A sofa to a house owner is like a throne to a king. Therefore, your selection of sofa has to be comfortable, exciting, and everlasting. But what if you have a house with small rooms that can’t host a large sofa? If that’s the case, then a minimalist sofa is what you need. To inspire you up, check out these selections of 5 intriguing minimalist sofa designs that might suit your taste.

1. Iceberg-inspired sofa

Inspiration comes from many different sources, this time coming from an iceberg. This iceberg-inspired sofa has a plethora of minimalist sofa designs with the shape of irregular, floating icebergs. Lightweight padding is installed to make a feel of air-filled iceberg with extra comfort.

This minimalist gray sofa is inspired by a charming iceberg. This sofa design looks minimalist with the shape of the floating and irregular chunks of ice. You can put it in the corner of the room to maximize the space in your living room. You can also add a leather rug under the sofa for a stylish decorating idea. Combined with yellow nuances, it will make your room look bright and inviting. Minimalist gray sofa iceberg from designboom.

Having an irregular but unique shape like an iceberg, this sofa is perfect for those of you who like minimalist room decor. Apart from its unique and attractive shape, this sofa is very comfortable to use. Choosing a gray color is an interesting room decoration idea because it will give you a warm and cozy vibe when you are in this living room. Minimalist iceberg sofa from smarin.

2. Stone-shaped sofa

Despite its off-putting name, this minimalist sofa has decent comfort and style. Inspired by nature, the surface of the sofa is smooth and curvilinear, akin to a smoothened down stone in the ocean. 

Shaped like a stone, this gray stone sofa offers comfort for those of you who use it. This sofa is suitable for those of you who have a minimalist and unique home decor. With a design like this your sofa will be an attraction and will steal people’s attention while in your minimalist living room. Having a smooth texture, this sofa will look interesting for you to try. Shaped stone sofa from smarin.

Having a black color and shape that resembles a stone sofa is perfect for you to use because of its unique and very minimalist appearance. With this curved velvet sofa and complemented by a contemporary coffee table and gold accented sputnik lamps, give the room a luxurious and glamo’s décor. Black color stone shape sofa from home-designing.

A minimalist sofa that has the comfort and style it deserves. Inspired by nature, the soft and curved sofa surface is perfect for use in your minimalist room. You can also add a geometric coffee table and a large round carpet around the sofa so that it will give the room a style and grab the attention of many people. Decorating this abstract wall creates a space that is both luxurious and glamorous. Curved sofa from bocadolobo.

3. Pillow pullout sofa

When it comes to portability, almost no other minimalist sofa designs can ever come close to this. Simple, compact, and comfortable, this sofa can be customized to your heart’s content. You can spread the pillow pieces wide if you have a large room or stack them close to one another if you have a smaller room.

The logic behind it is that the sofa is actually just a bunch of pillows stuck together with zipper edge. That’s why portability isn’t an issue at all with this minimalist sofa. 

This simple sofa that you can pull to create a bed in the living room is perfect for you to use in the room because it is very minimalist. The bright colors can make your room look more cheerful. Equipped with several pillows and a sofa blanket, this sofa will look comfortable and stylish that you can try. Applying large windows will also provide adequate lighting and allow sunlight to enter the house. Pillow pullout sofa from lonny.

4. Asymmetrically angled sofa

Shaped with the backrest sloping downward to the other side, this minimalist sofa really embraces the concept of minimalist. True, the asymmetric shape might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t deny its artistic value. Plus, it offers portability and comfort quite well for a rather bulky sofa.

Circular in shape, this asymmetrical sofa is perfect for you to use because it has excessive artistic value and comfort. Having this green velvet material will create a comfortable and elegant impression into this modern living room. Equipped with several chairs and a unique coffee table will create a comfortable and warm room. Circular green velvet sofa from bocadolobo.

Minimalist living room decoration using an asymmetrical sofa is a very suitable choice, because it makes your room more attractive and comfortable to use. Choosing a curved shape for this sofa will look more attractive and will steal the attention of many people. Adding a gold accent to the foot of the sofa will give your room a glamorous and luxurious look. Beige asymmetrical sofa from bocadolobo.

The unique shape of the asymmetric sofa makes your room even more attractive. Apart from its unique shape, the asymmetric sofa also offers good protection and comfort. With a circular shape, this sofa will look more comfortable with velvet which will give your sofa a more luxurious and inviting appearance. With the brown color scheme, this sofa is complemented by a unique coffee table. Brown color asymmetric sofa from bocadolobo.

5. Seamless, shapeless sofa

Can minimalist sofa designs be crazier than they ever were? Sure they can, and this seamless sofa can attest to that. From the outside, this worm-like item looks nothing like a sofa because it lacks any characteristic from your typical seating. However, this sofa’s shapeless form is actually intended to bring comfort and creative resting position to the users. Truly, what a pure minimalist sofa it is.

This minimalist sofa with an unusual shape is very strange but unique. Each sofa aims to be a comfortable resting place. This sofa is perfect for you to use in a minimalist room because its shape is very minimalist and very comfortable. However, the shapeless shape of the sofa is intended to provide comfort and a creative resting position for its users. Shapeless shape sofa from trendhunter.

All things considered, have you decided which minimalist sofa designs work best with your room?