We know that modern farmhouse design is all about trying to put together a traditional look with a minimalism that almost feels like Scandinavian interior design. Especially for living room, people often fall into the trap of putting everything in with more emphasis on decorative purposes but disregarding its functionality.

Making your living room in a modern farmhouse style is easier than you think. One thing to keep in that is that minimalism puts heavy emphasis on practicality and functions rather than the decorative side of it. Below are some creations of modern farmhouse living room that most do not think of because they are surprisingly easy.

Bring Woven Materials In

Adding a traditional country life atmosphere to your modern house does not have to mean bringing in the old stuff, such as saxophones and tricycle. Not only is it better suited at a pub, but it fails to fulfill a purpose.

If you want something decorative but modest from the past, simply bring a wicker basket table or a sisal rug to adorn the living room. They are traditional, simple and purposeful.

Sisal rugs become items that make the farmhouse living room decor instantly more different. There’s nothing wrong with adding this traditional accent to give it a more natural feel. Other interiors that you can apply in this room are classic leather sofas and wooden window frames. This window provides natural lighting freely. A sisal rug fitted with a classic leather chair from bhg.

Cover the wood floor decor with woven sisal rugs for comfortable, warm footwear. This modern farmhouse living room will be more elegant when equipped with a classic sofa and some wall frames. Green plants and flowers on the table are natural decorations that refresh the room. Cover the wooden floor with sisal rug from bhg.

Give a natural accent to your living room decor with a medium-sized wicker basket table. You can add wheels to this table to make it easier for you to move it to the target area. Do not forget to use a layer of the floor with the leather carpet and sisal rug. The green pillowcases are the bold color in this fresh room. Woven basket table equipped with wheels from bhg.

Paint the Window and Door Sashes Black

Has anyone ever told you that simply paint your door and window sashes black is more than enough to re-create the look of iron windows? This works well if you install windows and door in your living room.

With this modern farmhouse living room trick, you can say no to a barn door. It is not only boring but also boring.

The black window frames give an elegant and neutral modern farmhouse impression. The black matte window frame is a color that matches the interior around it. Match the color of the leather sofa with the window frames to match the color tone of the room. Don’t forget to add larger green plants as fresh windowsill. Black matte window frames from stylebyemilyhenderson.

Black and white are a combination of colors that creates a monochromatic style in the decor of your modern farmhouse living room. You can use wooden window frames that are painted black to give the illusion that these frames are made of iron. Wood material has good resistance, because this material is also not easily porous and durable. The plaid sofa gives the right pattern texture. Wooden window frame with black color from stylebyemilyhenderson.

The window and door frames were repainted with black color to make the modern farmhouse style more beautiful and elegant. Complete this living room with vintage furniture that will give you a classic feel that will never go out of style. The fireplace in this room has a matching color with the window and door frames. Make this living room more open without a room divider, which makes the room feel cramped and cramped. The window and door frames were repainted with black from milgard.

Colors and Contrast

Clean Scandinavian design sticks to neutral colors. White is highly preferred as it allows for the highlight of statement-making pieces.

Furthermore, the modern farmhouse can be achieved by maintaining the space bright and airy and playing with textures and contrasts.

Neutral colors will never fail to decorate a room in any style. In the living room decoration of this modern farmhouse, you can combine gray with white as a color combination that blends perfectly. Another color that you can enter in this room is the red flower placed in a gold vase, besides giving a beautiful color, this flower is also a decoration that refreshes the room. Neutral color farmhouse living room with bold blooming flower from bhg.

Paint one part of the wall in a bold color like light blue as a focal point in this white living room. Large and spacious windows give the room a brighter and more open impression. You can also splash light blue on some of the interiors in this room, for example on a side table and some pillowcases. Light blue splash color in the white farmhouse living room from bhg.

Farmhouse living rooms usually use bright and unobtrusive colors, give it another unique look by using a bold red electric fireplace. Also, splash red on your carpet pattern, with this your living room will be more colorful and contrasting. Rattan and wooden furniture are always interior items that you should use. Red bold color on the fireplace and pattern carpet from bhg.

This farmhouse living room looks more modern with existing layouts and colors. Not only with neutral colors, you can also add other bold colors to a blanket that is thrown on a sofa and a painting of a cow on the fireplace. Don’t forget to use wood accents on your floor as warm and soft footwear. Bold color on the blanket and painting from bhg.

Those are some unbelievably easy recreations of modern farmhouse living room, hope you find them enlightening and useful.