Having a crowded kitchen is overwhelming because you will need to clean them often to prevent clutter from happening. It must be troublesome. Imagine if you have a neat and well-organized kitchen. You can achieve that imagination by going minimal with the grey minimalist kitchen set.

Cooking Tools

Let’s start with cooking tools. Invest in good quality ones because it can save your money over time so that you don’t need to buy new ones.

For a minimalist kitchen set, you need to focus on what you usually cook and what you want to cook on special occasions. Tools like cast iron frying pan, stockpot, saucepan, spatula and, chef’s knife are essentials to have. If you want to add more tools, keep in mind that you are aiming for a minimalistic clutter-free kitchen so that you won’t buy unnecessary items.

Arrange all the furniture layouts in your kitchen decor to keep it looking neat and not cluttered. Take advantage of open shelves and your kitchen island for safe storage of several cutlery. The kitchen island, which is equipped with storage drawers, is a smart and modern looking piece of furniture. Open shelves and kitchen island for storage ideas for cutlery from home-designing.

To make it easier for you to pick up some cooking utensils, you can use an open cabinet rack. Use this rack for storage of cooking utensils that are often used so as not to cause chaos in your minimalist kitchen room. Stack several of your pans vertically to save on this storage rack effectively and efficiently. Open cabinet shelves for pot storage ideas from home-designing.

No need to buy too many cooking utensils to always display a minimalist and neat kitchen decoration. Take advantage of the empty backsplash as a wall mounted shelf with gold color to hang several kitchen utensils without using the floor area at all. Pair some wooden shelves for your cutlery storage ideas. Wall mounted gold rack to hang kitchen utensils from home-designing.

Too much use of cooking utensils in a minimalist kitchen will cause a mess that makes you feel uncomfortable when doing cooking activities. You can use the tile wall next to the window to hang a sturdy metal rack to hang multiple spatulas regularly. The built in shelf on the backsplash allows you to store several wooden trays openly. Built in rack with iron rack for storage of cooking utensils from home-designing.

Minimalist Kitchen Appliances

There are many kitchen appliances, and you might want it all. However, these are obligatory to have: refrigerator, stovetop oven (or without the oven if you are on a budget), and a kettle.

If you like to juice your fruits, getting a blender is acceptable. Avoid buying kitchen appliances that have similar functions with the ones that you have. If you come across a new appliance and have an interest in buying it, pause for a moment and ask yourself these questions: “do I really need that?” and “where would I put it?”

To get a wider kitchen space, then you can just use kitchen utensils that are often used. The refrigerator is a kitchen tool that you must have, because this tool can be used to store all food and beverage stocks so that they are more durable and not easily spoiled. Another kitchen appliance that is predominantly used is the stove to cook your food until it is cooked. Kitchen utensil stove and refrigerator from elledecor.

Stainless steel refrigerators and stoves become kitchen utensils that are sturdier and more durable to use for a long time because they are not easily corroded and corroded. If you need and use the oven every day then you can put it under the stove to save maximum kitchen space. Floating cabinets are recommended storage ideas for minimalist kitchen decoration. Oven under stainless steel stove from elledecor.

Do not put the refrigerator, oven and stove too far because this kitchen appliance works continuously during cooking activities. When cooking and needing food stock in the refrigerator, it will be more effective and efficient. In this minimalist kitchen decoration you can use kitchen utensils and cooking utensils as needed without overdoing it, you can try this idea and imitate it because it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Do not put the refrigerator, oven and stove too far from elledecor.

Cleaning Essentials

Cleaning tools are essential because you need to maintain your minimalist kitchen to stay clean, neat, and tidy. Try using reusable cleaning tools to avoid clutter and producing more garbage. Being eco-friendly is good for your kitchen and your environment.

Having reusable tea towels, drying mats, and a compost bin are also important. If you have a large number of dishes and don’t have a dishwasher, you can get a dish drying rack as an alternative.

Hang tea towels on the outer surface of the kitchen cabinet to wipe down wet cooking utensils or cutlery. Take advantage of this unused side of the cabinet as an idea to store several spatulas neatly and safely, this storage idea is very smart because it doesn’t take up much space when used. Hang the tea towels in the kitchen cabinet from apartmenttherapy.

To help dry your kitchen utensils after washing, you can use a pegboard that hangs on the kitchen wall area that is still empty. Add a cloth on this pegboard so that it can be used for maximum storage, don’t forget to use an iron basket for storing your tea towels. Pegboard storage for ideas for drying kitchen utensils from apartmenttherapy.

Place a stainless steel drying rack for storage of cutlery beside the sink so as not to wet certain areas of the kitchen causing slippery floors. Hanging ceiling shelves can also be used to hang several spatulas and even rice containers, keep and arrange minimalist kitchen decorations to keep them neat and clean. Stainless steel drying rack beside sink from apartmenttherapy.

Whether you are a first-timer or not. This list of minimalist kitchen sets will help you create a comfortable and clutter-free design. Sticking to the essentials and your daily needs is the main key to be minimal.