The pineapple theme is still strong this year. This sweet tropical fruit inspires us in its effect on anything interior design-related, especially for summer decor. You’d be surprised how many variations of pineapple decor there are and we’ve only started to dig into this idea. If you love pineapple as much as we do, let it inspire your home decor and put it on your walls and shelves rather than on pizza.

Pineapple In Living Room

Pineapple is a natural choice for any food or fruit theme, but tropical fruits are particularly delightful in living room decorating. Whether placing a pineapple ornament on your wall as a focal point of your coffee table. Use this theme for the cushion, for the wall decoration, wallpaper, or even using it as part of your primary room color scheme, you will find that pineapple ideas for living room decorating are endless. By implementing the pineapple print your living room will be more fresh and alive. Just use your imagination and you’ll be able to come up with all sorts of pineapple ideas for decorating.

To change the decoration of the living room instantly, then you can try pineapple wallpaper which has a combination of blue and yellow. The combination of these two colors will work well when equipped with wooden furniture made of wood and repainted in white. Pineapple is one of the patterns that brings a tropical vibe. The combination of blue with yellow pineapple wallpaper from digsdigs.

Don’t let your white walls be plain and boring, you can hang a black and white pineapple painting to match the feel of a monochromatic living room. This pineapple painting is equipped with a minimalist wooden frame that has a smoother surface. Herringbone wooden floor gives a different texture and becomes a warm and natural footwear. Pineapple painting with wooden frame from digsdigs.

To add color to your living room decor, you can hang a pink pineapple painting with a frame that is not too big. Hang this pineapple painting vertically just above a vintage chair that has a neutral color. This pineapple painting is one of the recommended paintings for decorating your tropical living room. Bold color pineapple painting from digsdigs.

Cover your living room floor with a faux fur carpet for warmer footwear and can also be a more elegant layer of sofa legs. This plain sofa which is equipped with pineapple patterned pillows provides a different color and pattern. This sofa has a smoother and softer surface so it is more comfortable to use all day to relax. Pineapple pattern pillowcase from digsdigs.

This minimalist living room decoration with shades of white will be more colorful when it is equipped with a yellow pineapple pillow which is placed right above the white melamine chair. You can place it in the corner of the room to save floor area when you have limited living room decorations. The side table with some cactus decorations adds color and adds maximum beauty to the room. Yellow pineapple pillow from homedit.

This pillowcase and pineapple side table holder can be combined in one room with a distance that is not too far away. This pineapple side table handle with gold color gives a vintage and more classic impression. This side table is made of reclaimed wood which has a dark color so that it looks more contrast with the shiny gold handle when it gets reflected in sunlight or light. Pineapple holder side table and pillowcases from homedit.

This small living room decoration filled with pineapples or pineapple patterns brings a tropical vibe that is instantly and of course more leverage. You can apply a pineapple pattern to one of the pillowcases and the glass window. Additional pineapple on the table is very easy to do and does not cost a lot of expenses. Combination of pineapple fruit with pineapple pattern from homedit.

This wallpaper with a tropical vibe in the living room will appear more optimal and perfect when equipped with appropriate and appropriate table decorations, for example you can put pineapple ornaments on a round tray equipped with several other ornaments such as ceramic flower pots and other small antique ceramics. Tropical wallpaper with pineapple ornaments on the table from decoist.

Pineapple In Bedroom

If you are looking for pineapple ideas in bedroom decor, there is a wide variety of fantastic ideas that you can use to create a pineapple motif. For example, you could make a pineapple clock, pineapple canopy, or a pineapple photo frame all on your own. If you prefer to buy pineapple accessories, you will find a large selection of wonderful items online including pineapple comforters, pineapple lamps, pineapple bedding, and pineapple sheets. You can even buy pineapple-themed wall hangings and pictures. As far as ideas for bedroom decor go, it might be fun to purchase some pineapple-themed furniture. You can look at pineapple-themed tables, chairs, chests, dressers, and more. If you are looking for a specific item, you might also check out a pineapple bed set. A pineapple bed set will provide your bed and the rest of your room with a wonderful tropical theme, and it will be very beautiful.

Choose and use bedding with a pineapple pattern to strengthen the tropical vibe in your bedroom decor. In addition, this pattern also gives the room a brighter and brighter feel, combining it with a striped carpet that has several different color combinations so that it looks more colorful and makes the room more passionate and fun. Some hanging paintings are a sweet finishing touch. Combination of pineapple bedding with striped carpet from digsdigs.

Not only using bright colors for this pineapple pattern bedding, now you can choose a gray color with a shiny fabric material to give the impression of a more elegant and minimalist room. The gray color will be easier to mix with other interiors that are around it with any color, you can try it now. Pineapple pattern bedding with shiny fabric from digsdigs.

Complete the appearance of your bedroom with the use of a pineapple pattern bedding set. This bedding set has a combination of white and yellow that will work well together without giving a color contrast to the room that makes it easier for you to get bored when you see it. You can use floating open shelves above the headboard to put some of the room decorations you have to beautify your bedroom decor to the maximum. Pineapple pattern bedding set with splashes of yellow and white from digsdigs.

Now you can try pineapple pattern wallpaper in your bedroom to get a more different and less boring appearance and atmosphere. This wallpaper is dominated by black with silver pineapple accents so that it looks more luxurious without being excessive. You can adjust the interior color according to the wallpaper of this room so that it can appear more harmonious and harmonious. Pineapple wallpaper dominated by black from homedit.

Pineapple In Kitchen

There are lots of wonderful pineapple ideas in the kitchen decor, and tropical colors in particular. When you use pineapple to decorate, it has the ability to make your other decorations pop right into place. Placing a pineapple bowl on top of a spice rack can add a tropical flair. Serving a morning coffee in the pineapple mug with dozens of tropical accent styles sounds interesting. Another idea, you can buy a napkin that has a pineapple print that will strengthen the tropical vibe in your kitchen decor.

Several shiny gold pineapples placed on this open kitchen shelf become an ornament as well as a luxurious view and are suitable for bringing a tropical vibe into the kitchen decor. You can buy it in two different sizes to be placed on different shelf areas, another decoration that you can apply at the same time is an antique ceramic plate that has a beautiful pattern and of course not everyone has. Gold ornament pineapple from homedit.

In addition to being placed on an open kitchen shelf, you can also use pineapple candles placed on the kitchen island as a very useful centerpiece to accompany your lunch or dinner with your family. This pineapple candle is a unique accent so that people who see it are amazed, you can buy and place it in any kitchen area as needed. Pineapple candle centerpiece from homedit.

To perfect your plain wall, then using a pineapple painting with a white frame is a decoration idea that you can try easily without spending a lot of money. Furthermore, you can also put some fruit under it including pineapple to emphasize the fresh tropical vibe that many people like. Green plants close to the window glass are additional decorations that you can use together. Pineapple painting with white frame from bhg.

Welcoming the summer and brings this vibe into your home is such a pleasant thing. And the simple way that you can do this is to utilize pineapple decor ideas to present the summer vibe. Follow those ideas above and let’s cheer up your home.