Simplicity and simple living have been increasingly popular among interior designers and homeowners. Minimalism works well with present-day limited-space homes or interiors. If you wish to incorporate this modern style into the living space, let’s start with helpful hacks to create a minimalist living room.

Cleaning up and Clearing off

You need to clean your space thoroughly that will include clearing off any clutters scattered around your interior or furniture pieces. Stash or organize items that are still worthy, thence throw away those that are no longer in use.

Perform routine maintenance on some of the furniture in the minimalist living room decoration so that it looks cleaner and more comfortable to use for gathering with your family or friends. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets and sofas. This white and black color combination presents a monochromatic style that is modern and not boring. Routine furniture maintenance from housebeautiful.

Free your furniture from dust which will cause the room to feel uncomfortable and stuffy. Also avoid excessive use of furniture to get a freer and more open space, you can put unused furniture in another room, for example in a warehouse. With this living room decoration you can enjoy all day long comfortably and not boring. Avoid using furniture excessively from housebeautiful.

Focusing on Furniture

Once your space cleared off, you need to consider the furniture. You have to decide which ones are functional and which ones only decorative. By doing so, you can also choose the ones as statement pieces.

Take advantage of the empty wall area by installing a floating built in shelf that looks minimalist and elegant. This shelf is an open storage idea that makes it easier for you to store or retrieve items more effectively. In addition to storing your favorite books, small ornament ornaments can also be placed on this shelf as decorations that can enhance the appearance of the living room. Minimalist built in rack storage from housebeautiful.

You can use this legless coffee table in the living room area to neatly place some of your favorite books vertically so that it becomes one of the most multifunctional furniture. Apart from accompanying your free time at home, this book is also a smart and creative decorative item. Don’t forget to repaint this table with a dark color so that it works better when placed in the minimalist living room decoration. Legless coffee table for storage of books from housebeautiful.

Turning to Minimalist Furniture

You may keep and go with your current collection but choose the functional ones. Or, you can turn to modern minimalist furniture sets, like a sectional sofa and coffee table. If they are still too bulky, you swap with a smaller settee and a stack of little nesting tables.

The sectional sofa which is placed in this minimalist living room functions to sit or lie down comfortably and comfortably all day long. Cover this white sofa with a patterned blanket for an added heating accent which is especially useful when the weather starts to get cold. This coffee table and natural wood flooring perfectly bring out the Scandinavian style. Sectional sofa equipped with blankets from apartmenttherapy.

This white living room will look more elegant when equipped with a light gray sectional sofa which has a smooth and soft surface. You can relax more on this sofa because your legs can be stretched out in a relaxed manner. The standing mirror in the corner of the room is an accent that makes the room appear wider and brighter. Greenery is a decoration that refreshes the room as a whole. Sectional sofa with a smoother surface from apartmenttherapy.

Using Muted Color Palettes

For any furniture piece and other furnishings, try to choose them in a muted monochrome or neutral colors. These palettes promote dynamism and less hectic look.

Black and white is a suitable color combination and never fails when applied to minimalist living room furniture. This black suede sofa is a comfortable piece of furniture to wear all day long because it has a smoother surface. This wall scones lamp presents a bit of classic style that never goes out of style. Monochromatic living room furniture from apartmenttherapy.

Finding Smart Storage Ideas

Look for solutions to keep away any clutter, particularly for smaller space. You may choose a multifunctional furniture piece that has secret hidden storage. Alternatively, go for smart space-saving vertical storage ideas.

To maximize the minimalist living room decoration, you can use a coffee table equipped with a storage drawer underneath. The built in shelves on this fireplace are also an additional open storage idea making it even more effective and efficient. The plywood material on this shelf provides a more natural and environmentally friendly appearance. A coffee table equipped with a storage drawer from apartmenttherapy.

Allowing A Lot of Natural Light

Minimalist interior design is also about an open floor space that allows ample natural light. You may limit the use of window treatments or choose airier and lighter curtains instead.

The more glass windows that are installed, the more natural light you will get. With this instead of using walls with wide transparent glass windows to the ceiling, during the day you can partially open these sheer curtains to maximize light entering the room which will help the lighting during the day. Besides that, you can also see the outdoor scenery freely. High transparent glass window from apartmenttherapy.

Decorating the Walls

Keep your walls in a minimalist look by hanging one or two artworks that are high in impact. Or, an organized wall photo gallery will also do.

The last idea to decorate your minimalist living room is to hang and back several frame paintings of several types to make the room more beautiful. This furniture with monochrome colors supports painting so that it can blend better and perfectly. Hang and back painting frame from apartmenttherapy.

You may also use your surroundings as the inspirations to design your ultimate minimalist living room.