Having a neat, decluttered pantry is a game-changer for both professional and home cooks. Many pantry organization tips are simple, yet create a big switch in your daily kitchen operation. Try these practical hacks to turn your pantry from cluttered to organized.

1.     Use Clear Jars and Labels

Place your most-used items in clear jars, which you can buy in bulk cheaply. Place labels with clear names on the jars, and make sure they always face the front. If you place the jars in drawers instead of shelves, place the labels on the lids.

In order for your kitchen pantry decoration to be tidier and more orderly, transfer all the food powder or milk into a transparent glass jar that is equipped with a written label written in white permanent marker so that it is not confused and easier to find in a short period of time. This jar is equipped with a lid so it is safer from dust or animals that get into this jar. Transparent glass jar with white marker writing label from countryliving.

Avoid using food stock that is still in the plastic, instead using a jar of several different sizes as needed. This round jar is also equipped with a white label that will make it easier for you when you need it quickly, this storage idea is very useful for your kitchen pantry design because it makes it look more organized and eliminates clutter in this kitchen pantry. Round jar with label on outer surface from countryliving.

2.     Hang Racks behind the Door

Use the unused space behind the door panel as an extra storage space. Hang or install a simple rack to store your dried goods, napkins, and small spice bottles. You can also hang frequently used utensils on nails behind the door.

The iron vertical shelf that hangs behind the kitchen pantry door is very useful because it will be an additional storage idea that can be used as well as possible, put all bottled drinks on this shelf so they don’t fall and cause them to break. You can use this shelf with iron material to make it stronger when used for storage in large quantities. Repaint this shelf with white so that it has the same color as your kitchen pantry door. Iron vertical shelf that is installed behind the kitchen pantry door from hgtv.

This long pole equipped with an iron wire basket is a storage idea that can organize all food stocks in the pantry kitchen more safely and neatly. Install this wire basket behind the kitchen pantry door to save maximum floor space, so it doesn’t make the room feel cramped and stuffy. Iron wire basket that hangs behind the kitchen pantry door from countryliving.

This standing storage rack consists of several containers so you can store a larger amount of food stock. Do not forget to use a material that is sturdy and not easily porous, such as iron which is repainted with white. If you have finished painting, you can install it behind the kitchen pantry door as a storage idea that saves space to be more effective and efficient. Standing shelf behind the kitchen pantry door from countryliving.

3.     Add Large Baskets

If you store a lot of small things, arrange them in several baskets with large labels. Baskets from natural materials can “soften” the look of your pantry. Large baskets are also great for a packed pantry organization because you can gather things based on categories (baking, beverage, savory cooking, etc.).

Do you need a container for storage in your kitchen pantry decoration? If so, then you can use a rattan wicker basket which is enhanced with a black label attached to the outer surface of the basket according to the contents inside. This basket makes it easy for you to take stock of the food you want or need. The more baskets you install, the more you can organize your pantry to be more effective. Wicker basket with black label from countryliving.

Not only using rattan woven baskets, here you can also use transparent plastic baskets which have a thicker texture so they don’t break easily when used for a long time. With this plastic basket you can also find out the contents in it faster, if you are interested then try it now in the kitchen pantry organization decoration. Transparent plastic basket with thick texture from countryliving.

4.     Use Chalkboard Paint on Pantry Door

Chalkboard paint will turn your pantry door into an instant note. You can write, in large fonts, things that need to be purchased, cooked, or thrown away. You can also use it to keep tabs on things that need regular replacements, like baking supplies and spices.

To remember what food stocks are running out or running low, then you can use a black board as the door of the kitchen pantry, with this you can write everything using white chalk to make it look clearer and more detailed. If you have bought the food then erase it using an eraser so as not to double the food stock causing the food to not be eaten or rot. Black chalkboard door from countryliving.

5.     Separate Utensils in the Drawer

Buy utensil organizers to keep spoons, forks, and other utensils separate neatly in the drawer. You can also make your own with cardboard plates, scissors, and wrapping paper. These simple things will make your drawer neater, and you don’t need to dig around just to find the right spoon.

You can use the kitchen pantry, which is equipped with a built in drawer, for the idea of storing all your cutlery so you don’t get dirty or dusty when you use it. Arrange your spoon or glass as neatly as possible to avoid cluttering the contents of your drawers. This drawer is equipped with a gold iron handle that makes it easy for you to open it. Built in storage drawer from goodhousekeeping.

Use one of your plastic baskets as an idea to store cutlery properly and keep out of dust. You can easily pick up this cutlery just by pulling it outwards. Plastic material is also recommended for kitchen pantry because it is not easily porous when used for a long time. Plastic basket as a storage drawer from goodhousekeeping.

Simple pantry organization hacks will help you in a long way. Try these hacks and see how your daily life become easier.