A patio is often used as part of entertainment space in outdoor areas. Some people also use it as an extended living room and a gathering room with the family. Warm and peaceful energy will surround your patio if you can design it properly.

Choosing a patio design with the right feature can create intimacy and warmth for family or relatives. Tension will become loose, and a comfortable atmosphere will be felt. With the advice we have provided below, you can easily create a cozy patio in your home.

1. Add Water Feature

It’s quite popular to give a natural impression through the water features in your backyard. Add a small pool near your outdoor patio, and beautiful splashing water sounds will soon sing in your ears.

If you have a large backyard, then you can use it as a patio where you can relax throughout your weekend. The round fish pond is one additional accent that can relax your mind because it has a splash of water generated from a small fountain. To save costs, you can make this fish pond from the main material of stone. Round stone fish pond from hgtv.

This small fish pond consisting of pebbles and stones makes for an on-budget patio decoration. Install the wooden pallet bridge in a curved shape to easily pass through the pool without jumping. Install and use the outdoor furniture next to the pool to enjoy the sound of the water splashing which gives the patio a more relaxed atmosphere throughout the day. Surround this fish pond with various types of greenery. Fish pond consisting of gravel and stones from hgtv.

2. Install a Swing Seat

Want to restore a bit of childhood nostalgia? You can install a swing seat for reading books or remembering a little reminiscence of a pleasant life journey.

Do you have small children at home? Installing a single swing is the right backyard patio furniture idea that you can try. You can install this swing under a wooden pergola for more shade during daytime use. Hang bold colored flowers on the right and left of the swing as a beautiful, pretty and refreshing backyard decoration for this whole page. Single swing under the pergola from homestratosphere.

Instead of using a sofa or chair as a sitting area on your patio decor, try this pallet wood swing around this stone fireplace in a neat and tidy layout. Hang this swing on the pergola with a strong rope, which is an iron chain that does not rust easily and causes porous. No need to repaint this swing to make it look more natural. Wooden pallet swing from homestratosphere.

3. Add Hot Tub 

You can overcome stress and depression after working during weekdays if you provide a little extra entertainment features on your patio design. Install a hot tub and give a livelier atmosphere by installing tile patterns and matching walls.

Get a portable hot tub for backyard patio furniture ideas as a soaking area without spending a fortune on maintenance. This portable hot tub will benefit you more because it can be moved to any area you want when the backyard is getting bored. Choose a hot tub with the right size and shape that you like the most, wood tiles will give you a more natural impression and will be more integrated with nature. Portable hot tub from hgtv.

There’s nothing wrong with installing a permanent hot tub in your backyard as an exterior patio idea that pampers your body when you’re getting tired after a long day of work. Make sure you have a large enough yard so as not to interfere with the function of other furniture, install a pergola right above this hot tub to protect you from the scorching heat of the sun during the day. Permanent hot tub with pergola from hgtv.

4. Install Half Covered Pergola

An outdoor area is a place where we await the warm sunshine and gentle breeze. Allow a little light to create shadows around your patio with half covered pergola to create natural lighting.

Put on a simple pergola to protect your body from the sun that burns your skin. With the pergola which is equipped with vines on the roof, it will protect your lunch more comfortably without feeling the hot sunshine. Don’t forget to partially cover the wooden pergola with these towering and lush green walls. A wooden pergola with a roof of vines and a wall of greenery from architecturaldigest.

Build and install a pergola behind the walls of your home as a shaded area when you eat on the outdoor patio. Grow vines on a wooden ceiling area to add shade and protect you from direct sunlight. Repaint the wooden chairs with green to make them look more contrasted when paired with a white tablecloth. Ceramic flower vases are used as a dining table decoration which adds to the vintage impression. Pergola built behind the wall from architecturaldigest.

5. Install Outdoor Fireplace

Creating a dramatic effect on your chosen patio design is worth trying. Install the outdoor fireplace as a source of warmth when gathering with relatives at night.

To help warm your body while on the patio, you can try adding a stone fireplace with a smooth surface. Place this fireplace in the center of the built-in bench that forms the letter L. You can use this fireplace surface as a functional coffee table and save patio area effectively and efficiently. A stone fireplace with a smooth surface as a coffee table from hgtv.

Minimalist fireplace that is placed in the patio area is a furniture that warms your body to the maximum. Match the surface color of this fireplace with a built in modern bench that will make a comfortable sitting area. On this patio you can breathe fresh air with views of the pond and backyard filled with greenery. Keep this backyard patio clean and tidy. Modern style fireplace from hgtv.

There’s no need to go outside if the house itself has brought a lot of fun. Therefore, don’t apply the wrong patio design because it will end up in vain. Don’t forget to style the patio to suit your needs and maximize its usage.