Sharp and clean-looking furniture colors and arrangements characterize a modern laundry room. How does modern laundry room décor look like?

Get inspired with some of this modern laundry room décor to spice up your typically boring laundry days.

Neat and clean is the style!

A modern-styled interior is generally neat and clean. There is no clutter anywhere; not too many décors or displays to distract you from its highlights. These are mainly the shiny, polished, washing machine and dryer at the corner, and the common color theme of the room. That’s it!

The combination of black and white in your laundry room presents a monochromatic style that makes the room look more modern and up-to-date. Use a marble countertop in a dark color for a shinier look. Keep all your washing equipment in the cabinet so that it is tidier and more organized. Re-paint the wooden cabinet in a neutral color that is easy to combine with any interior around it. Monochromatic style for modern laundry room from homedit.

Store all your utensils and washing equipment in this open cabinet or shelf to keep your laundry space minimal. When your cabinet has a white color, then for tile backsplash decoration you can try a brighter color like dark blue. The wooden sign board that hangs on your wall makes a beautiful artistic decoration. Store all washing equipment in the from cabinet from homedit.

Hard plastic or metallic décor

Hard plastic or metallic baskets or storage compartments are among the most recommended modern laundry décor cum functional furniture. A basket it is, the material and finishing make it look chic and nicely appropriate for your modern home.

Choose a basket made of hard plastic material so that it is not easily porous and is stronger when used for a long time. When the feel of your laundry room is white then choose this basket with a neutral, muted color like gray, the combination of these two colors will work well and don’t mess up the color scheme of the room. This small plant vase is a fresh touch that you can try. Gray baskets made of hard plastic from homedit.

Instead of storing it on the tissue in plastic, transfer it to the wire basket which is at the corner of your stone countertop. In this basket you can store more tissue, neat and of course more effective. This wire material will be stronger and stronger when used for a long time. There’s no need to repaint this basket for a vintage style. Vintage wire basket from homedit.

Wicker storage? Not too many, please!

Wicker baskets or boxes can look elegant too, depending on the designs and finishing. They can be rightfully suitable as a modern laundry room décor. However, use them wisely. Too many of them may give the impression that you are too lazy to think through your design.

Woven baskets are a storage tool that can organize equipment and tools more effectively. Place this basket on the white countertop to make it easier to store or retrieve the items you need, don’t forget to equip it with a holder to make it easier for you to move it to any area you want. Wicker basket equipped with holder from homedit.

This modern laundry room decoration will look more natural when equipped with a woven basket that can help your storage be more organized. This basket is perfect for use in a small laundry room because it doesn’t take up much of your floor or countertop area. Complete your wall with an iron hook as an area to hang some of the accessories you have so that it is tidier and doesn’t cause chaos. Wicker basket storage organization from homedit.

Indoor plants to freshen the look

A modern-styled room tends towards highlight plain colors such as white, grey, beige, and so on. Break this plainness with some greens, but not too much. Pay attention to the type of plants and the pots or vases you choose.

More importantly, remember the rule of thumb—be neat and be clean. Less stuff is better.

There is nothing wrong with decorating the laundry room with several ornamental plants that have different types. Place this green plant on a marble countertop with a variety of beautiful patterned pots, transparent glass windows help this room look brighter. In addition, this lighting also helps the fertility level of your green plants, not forgetting to provide fertilizer and water regularly. Green plant on the marble countertop from elledecor.

Green plants are one of the room decorations that can be placed anywhere you want, including in your laundry room. Take advantage of the wooden countertop area that is still empty as an area to put green plants that are refreshing and make the atmosphere of the laundry room cooler. instantaneously. The wooden countertop also provides a natural and eco-friendly impression that is on a budget. Green plants as a natural decoration for the laundry room from elledecor.

Classy touch of personality can’t go wrong

Regardless of the interior style you adopt, adding a touch of personality in your room will certainly improve your comfort. However, certainly for a modern laundry room, you will need to go back to the basic rule again. Less clutter, neat and clean. Plain-colored, simply designed bench-top or on-the-shelf frames of your family and loved ones—one, or two, or three at most—should suffice as modern laundry room décor.

Decorate the plain walls of your laundry room with some family photo frames as a reminder of the fond memories of the past. Use this family photo in a B / W tone to match your current laundry room decor. Complete with the application of greenery on the countertop or in the floor area. B / W family photo from homedit.

Closable compartments are practical

With the ‘neat and clean’ concept, having closable storages is surely practical. Don’t have time to clean your mess? Chuck them all in the storages! Cupboards or boxes put up on the walls or through the walls will look great in your modern laundry room.

Hide your laundry room decor from clutter for a neat and tidy room feel. You can decorate this laundry room behind a wall which is furnished with wooden doors that have been repainted in a bright blue color. This door also comes with multiple hooks for a smart extra storage idea. Hide the decor of the laundry room from goodhousekeeping.

Now, are you ready to redecorate your daily chore space with some modern laundry room décor?