to give a neat room and avoid clutter. You can apply several book collections and a few other ornaments to create the perfect focal point of the room. Using white tones and large windows will create a spacious and bright atmosphere in the room. This black and white wooden floor and geometric carpet make the perfect decoration for the room. Open shelf on one wall from decoist.

By applying the ideas above, your minimalist apartment will certainly possess its own orderliness and calming effect. So, start saving your budget and begin saving your environment!