When it comes to house design, exterior paint colors are the main thing. This is very important to highlight your architectural details and also the most effective way to create a different atmosphere of the house. For those of you who are interested to bring a more welcoming and warmer look to the house, these exterior paint color options should be considered.

1.     Warm Green

If you want to draw a sense of freshness and relaxation, warm green is a good idea. This color will make your guests when attending to your house, they will feel welcome and warmth nuance. Besides that, you can easily be pairing this color with muted hues like gray, warm blue, and white.

Bring a fresh atmosphere every time you enter the house with a fresh green exterior paint color that is ready to welcome you and your family who come to the house. Pair it with a white list on the wooden frame on the window and roof of your house. The combination of white with green is a harmonious color combination. The green color itself can also give the impression of being cool and not boring. Green paint with white wooden frames from homestratosphere.

Warm green is perfect for the idea of decorating the exterior paint color of your home, so that the house looks more harmonious with the atmosphere of the yard surrounded by several trees and green grass. In order not to look monotonous, you can combine green with white on some of the walls and pillars of your house. The combination of these two colors is very cool, ready to greet your guests in a friendly manner. Match the paint color of your home with outdoor nuances from homestratosphere.

2.     Deep Blue

To create a beach-house theme, deep blue can be a good choice for the exterior paint color. This color has a sense of strong and welcoming impression, surely. You can combine it with white color for the trims or window frames. It will create a fresh look and look like an actual beach house.

You can also try to give a dark blue color to a house with a beach theme that brings freshness. The color of the exterior paint is very important because it makes it the first sight of a visiting guest or family, so make a different impression to welcome it. This blue color will be more harmonious when juxtaposed with white in some parts of the porch decoration as a secondary color. The white color here is on the fence, door list and window frames. The combination of deep blue paint with white as a secondary color from hgtv.

The dark blue color will also add a classic impression to your home. Especially if your house has a classic shape, of course, this dark blue color is very suitable to be applied to the entire outside of your house or as a paint for the entire exterior. If you want a more attractive appearance, you can try adding some large glass to include natural lighting into the house. Classic home decor with deep blue wall paint from hgtv.

3.     Mustard Yellow

If you think that yellow looks too bright and not pleasant, you can choose mustard yellow. This color is one of the popular exterior paint colors most people used. Because this color is able to bring the touch of warmth and calmness. It also will bring a good impression to your guests. For the secondary color, you can pair it with the brown color or another earthy color tone.

The exterior wall paint of the house with mustard yellow gives a unique and different appearance from before, especially since this color looks so bright when exposed to the reflection of the sun. Another thing that makes this wall look even more eye-catching is that it has a beautiful carving that resembles woven bamboo and not everyone has the idea of this wall style. The mustard yellow color will be more muted when splashed with a hint of bright white. Yellow paint wall with woven bamboo pattern from town-n-country-living.

Choose and use mustard yellow to paint the outer walls of your house that have a dim color. Mustard yellow will be more harmonious if combined with the brown color on the pillars that are standing firmly, you can use brick material on each bottom of the post for a more natural or calm impression. Wooden pallet walls are a blend of natural materials that you can get easily. Wooden pallet walls painted with mustard yellow from town-n-country-living.

4.     Brown

For the classic look and never outdated, you can choose brown. Combined with white color, can actually provide a more relaxed, peaceful, and calm atmosphere into your exterior nuance.

The terrace decoration idea for exterior paint this time that you should try is brown. Colors that have an element of serenity, peace are perfect for your classic home to make it more attractive. Combine it with other natural elements, for example by using natural stone to cover some of the outer walls of your house. In addition, brown is also one of the earth tone colors that presents a calmer atmosphere. Brown paint walls with natural stone elements from nextluxury.

If you have a house with a green environment, it will be more harmonious if you also use a brown exterior paint color. The color brown does have a natural element, making your home look classic and unique. You can use brown combined with beige which will brighten up the color of the house. This time your house will look really classic and rustic. The combination of brown with beige house exterior paint from thespruce.

5.     Brick Red

Bring the farmhouse vibe to your house exterior nuance with a brick red. The brick-red will bring a warm touch and welcoming. This color also easily be paired with neutral colors, such as gray and white. Those color combinations are good to rise a classical nuance for your house’s exterior design.

Bring the feel of a farmhouse home by using an open red brick exterior. That way it will give its own impression with an impressive first glance on your guests. Combine with a supportive environment such as a green terrace, the theme of this farmhouse will look more perfect when equipped with a white stone path from the gate to the door of your house. The red brick exterior opens from bhg.

The wall as well as the red brick fence is suitable for a home decoration that brings the maximum farmhouse style. The combination of brownish red is perfect for a green environment, so don’t forget to add green plants around the house. Red brick material has a very affordable price, besides that it is easier to find in a building shop around your house. Red brick walls and fences from bhg.

Those are some exterior paint color ideas that can make your house more welcoming and inviting. Consider trying the exterior paint colors above to show off your architectural design.