Your garden needs other things than plants and garden beds. Some simple outdoor project garden crafts can turn a common garden into a wonder. Even with the most mundane crafts, you can still make your garden visually pop. Some of these crafts can be done with children.

Here are some simple garden crafts you can try for a one-day project.

1.     Simple Garden Markers

If you plant vegetables, you want to know for sure the locations of each plant. Garden markers are simple, popular, and beautiful outdoor project garden crafts. There are many ways you can create such markers. You can paint images of veggies on planks or create simple vegetable felts on sticks.

Using a chalkboard to mark the types of plants you should try as this unique design will make it easier for you to know what kind of plants you are planting. You can make it yourself so that it gives an attractive and eye-catching garden appearance. Garden marker is a simple, popular and beautiful outdoor project garden craft. DIY small chalkboard from scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.

Planting the types of plants you must also mark them so you can find out what types of plants you are planting. Making it yourself with wooden sticks and painting it with a marker will bring a garden decoration that will grab people’s attention. This decoration will make your garden more stylish and look perfect. Stick painting from bhg.

2.     Mini Pallet Herb Garden

If you could find an old pallet board, you can turn it into a mini herb garden. Some landscape fabrics, scissors, nails, soil, and choice herbs are enough to create a mini garden. Choose herbs that you use the most for cooking or drinking, such as mint, rosemary, tarragon, cilantro, sage, and basil.

You can try this mini herbal garden palette and place it in your backyard. With this decoration idea you have a mini potion board that is perfect and will steal the attention of many people. Using reclaimed wood this makes for a low budget garden decoration and is the perfect choice. Planting some of these herbs will have many benefits. Reclaimed wood pallet herb from onekindesign.

Growing your own herb garden is the perfect way to have pesticide-free organic herbs in your own backyard. This herb palette garden you can attach vertically to the wall. For this project, the wood was stained for a rustic aesthetic. Adding labels with white paint will also differ what kind of plants you plant. You can add some other green plants to complete your garden decoration. Vetical herb palette garden from onekindesign.

3.     Repurposed Hanging Pots

Various trash objects like plastic jugs and bottles can be repurposed into hanging pots. Simply cut them in half and fill them with soil, before adding mini plants. Hang the pots from a branch or structure, using ropes or colorful twines.

Hanging used bottles on the garden fence behind the house will give an attractive appearance for you to try so that it will make a perfect garden focal point. You can add a variety of greenery to complement your garden decoration. Adding a little greenery will also make your garden fresher and more natural. You can use a rope to hang this used bottle. Hanging used bottles from balconygardenweb.

If you have a can in your house that you are going to throw away, use it for planting annuals, succulents or herbs and hang it on the wall of your back garden. With this idea, you can make it yourself and it will save you the budget for an interesting garden decoration. You can add some other greenery to complete your garden decoration. Hanging can palnter from balconygardenweb.

4.     One-Day Fairy Garden

A fairy garden combines mini plants, figurines, and other decorative objects to create a tiny world in a container. You can create such garden in a one-day project. You don’t even need fancy pots because an old metal bucket can also work well as a fairy garden bed.

Completing the garden look by adding a fairy garden becomes the perfect focal point of the garden so that it will make the garden perfect. You can make such a garden in a one-day project. Adding a miniature house, a small tree and pebbles will create a unique look. some blooming flowers also complement your fairy garden decoration. Fairy garden from countryliving.

It doesn’t take more than a miniature fence and two birdhouses to turn a simple flower pot into a dream fairy garden. Adding some green moss and blooming flowers will make a perfect room decoration and will steal people’s attention if you are in your garden. You don’t even need a fancy pot, as these clay pots can work just as well as a fairy garden bed. Some of these black pebbles will complete the fairy garden look creating the illusion of the perfect garden. Clay pot fairy garden from countryliving.

5.     Garden Paths

If you have a soil patch in your garden, turn it into a work of art with simple garden paths. You can place stone tiles within certain distances or arrange wooden pallets to form a wide line.

Cobblestone is an ideal stone material to use for gardens or lawn paths. It’s usually a reddish or orange-ish color that blends well in dry climates and sunny areas and complements greenery. Use different sizes for the large flagstones and glue them together like a jigsaw puzzle. Use gravel to fill in the gaps. You can add some weeds along this path for the perfect garden design besides it will create a fresh and natural-looking garden. Cobblestone path way on garden from balconygardenweb.

This garden path idea uses wooden pallets that are laid out one by one, although leaving little space in between. To do this, you need to place wooden pallets firmly along the desired path. The gaps also allow plants to grow in between to create a more earthy feel for the walkway. Adding some of this roadside greenery will create a perfect and inviting garden. A large pile of stones also complements your garden decoration. Wooden pallets pathway from balconygardenweb.

One-day outdoor project garden crafts are easy enough for homeowners. However, they can still transform your garden into a tiny paradise, even if you only have a small area.